World of Warships – Scharnhorst Review

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It’s time to take a look at the T7 . This BB is a cross between a and a battleship. It has a cruiser’s rate of fire, and a Battleship’s armor, which makes the a clear threat. Throw in some torpedoes for knife fighting and you’ve got a nice piece of German engineering that will be well suited for ranked gameplay.

I enjoyed the Scharnhorst immensely and I go into just why.

Thanks for watching and see you all out there in the open ocean.



  1. The great Xcelerator

    I still do not get it why people a fussing that much about this premium
    ship. Why? Well, to me she is a stripped down Tirpitz (find Tirpitz stats
    e.g. here:
    -significantly lower caliber “balanced” by only one additional main gun,
    -lower number of torps (3 vs 5 on each side)
    -almost same top speed
    -a somewhat higher rate of fire (20 sec compared to 26.5 sec) – but with
    much lower damage dealt per salvo. Tirpitz DPM with AP ammo is 36% higher
    than the Scharnhorts.
    -Scharnhorst has less armor, especially regarding torpedo protection

    Okay, the Scharnhorst turrets turn faster. Plus, it is a tier VII and thus
    will never have to encounter a Yamato or Montana like the Tirpitz does
    today. However, she will have to put up with those Iowas and Izumos and
    Friedrich der Großes being low tier in a tier IX game – and she will be,
    given the high demand there seems to be for this ship. Those enemy ships
    are only a tad slower than she is but do have a vastly superior range. So
    stealth is her key advantage? I do not think so. Depending on how much you
    played your German cruisers, you can go for a stealth built with your
    captain. But, detectability of Scharnhorst and Tirpitz are not so diverse
    (15.2 km vs. 15.9 km), so both do benefit from that kind of built.

    In a nutshell, I still do not understand why people haven’t bought a
    Tirpitz long ago if they feel they must own a premium German BB but
    desperately waited for the Scharnhorst to be released.

  2. Not british enough for me personally.

  3. I'm Running Out of Ideas

    where can I buy this ship? I can’t see it in tech tree, nor the premium
    shop, or is it not out yet and I’m just being stupid?

  4. god…battlecruiser, pocket battleship…what other nonsense will people
    invent for this ship?

  5. 0:34 lol what a great intro for the wonderfuly accurate scharnhorst

  6. I need a ship for a ranked that isn’t boring chore =D I’m sold!

  7. okay, you talked me into it… Even though I chose Nagato as my T7 BB, too
    many captains to manage so a premium will be a good addition. TY

  8. What did you say in German? also liked :D

  9. 1:45, as close as close can be.

  10. What about what she
    did before she was sunk? Thats the history that makes this ship
    exciting..not how she was sunk.Jebus Krist.

  11. Nice intro, Zoup. Stylin’ and profilin’.”If there’s one ship you purchase
    this year…” Ha, I *wish* I’ve bought only one this year. Hopefully it’s
    not too expensive but considering how reviews are raving about it and it’s
    basically a Tirpitz at Tier 7, I won’t hold my breath. Thanks for the

  12. Not listed on the WOW NA server yet, not that I see.


  13. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    It looks nice

  14. he can wear lederhosen when he does the Bayern (T6 BB) review… i would
    feel offended if hed wear them for every german ship 😀
    btw… c+ for the pronounciation ;)

  15. What a dope hat. May I have an autographed one plz Zoup? :D

  16. You needed lederhosen for this review or the German BB line LOL

  17. it’s a Tirpitz I can play in ranked huh? sweet!!I love the Tirpitz though
    you didn’t mention the secondaries they looked pretty good and I request
    you get a red beret and a baguette for the Dunkirk review

  18. You could have survived the “threading the needle” part if you just turned
    into one side after you got a bit closer probably. You may have taken a
    couple big hits in the process still, but you couldn’t have been
    continually focused on your broadside perpetually.

  19. Yo, Zoup how is the going on with the NDA on this content? WG NA being WG

  20. german sausages

  21. Zoup plz make a review for Dunkerque if its available 🙂 because i have a
    choice either buying the Scharnhorst or The Dunkerque

  22. 5 Min up, and view nr 6

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