World of Warships – Scharnhorst Rollercoaster

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Played on and it was a pretty crazy experience, hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Scharnhorst Replay


  1. Love this ship… It s very funny to play!!! Keep good job Notser!

  2. Like for German battleships!!!

  3. My life the last last 5-10 games… In my last Nagato game i had 53 hits 2 Citadels and ONLY 73k dmg most of those hits where overpens or bounces

  4. German bb r like rocks on top of rocks with a turtle back.

  5. The things that make you get a bit steamed in this video are things I only encounter above tier 7. There are three groups of people playing this game right now, those in the intro games being preyed upon by experienced captains out seal clubbing; those in the mid-tier that are trying to develop their skills and having a lot of fun along the way and then the uncaring know-it-alls at the higher tier that think they are a fleet of one. Of course not everyone in the highest tiers are like that, but it seems lately that you find more and more captains like that. All of my compliments seem to go to captains in the tier 5 and 6 games and all of my criticisms go to the T8+ captains.

  6. With my German BB’s when I get a citadel I feel like I just got a super container, because that’s about how often it happens..?

  7. Christopher Mavromatis

    Legolas shoot him! Shoot him!

  8. Just like everything else wargaming does, they change the sigma values without showing it on the stats page. So now the Scharny shoots like a garbage New Mexico but it still shows 2.0 sigma value, your better off just leaving the main guns alone and using the torps like a destroyer then letting your secondary guns do all the work. They just want you to waste all your money on signal flags so your boat shoots at least average.

  9. As someone that admire’s your game ability this has to be the single dumbest fucking match I have ever seen you play. The Fucktardery was off the charts, kiting away from a destroyer you should have charged down Then aimlessly circling around without an idea of what you’re doing next. One highlight torping a destroyer, only to be followed by getting rammed. Bravo sir it’s nice to know that players of a high quality such as yourself also derp it up with everyone else.

  10. Have the shinyhorses guns been nerfed?

  11. dear god notser have you piss off some wg staff for make your games this? 0_0

  12. And the Akatsuki will think he played it perfectly

  13. Scharnhorst is cruiser killer..of coz small caliber gun with fast reload gun..i still enjoy this ship…i always yolo

  14. After watching your channel for years, I’ve developed an avoidance-lean when you look to be about to Pull A Notser(tm). Keep up the great plays.

  15. “The French are very resistant to penetration”. That is just an American misunderstanding, they just spend more time on foreplay.

  16. LMAO!! Notser trying to shoot BBs with Scharn AP………cannot understand why he’s not doing damage!
    Dude! Scharn AP is fine on cruisers or close range broadsides, it should shoot HE at BBs at distance.

    • He did dude, first 2 salvos were HE, zero damage, zero fires. HE on Scharnhorst even even more crap than its AP at any range.

  17. Akatsuku was screening you fro torps and firing into the smoke with his, his guns a re rubbish so no point steaming into the enemy smoke to just get blown away before you can hit the enemy once.

    • I agree, he will get slaughtered if he gets too close to the Lenin

    • Just to make it clear … Akatsuki guns are good, best in the line imho. Akizuki is a different story (the only true gunboat in the line), but if you compare Akatsuki to Shiratsuyu … Akatsuki guns are waaay better (even better than Kagero guns).

  18. watching this makes me think I’m not so bad……

  19. Watching Notser’s sub-average play and commenting on other player’s skills is somewhat ironic.

    • He can play really well when the Force is with him – infinitely better than me – but seeing him scream “spot this guy for me” and then miss with every shell on the first salvo he fires does ping the irony meter somewhat.

  20. That feel when all of your well aimed shells somehow miss -____-

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