World of Warships- Schill First Impressions: BIG SPEE!!! Or Big Disappointment?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier VIII Premium German Cruiser Schill! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
2:49 Exterior/Economy
4:08 Ship Armor
5:54 Ship Stats
9:18 Commander and Module Build
14:18 Gameplay Review


  1. For any Azur Lane players, this ship, the P-Class, is what Prinz Heinrich is based on, the version we got in colab is a completely different ship

  2. Wargaming is quickly reaching a hard-stop saturation level for these “premium ships”. Players who have been playing World of Warships for a few years and have 100+ ships don’t need another Tier 8 cruiser and aren’t going to spend $100+ buying another cruiser. Maybe a few players who haven’t been playing the game for too long might buy this ship.

    • I agree. By the way this ship is a cruiser tho

    • @Lord Commander Thanks for catching my mistake.

    • Yes, that’s a perverse thing about these games: longtime customers are often not the profitable ones, for exactly the reasons you gave.
      Like any business, they need to focus where the sales opportunities are.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Yeah that’s kind why WG is so invested in churning the player base. They aren’t as interested in retaining veterans because it’s harder to sell them new ships. Much easier to sell ships to Noobs.

      I personally think that’s a mistake and that they should be moving away from selling ships as their primary means of income and maybe somebody there feels that way too since the premium battle pass is a way for them to get away from ship sales and push people more towards a monthly subscription. It’s simply that the game economy isn’t geared that way yet and it’s going to take them a long time to retool it away from here’s another new paper premium.

      Coming soon I would say we are looking at European cruisers given the either or cruise event they just did.

  3. I was lucky, intended to buy the first three bundles & got in the last 3 crate bundle. Cost me 1500 dubs, so very happy. Would not have spent more on boxes.

  4. Distracting_Games

    My experience was everyone wants to shoot the new ship.

  5. Thank you for the review! Quick update, I tossed in the dubs for 3 boxes and got the ship, so will be setting sail soon (and keeping my almost complete German Premium Fleet collection…. just need the Odin).

  6. For me it is less of a big Spee and more like baby Siegfried with reload booster. Got mine on the 5th box, really happy with it.

  7. Interestingly enough, on CIS server it has different characteristics. Has 15 sec reload, 14 km torpedoes and a torpedo reload booster (no heal though).

    • oof. I’ll take this over the CIS version. The heal allows you to stay in the fight longer

    • @KineticRhyme To be fair, you can get it completely for free, with no strings attached (no containers and things like that). Also, i’m not sure but it probably doesn’t have the battleship fire/flooding duration

    • and she gets like 60k hp (still prefer our version)

  8. Papaver Somniferum

    Bought 4 containers, 3 for dubloons, 1 for coal. Havent got Schill, but drops from these crates wasnt so terrible. I like to gamble a little from time to time. Maybe i get some other ship next time, when simillar “event” happens 😉

  9. Was totally shocked when I got the Schill for 75 doubs, first time received a ship on very first container.

  10. Cool ship but locked behind a disappointing lottery event

  11. I was lucky to get the ship spending only gifted doubloons on the 5th attempt so for me a free ship. I missed out on the Graf Spee so I was pleased to get this. So far 66% success and I’m enjoying it. I did find I needed to shoot and scoot as I was targeted a lot and having to use only one turret because of the broadside problem. Its a raider which avoids any and all fair fights.

  12. The Schill is an exceedingly handsome ship for sure like other German ships. I wish they added in a heal for the Leipzig, too. I mean, come on, it got accidentally rammed by Prinz Eugen and still survived! WG, you can do it sirs! I would have gotten it in a heartbeat.

  13. Like I said in PQ’s video, I really wish that the Agir, Sieg and Schroder has hat 30mm icebreaker, it would make them so dang well to play.

  14. The only issue I have with it are the 60s fire durations. The armour is really solid, the guns are really consistent and nutty with the reload booster.

    It doesnt have the best top speed but seems to have a high average at like 28knt. Then a heal, spotter plane, and 6km hydro with torps is really noice. Its pretty mental in t8 ranked battles.

  15. Vladislav Vasilev

    I got him in 8-9 container and I am very happy with the ship

  16. I bought the $35, 7,500 dubs + 30 days of premium time, and figured I would burn through that and if I didn’t get the Schill I would at least get some flags and 30 days of premium time. I got her in the 4th bundle. So I’m pretty happy I only had to spend $35 and got the ship, some flags, and still have some dubs left over! Great review, as always!

  17. I don’t know why but when I look at this ship, I see a big version of the Elbing

  18. I was unlucky and had to get a “couple” of crates to get the ship, but as long as you dont give broadside, she can tank like a des moine. The heal they added is nice and the reload booster.

  19. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    My thought is that this ship would shine in ranked or clan battles ESPECIALLY if the new commander skill rework goes through!

  20. I have the ship (lucky to get it in a container) and I think 6/10 is a little harsh, it’s very decent and the AP slaps

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