World of Warships- Schlieffen First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier X German Battlecruiser Schlieffen, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Looking forward to getting the Schlieffen!

  2. GKs 420s still do 13500 damage. The dispersion is still the same as it was before. I believe the sigma is now the same as schlieffen. Ive been driving GK dunking on schlieffens in ranked when they try to push into me

    • Nope
      The disp was Italian and French disp before, and now its American and British disp, and the sigma is .1 better than schlieffen but schlieffen is a battle cruiser so it gets battlecruiser disp, same as Alaska, Agir, Stalin grad, Thunderer, Georgia, etc

    • I don’t think dispersion was actually affected at all, and the damage on 420’s wasn’t either. The screw-up was with the 406 mm guns, FDG’s and GK’s 406 mm damage was accidentally changed down from 12 700 to 11 500 because that’s what Zieten and Rupprecht have on their 406’s. Not sure how that even happened, since those are by no means the same guns, they have very different ballistics and all. Their naming is somewhat similar, so that might be the cause.

    • @Wombat they use the same shells and they nerfed the shell damage overall.

    • @Justin Robinson Well, at least the shells do not have the same mass and Krupp value now, so they are definitely different shells. Not sure if it was the same shell back when the damage got accidentally nerfed. The naming of the shells is even more similar than the guns, with the new ones only having Ausf. B added to the end.

    • @Wombat Iirc they fixed the numbers on the GK pretty quickly because of plenty of folks reporting the nearly 2k citadel drop out of nowhere. Something for laughing at but they made it right pretty fast.

  3. I think the way the German bb line is known for being ‘brawlers’ the battle cruiser line fits into ‘ambush’ ships. Very quick and stealthy, pop up Into battle with torps, secs and main guns blaring, overwhelming fire to kill a target and then slipping away with its improved stealth and speed

  4. schlieffen is amazing! i love secondaries, they are my favourite style of play.

  5. ᛒᛖᚱᛋᛖᚱᚴᛖᚱ

    When the secondaries goes, you know that you are the literal incarnation of Rommel’s Ghost Division, just ambushing in the French Lines. Just like how you ambush ships in here like a ghost. This is my meme view of the ship.

  6. Being able to run down a full HP Montana from 10 km when you yourself have effectively about 30k left counting the heal tells a lot about this ship. The armor has its weak points, which was evident when the Monty was chasing Sealord, but it sure is quite tough overall.

  7. Just got the armor upgrade of Prinz R. I hope to get Schlieffen in 2 – 4 weeks.

  8. I like having IFHE on Schlieffen, just because the dpm is enormous. Fire damage is still dependant on RNG, sometimes you only get a fire at the same time as the enemy ship has his damage con ready. I prefer more consistent damage 😉 But the ship overall is absolutely excellent 😀

  9. I personally think it’s a huge mistake not to take both concealment expert and brisk in this ship, you get your detection levels all the way down to your secondary range and while you are not spotted your battle cruiser surges forward at unheard of speed. You can outrun certain cruisers and destroyers with ease.

    • I agree. Even on the German BB line, concealment investment can get you out of a lot of trouble. And with the captain rework, secondary builds are super cheap, so you can take concealment and tanking skills on them without losing anything important.

  10. Not going to lie, the Schlieffen probably replaced the Pommern as my favorite ship to play.

  11. 14:25. Roma casually saving you from getting dev struck.

  12. On Thursday clan battles, my clan paired a Schleiffen and GK on our push side during the last part of the night. Much hilarity ensued 😂The key is that the Schlieffen HAS to be paired with a GK or Ohio or other tank/brawler; having her as the only battleship on a flank is a death sentence.

  13. Two things I always watch SLM for in playthroughs…
    Balanced commentary without the histrionics of many other YT contributers…
    And him always running into other players on the map like Helen Keller in a hurry. LMAO.
    But yeah, Schlieffen is the ship that seemed designed for my exact playstyle. The whole line is.
    Skirmish, hit and run brawls.

  14. I love this thing. Very first match with it was in ranked. 188k, 4 kills, and 3 of them close quarters. Just a super fun thing to play.

  15. by the sheer amount of shells you are pumping out 5% or 2.5% fire chance doesn’t really matter that much, while you gain massive amount of secondary DPM against ships with plating above 26mm (especially heavy cruisers with 27-30mm plating)

  16. I’m going with IFHE. I prefer alpha on all those 105mm and remember the difference between 8% and 4% is not as big a it seems when you factor in Tier 10 resistance and fire reduction. The 8% turns into 4% or lower, and the 4% to turns into 2% or lower. 50% cut is a 2% point reduction. PQ talked on this too.

  17. You have great 12k torps on this puppy.. 2 sets per side. I think you seriously under-utilized those.

  18. I’m getting games with 100k damage from the secondaries and fires they started in fact thats becoming the norm for me. Take the ifhe don’t even think about not doing it the fire chances were small anyways so the penalty for taking it is insignificant. 300-500 secondary hits a game. This is not an over powered ship it is not a game winner either. But its damn fun its what gk was suppose to be.

  19. Honestly I love the torps the most on these
    The zoning and power of these is so refreshing

  20. Pro tip: Take the IFHE. With all 20 secondary guns per side being able to pen 32mm, this thing really melts cruisers and destroyers. You trade fire chance, which is still random and can be repoaired, for the certainty of causing HE pen damage. Also, with the insane number of shells you’re firing at the enemy, even a halved fire chance is still decent and you’ll cause a decent number of fires.

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