World of Warships- Schlieffen In Random Bundles For Early Access? & A Wild Weekend For WoWs

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Hey guys! A recap of the nutty weekend the game had and what I hope is just a typo in the latest Developer Bulletin. Enjoy, and let me know what you think below!

Developer Bulletin:

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    14:34 “This is the perfect time for you to earn back some Brownie points”

  2. 12:38, that how did my shells fall short of dev strike mouse shake.

  3. So Marco Polo gets straight up butchered after just 6..7.. patch? Good lord I didnt pick that ship with recent coupon

  4. the fact he didn’t shoot the shimma at the end of the match triggered me to hell, why sit not shooting the only target you can hit? especially as it was a shimma late game

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Expecting the Goliath to torp rush me from around the island

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten That is a very fair and valid concern.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten
      It’s either a legitimate typo, or a “typo” (Error in translation / Communication problem) – as if to see how the community reacts.

      I think it’s a legit typo though, the notes states the following:
      “Update 0.10.9 brings German Tier III–X battleships to Early Access.”

      “The Tokens can be exchanged for sequentially available bundles with German Tier III–IX battleships and other valuable items.”

      The paragraphs contradicts each other, at least if the tier X is supposed to be available for tokens along with the other ships. Would just be weird if it wasn’t?

  5. The Phengophobic Gamer

    I can’t expect they’d put the tier X in the early access event like previous ones, but early access ships in random bundles really wouldn’t surprise me.

    Their statement said they’d have alternate ways to earn ships, and so to me, that says they can put all of the tech tree ships into loot boxes or bundles for money, because come next patch you can grind them for free.

    I for one have no issue with it, but I dont like that the perma camos are stuck in with the ships, I kinda wish they didn’t have the sequential bundles and allowed players to be able to get skins individually, perhaps not the whole line for free, or allow the player to get skins or ships, but require paid tokens to get both.

  6. Some one got some group policy setting wrong when running some back ground account maintenance, the setting that differentiates CC / ST etc from the general unwashed. Maybe some account clean up errors from the CC backlash and some one got the job to re set those accounts back to general population.

  7. WG learning absolutely nothing once again…

  8. idk about aslain’s mod, but with modstation I can’t get mods on the pts, it doesn’t recognize it as a valid client

    • I don’t know if I’ve screwed up my settings or whether some of the Modstation mods no longer work/need to be updated…. have you heard anything about this?

  9. It happened to a guy in my clan. Because I was grinding specific things with filters in my port, I don’t know if the ships appeared in my port. But I would make reviews of the ships if I could play them.

  10. It feels like it will never be necessary to grind a line for T1 – 10 again. Ships you are able to buy should only be premium and not tech tree…

    • That’s what I don’t get. Yeah this is a way for WG to have an event and to make money, but this takes out the whole playability of the line. Like it makes me feel like what’s the point of mid tier and low tier. You’re immediately skipping low tier, ruining that, then you already throw in the mid tier, taking out any of the grinding and learning the line. Then people immediately get the high tiers when they have no idea what to do. I also feel like it’s an middle finger to the art dep, as everyone is able to just skip right past the ships they’ve worked hard on

  11. Marcus Jones Stinks

    I was horseback riding Sunday so I missed it lol. But its funny people keep losing their crap over weegee being weegee. Then they’ll keep giving them money 💰.

  12. I asked on the forum and got this reply from YabbaCoe. “No, this does mean, that as usual with Early Access you can get ship up to tier IX and after this branch will get out of Early Access status, you would be able to research tier X.”

  13. Edit: Just logged in today and got 3 days premium as apology, I guess they read my comment. xD not really…
    I suspect it’s a typo. Wargaming announced they’re effectively doubling their communications team, but they’ve only posted the job listings. They don’t have the staff yet. I expect it’ll be SNAFU until the end of the year since onboarding staff takes time. I think they could really help build back goodwill with community if they give apology compensation when events like the crash happen. It’s probably not their fault, but 5 or 10 econ flags doesn’t cost them anything and would at least show that WG acknowledges the inconveniences the players are experiencing.

  14. Not another dime to Wargaming!
    Really, we need to stop throwing money at these guys until we see change.

  15. As someone who doesn’t buy bundles for early access ships and with the pattern of getting the T7 for free, I’m good with completing that and not touching the line ever again- (that zieten is that ugly)

  16. Gwee-Sep-EE is the way that name works. A ship that can turn you green with envy… a Fixed Marco Polo(?) instead of just fixing the Marco, about normal for the way they seem to be playing blindfolded when balancing their game.

  17. I’m sure the test ships showing up was due to a “translation” error.

  18. TL:DR Wargaming won’t listen, and keeps putting items they know players want, into items we don’t wanna buy go get the items we want. It’s straight up gambling.

  19. UP.40 “Giuseppe Verdi” is starting to sound interesting with HE main battery & SAP secondary, makes me feel sad about UP.40 “Marco Polo”, first that ship got hit with the nerf bat so many times and now will potentially get power crept by the GV. Makes hope/wish that GV is just a test bed to test HE main + SAP secondary and that after testing is complete MP gets the new ammo.

  20. Lucky player: Wow! Test ship.
    WeeGee: Why you have to make me to this…

    **Flash from Memory Eraser**

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