World of Warships- Schlieffen & Nakhimov Are Getting Nerfed

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the DevBlog notes for upcoming balances changes to Schlieffen and Nakhimov, enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Acceleration improved when engine is damaged = damage to the engine doesn’t decrease acceletation AS MUCH AS it used to

  2. I think the acceleration being slightly improved with a damaged engine, means the acceleration penalty when damaged doesn’t slow you quite as much.

  3. 16:04 the ship takes longer to stop when the engine is busted…in other words,it maintains speed for longer

  4. It was a selling point and the Schlieffen is not for sale now so it nerf time

  5. Yeah not that hard to grasp.

  6. Pretty sure it means the Tone with a damaged engine after the patch will move faster than a Tone with a damaged engine before the patch.

  7. “so we are nerfing that new ships we got everybody hyped about and which are fun to play and actually not completely pointless” – business as usual

  8. Just finished grinding and buying Schleiffen last night. Awesome. So glad I bothered.

  9. It’s almost like we need to enter auctions and buy themed containers to get tech tree ships while they’re still powerful. Also, is this meant to be an incentive to get the Preussen now? Who’d want Preussen if Schlieffen were so powerful?

  10. Doing some quick math.
    Currently with the mod, captain skill, and flag:
    150 – 4.58 s
    105 – 2.05 s
    Once Lutjens kicks in:
    150 – 3.89 s
    105 – 1.74 s

    After these changes:
    With Mod, captain skill, and flag:
    150 – 4.85 s
    105 – 2.18 s
    Once Lutjens kicks in:
    150 – 4.12 s
    105 – 1.85 s

    So, a 0.23 sec increase for the 150s and a 0.11 sec increase for the 105s.

  11. Think by acceleration improved they mean “improved from current levels of damage performance” not improved overall. So in damaged state maybe it takes too long to gain back any speed at all where other ships probably reach that damaged engine max much faster.

  12. What is the point of nerfing something inconsequential?

  13. 2:20 by salvoes wargaming means each turret firing. so it means that taking into account each individual turret you need to fire off three full broadsides in order to fully charge the special combat instructions instead of four

  14. Secondaries are not nutty when the main gun dispersion is a total crap shoot. Decreasing rate of fire also makes it take much longer to trigger the commander.

  15. I ddt expect a schlefin nerf so fast since we had the secondary bug fixed

  16. A long time ago, cv planes were limited..Once they ran out of planes, they are oppressed and many sworn revenge as the other ships hurls their salvoes of punishment with laughter…Some even humiliate them by sailing alongside the battered cv just to taunt the helpless one …….till today..they still remember the grudge….

  17. I don”t even play the German BBs ,and any nerfs to them I think are uncalled for ,I had no trouble getting the best of them In battles. Glass armor was easy to get thru with other ships In game. And just keep out of secondaries range. I do have the tier 9 bb and really enjoyed it.I hate WG for nerfing ships and even more after they have been In game for years. IF I was a German bb player I would be pissed. And If your a stupid dd getting caught up In the secondaries your stupid problem….

  18. @BruderRaziel that is not inconsequential..

  19. WG finally admits that Nakhimov needs to get nerfed. But in typical WG fashion they pull some random german ship into this to get rid of some aggression builded up from nerfing one of their beloved and glorious soviet superships.

  20. They should reduce all cv squadron size to be the same as max immelman. That will truly balance the game.

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