World of Warships – School of WoWS #1 – Step by step decisions in a match

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In today’s episode #1 of School of WoWS I’m gonna be taking you through an entire match LIVE and on the spot, step by step. You gonna hear every single decision out load and an explanation to why I did it. This should help you understand positioning, target selection, ammo type etc. much better hopefully.

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Thank you for watching and have fun 😉

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  1. after watching flambass, i downloaded the client, spent me australia day in wows. erh.

  2. Between this format and IChase accademy I really hope knowledge will spread in the playerbase. WoWs really need this to happen! Good work Flambass!!

    • It will spread like corona.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      this was long overdue – besides the missing tutorials of WoW and the many unexplained mechanics of the game , its actually good to see someone with unicum levels of skill *explain* stuff because. You are basically a TRUSTED SOURCE – and most people do not believe you if you tell them ingame (and not being Flambino)

    • TraianusImperator Badum tss….. To soon though… ?

  3. So are you finally going to teach the whole playerbase to play the game?

  4. Thank you for doing this, I recently got into the game after not playing since beta because I wasn’t all too interested, but your videos have really kicked me back into gear to want to play again.
    Learning a ton

  5. I didn’t expect it from you . That’s exacly what I was looking for since long time. I think live analysis is the best way to improve not only for the viewer but also for the player itself because by that wish to help someone get better you consider your every move and make less mistakes .But even if you make one by speaking into a camera you draw conclusions . Keep up the great job and I will stay tuned for more

  6. Finally The great flaming bass of the sea is sharing his wide exp with us plebs!!

  7. Please do more of these types of explaining games!

  8. Hey man, i am an average player who has around 2k matches so far and i really wanna learn much about to make plays then just shooting here or there so explaning your in game decisions during the match was a very good idea..liked it and enjoyed it..thanks for the good work u put there..cheers.

    • Flambass does that on every freaking game but noone pays attention to what he says during each battle.Simple as that. School title doesnt make any difference. If a player has 10k battles with 45% winratio then probably this player has NO will to learn and Flambass wont make himany bettter.

  9. I love that ! Even if I’m playing on console and that’s not exactly the same gameplay I could pick some tips and tricks. Thank you ! Keep it up!

  10. “Dispersion says fck you”

    “and i say okay”

    *My life in a nutshell*

    • NutShell loaded and ready ?

    • not meaning you, you could be a superunicum who knows, BUT this is exactly what 95% of the WoWs-players say, when they IN FACT have no aim and cant predict the movement of the enemies. Everybody saw, how Flambass shells landed AROUND the target, so he AIMED well. Most what I see of teammates are airballs all the way….

  11. This is the exact gameplay and comentary ive been looking for! watched you for a while but somethings wernt clear. This is great!

  12. The community desperately needs more of these ” educational” videos since WG refuses to introduce new players into the game properly. Great job, please keep going on with this.

  13. great carry
    i always get myself caught in odd positions, this series should have a lot for BB beginners like myself !
    thanks Flambass!!!

  14. This could become a series where we can send our battles and he analyzes them

  15. I found your youtube channel a couple of years ago when I was trying to figure out how radio location worked. You did a great job explaining it, and the teaching part of your videos has always been there in some fashion. I really liked this vid, as it was teaching the entire way through. Thank you for being the kind of cc that complains about the state of the players knowledge, and then actually tries to do something about it.

  16. explaining sure beats screaming. finally a video that my ears DON’T bleed after.

  17. Even watching just this I learned some things. I’ve been playing for 4 years.

  18. Remember: when an artist start explaining his artwork, there is always people saying: ah, I can do that, and then they dont. Its their way of showing somebody else that they are not skill.

  19. Brilliant idea with this series. I hope you keep it up buddy!

    Also, love that guy on the red team at the start “we’re going to lose” to which his team mate replies “bullshit” lol 🙂

  20. 8:19 “I’m having a terrible dispersion” . Nope, that’s the typical dispersion of each and every game I have.

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