World of Warships – School of WoWS #10 – BLITZ them

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In today’s episode of School of WoWS I will be taking you up yet another level, and that is to tier 9.

We have seen Dunky and Richy and now it’s time for the ultimate BB in this , the JB himself.

Today I will show you how to use the opportunity presented to you by your teammates. It is important to observe what your teammates are doing. Are they passive or are they aggressive and use that to your advantage. Usage of land is very important, especially if you’re pushing, because there’s just so much a ship can take before it needs to duck into a cover and recuperate.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hi Flam. I would like to see you play Nagato. It would give me some tips on it. Thank you. Enjoy your channel.

  2. I dont like all those guns on my ships. I just need a full case of beer and a decent steak and I am always the mvp.

  3. As to BB fights, would be nice to see Fuso, Nagato or NC, Iowa for a change. Want to see how you handle situations in those more average ships.

  4. Hey, ho, let’s go…

    Also: why do I get a commercial about a beard trimmer?

  5. After seeing you speak of your love of the Jean Bart I bought it a couple months back.

    It is now my one true love. My absolute favourite ship

  6. JB is probably the ultimate Drake counter. Fought 2 with an Iowa yesterday and got over pens for days.

  7. Waiting for the RTS Carrier replay ;))). It was so fun

  8. The real masterpiece of this game was how you went stealth and capped D, even when your team had more ships and points. Would probably been a game winning move if the match totally turned due to “win more” mentality. Happens so often in wows.

  9. Confused Blue Dragon

    I’ve started playing Richelieu recently and I’m already beginning to love that ship, but I’ve set a personal task to not play anything above T8 until I unlock Alsace.

    Anything afterwards will be fair game…

  10. Hey Flambass, been watching many of your videos and trying to learn more. I only have about 300 hours in random battles, and I solely play Battleships. I was hoping you can do a tutorial on mid tier ships, perhaps how to play different lines etc.

  11. OMG new movie AD just played …. Tom Hanks in GrayHound … ITS WOWS – Looks Great!

  12. Thanks to this series, my damage output has been going up and above 100k with BB’s in tiers 7 and up ^^

    Keep them coming Flambass!! ❤

  13. Is it just me or does every bb on eu server seem to not know about angling?
    Never get that many broadsides on Asia server.

  14. Love Jean Bart . thank you falmbass . I am learning a lot from hearing your thoughts . and I think I know where I go wrong . . Flambahugs 🤗⚓

  15. Fake news: Flambass 2020 “I like exploiting people…” 😱😱😱

  16. Can you also upload the other two matches with the French BBs you mentioned?

  17. Love the Jean Bart.
    From a Legends scrub.

  18. i should add that for those that want to improve in WOWS knowing when to push/hold or retreat is def the most important skill then Positioning on the map, which is more important that aiming ability.

  19. Premium account 769 days😱

  20. Flambass plays Tier IX ship, gets same tier IX ships in the opponent team as well.
    I play Bismarck, faces Tier X ships
    I play Tier VII Sinop, faces Tier IX ships🤦‍♂️

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