World of Warships – School of WoWS #2 – DD under pressure

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In today’s episode of School of WoWS #2 I will be taking you through my mind process and decisions I made with a destroyer Daring under quite a lot of pressure from enemy team.

Situation will be pretty hairy at some points and threading the thin line between all the dangers will keep us alive.

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Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Mate, love the way you are explaining the decision making. Very insightful. I personally find DD’s at high tier very rewarding if it goes well but also very frustrating when it doesn’t. I have to say, I also love it when you get reported for not taking every cap, spotting everything constantly and torping evey BB on the map!

  2. These are really good Flambino, very entertaining and informative as well. keep it up!

  3. I wish more players thought of what can I do to keep the momentum going, or turn the tide, instead of just how much damage can I get..

  4. Pressure, pushing down on me,
    Pressing down on you …. 🙂

  5. I’ll be honest, you are a great player, but the reason i follow you both on YT and Twitch, is because you helped me be a better player, especially with DDs! Thanks for all the help man, i wish you the best!

  6. “Nice full HP Conq” in chat at the end lel

    • Just the usual. Also you know. Every since the Citadel-nerf Conqs need to hump the backline extra carefully now. Weak as shit. Squishy and a easy to access Cit…No, no my friend. 24km HE it is

  7. Now try to do the same thing in a DD that is not Daring, like gearing or Z52.

  8. Good morning from NY
    “I got my pencil
    Gimme something to write on
    Class dismissed”
    Great videos keep them coming

  9. When he torps that Amagi look how pleased with him self he is! Disgusting.. ?

    Good job man, well played

  10. This is, hands down, one of the best Daring play I’ve seen. This is so awesome and helpful, keep it up Flambino!

  11. Love the commentary, top-notch gameplay & the perfect example of how to handle tough situations and tough matchmaking, while still being useful & great games!

  12. 5:59 torps, planes and shells from several ships. Just like every DD-game nowadays.
    Yesterday in the same situation i popped smoke after enemy-radar went down to catch a breath and got instantly called


    by my BB 10 km behind me.
    He was angry that i couldn´t spot for him while being in smoke.

  13. Its Bintang Azzava

    I really loves this, Every Decision that Flambass Make, Very usefull

  14. I would have died at least 15 different times if I were in his shoes.

  15. The Amagi move was masterful. Preparing the scene, anticipation, unorthodox tactics (intentionally beaching)… Man, that was great.

  16. Loves this series already! Can you introduce us into the art of brawling without suiciding next please? 🙂

  17. Command Center Podcast

    Hes actually baiting everyone with these tactics so that he can know every move you will make. Think about it #Smolensk2020

  18. I seem to recall you saying in a previous video that were a teacher before you went pro gamer. It’s not hard to see that. These tutorials are seriously excellent. Nice work.

  19. Invaluable contribution to the community, thank you. My playing has improved by watching your vids in the past, but by explaining every decision, you have lifted your educational value tenfold, bro.

  20. The way you baited that ship into your torps at the end was brilliant…

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