World of Warships – School of WoWS #3 – Step by step in tier 10

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In today’s #3 of School of WoWS I will be taking a 0 BB and doing step by step explanation of decisions I make. This match was played immediately after the JB match which you already saw in #1.

In the I will be doing other classes and we will be going through many different tiers as well.

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Thank you for watching and enjoy 😉

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  1. Ah Bourgogne, i want her but feels kinda overpriced…

  2. thank you dude !
    ive played a long time but have learned so much from your videos !
    hard to learn by myself have a brain injury but when you explain things like this its just awesome for me thank you .

  3. Solid Series, Flambass, thank you for the time in doing these vids for the Series.

  4. Flambass’s food for though: “When you are hungry you’re hungry right?”
    Me with a pizza in hand at noon: “Yes master!”

  5. This series of play by plays is something that’s been sorely lacking in this game. Cheers for the work!

    • Yes! There are so many potatoes because information about the game can be tedious to research. I think that’s why a lot of people only focus on hitting red ships. They think it’s about aiming and angling. Sniper mode players. This game is very good at making reasonably smart people look like complete lobotomites.

  6. enemy Asashio really tried to carry his team.

  7. cant wait for more of these videos .

    really good.

  8. Kompat Ekkawinsakul

    This series is so freaking good. Keep it up Flambass.

  9. I like this kind of step by step videos. Now I know what the difference between unicum like you and me. You build a so better situation awarness, thinking of details (enemy DD torp reload, etc.) I never even imagine because I build my SA only from what I see.

  10. useful knowledge as always, keep it up. too bad that Asashio wasn’t on your team.

    • I like that he complimented him. I try to do the same, even when it’s the enemy team. Maybe even especially when it’s the enemy team.

  11. I really like how you explain your thinking and choices for each situation. Very insightful.

  12. Love this series. Your explanations of why are what is missing in so many replays. I think that context really will help more players improve and enjoy the experience as a whole more and that has to be good for the game. That insight about the Mino and waiting is something I probably wouldn’t pick up myself even after playing a long time. But trust me I won’t forget it going forward. Keep up the good work!!

    • Same here man, he described what he did to that mino and I felt stupid. I made that mistake just last night with a damned Atlanta. Seems simple now that he said it out loud.

  13. I am loving this series. Reminds me of when I started getting gud at chess…learning to think 6 moves ahead instead of three.

  14. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Keep going on this series flambino, loved it

  15. Awesome, love the learning experience.

  16. Love the series, learn a lot thanks.

  17. Love these vids, good teaching methods and it’s already helped me, keep it up man!

  18. 1:24 So…. you have two battleships, being escorted by two cruisers… and the destroyer ahead moves off to do their own thing? Well done, bodek17, really nice of you to have a braincell and actually scout ahead to support a heavy formation. It’s not like this group might actually need someone to scout ahead for them? Now a cruiser is going to have to spot targets for the group.

    2:49 Flambass comments on expecting torps from one angle… wow. I guess that a destroyer, scouting ahead, might have actually spotted those also?

    Yes, you may have drawn the attention of any other destroyers nearby…. but you would have had have two cruisers and two battleships backing you up.

    2:53 Flambass is now detected. Such a shame that there wasn’t a destroyer to scout ahead. Yes, I am now being sarcastic.

    Nice going, Bodek17. You have the smallest detection range, but hey, why would that major surface group behind you actually need that? You wouldn’t even need to fire your guns… spot targets and throw the occasional torps?

    You would have been backed up by a heavy surface group – two cruisers escorting two battleships. Not many players would be willing to mess with that kind of firepower, but you chose to run.

    May I suggest that you play a game that DOESN’T rely on ACTUAL teamwork?

    • unfortunately, this sort of thing will continue to happen so long as DD’s dont get rewarded for spotting. WG would rather give you subs, HE spammers, and really half arsed attempts to fix the CV rework then doing something thats been in WOT forever though, so…..*shrug*

  19. This is very informative thank you I learned alot about how to use this ship.

  20. This game is much easier when sober but only enjoyable when drunk.

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