World of Warships – School of WoWS #5 – Mid tier turkey shoot

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You wanted to see an episode of School of WoWS in mid tier so here it is. I decided to take my Dunky out after a long time and someone suggested I should commentate on it. Now, there’s not much commentating going on because there wasn’t too much to say. I picked my position and picked off enemies 1 by 1. It was all about proper positioning, good shooting and managing my HP as best as I can.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Get them poor seals flambinosaurus.

  2. this one torp stuck in your nose now muhahaha

  3. As a french guy, it’s very funny to hear the french voices on this game hahaha

    • Not all stereotypes are true, many of us are sick of that shit and ashamed to be tarred with that brush, I can promise you that.

    • @Gareth Blayney German here….I have nothing. 😀

    • May I ask why? Did they pick an obscure regional accent or one that has comedic associations? Or is it just how absolutely hammy the voice actor reads the lines? I don’t speak French but he does sound like he’s laying it on thick.

    • @Maddog3060 he’s not laying it on too thick, but its funny to hear your own language being used in such a manner sometimes.

      With other games, the voices usually don’t have any intonation nor inclination. Every time you get good hits, the voice actor rejoices too which is enjoying to hear

    • @noob4life1981
      Ah. Interesting.

  4. I played it yesterday premium and it’s woow. Love it

  5. This video makes me wanna play my dunkerque again. Wait, where is the overpens!!

  6. I had 165k on Pjiotr Welky in a T5 match. same like this match, all were broadside. i din’t feel woww at all except the result

  7. The renaissance man

    I was thinking about reload booster myself at the beggining of the video lol.. btw I never have matches where so many cruisers give me broadside .. wtf is this sorcery !!!!???

  8. Ah the Dankqerque, easily one of my favourite ships. It’s good to see you play her though so that way I can learn to play her better XD nothing more annoying than consistent overpens on her guns.

  9. Dunkek! Love the ship. Railguns.
    He said: think about this thing With a reloadbooster….
    What if WG made it a Premium T7, but under it’s sistership “Strassbourg”? 😀

    • I don’t see why they don’t give it reload booster. Would truly give it the role of a mini Jean Bart, and it wouldn’t be OP anyway.

    • @Nikoolix If it had a reload booster it could compete pretty well at tier 7, its already a very good (but not quite op) ship as it is.

  10. every ennemy staying broadside while they are shooted, its amazing !

  11. oh that poor, unsuspecting, Budyenny. ” there we go”, and all of that followed. Seemed like seal-clubbing, but on personal experience i know that it is not easy all the time

  12. I had a game recently In my jean Bart where I got stuck in but literally no one shot at me. It was a complete roflstomp and I had 0 potential damage.

  13. I really like this kind of in game live explanation, I think it is much more valuable and enjoyable than a recorded commentary. Also you don’t get many content like this with such quality. GG

  14. So thats what all that armor on the BB is for? I thought high powered inaccurate guns were for sitting back behind the cruisers and sniping destroyers at 20km.

    -random WoWS player

  15. Thank you, Flambass, for not just using tier 10s constantly. I LOVE seeing tier 5 to 7 battles. I prefer them.

    • Its also a lot more fun to play them, of all my ships (ive got 4 tier 10s, 1bb, 2dd 1ca) but my favourite ships apart from jean bart and alaska are in tier 6-7. Not as many annoying radars, no OP planes, enemy team is generally more stupid.

  16. GG,
    Dunkerque is one of the last doubloons ships I want since long, and don’t have yet (next stop probably, last purchase was gallant & loyang) … pretty sure soon, mini JB can only be fun to play. 😍

  17. @7:10 “it’s better to be lucky than good” – Some lucky dude

  18. Seems i was right on the School of WoWs after all…

    Great content Flambass!! ❤

  19. Haha, that face when the torp died right on the tip of your bow!

  20. “Only 142k dmg. I have done more in my Pyotor Velikiy!”
    But in all seriousness that was a perfect example of using your hp and playing to your ships strenghts. You also gave some good tips for new players and the video was enjoyable to watch. Thank you for your good work and please keep it up.

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