World of Warships – School of WoWS #7 – Helping YOU improve – replay analysis

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In today’s of School of WoWS I will be taking a look at 1 of the replays that was sent to me from 1 of you guys and giving my tips and advice on how to improve.

If you want to have a chance of me doing the same with 1 of your games then you need to join my discord []( and leave the replay with short description in the room called “share-your-replays-here”.

Do NOT upload good games to try and show-off because the purpose of this is to help bad players get better and not watch good players have their egos boosted, you would just be wasting all of our . If you want to have a good replay shown you should send it to Jingles or some of the other YTers who actually do that.

Also I do NOT want to see hate comments towards players I showcase here because it takes courage to do this in front of thousands of ppl and it’s a really good step towards improvement.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Was hoping for a Flambass upload, refresh did not disappoint. Nice

  2. John 'Firsty' Arnel

    Great advice ! keep it coming as I’m sure lots of players who make the same or similar mistakes will take it on board and it will improve their game, and in turn help the team .

  3. this guy is playing the wrong DD line for focusing too much on torps

  4. He wrote in chat “133, I did my job”. I would have loved if this part of the video was addressed. You should not measure your contribution as a dd player in damage output. Spotting, capping, harassing, contesting caps and all the other good stuff is just as important, if not more.

    • @markpartridge78 i’m pretty sure you don’t get the most XP by dmg. I often don’t have a single kill and very little dmg dealt but i still end up first. Uptier-dmg gives you more than even tier dmg, dmg on dds gives you more than dmg on bbs. There are a lot of hints to it.
      dmg might be the easiest way to gain XP but it’s not the most effective.

    • @Tearnofear that’s because xp for damage is percentage based, so say 2k to a dd will earn you more than on a BB. You get basically nothing for spotting and damage on spotting though. Contesting caps also gives you very little. Capping obviously gets you a lot of xp.

    • @markpartridge78 i know 😉 lets say it that way: the more different thingys you have on the top-right corner the more XP you’ll get

    • @Tearnofear you’re not getting the point that was being made. So let’s leave it that we have different opinions.

    • Some DDs are damage based. Some are not. you cant treat all DDs equally because they are not equal. just like in world of tanks with the light tank = spotter, it is not correct. He did succeed in keeping 2 large and dangerous ships busy, this helps your team win too. you cant judge a shima the same way you judge a daring or gearing or friesland.

  5. A Yueyang that finishes a game with only 22 hits from their guns? That triggered me a little…

    • If you wanna get triggert look up his stats. I understand there are bad players, but to describe this player as ‘very bad’ would actually be a promotion. YY is his main vessel, 290 games played in this ship. WR 37%, average damage 21k and a whopping 64 (this is not a typo) personal rating. He literally has 1/10th of a PR that is considered really bad at the game. This game was painful to watch.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      yeah like t5 dd

    • @ThePurpleSmurf Not really. The guy knows he needs to improve and so he sent in a video to ask for advice. He wasn’t rude to his team mates when he died or anything like that, there is nothing to be triggered about.

      I would much rather play with someone that has a 37% win rate and average damage of 2k than some utter twat with a 67% win rate who is just an obnoxious douche

    • @ThePurpleSmurf and yet, he goes to flambass asking for help to get better, he is aware of this and making active effort to get better, a little later then he probably should have sure, but at least he’s doing something about it. seen a lot of poor players that consider themselves gods of the game, and any constructive criticisms is met with cussing and insulting

  6. Wrong tier ship for his skills. Should play around tier 5 for now.

    • He’s a sub 40% wr player. Most of his battles are in the Yeuyang and his PR is 64. Yes I said 64. I don’t like to stat shame, but I agree he should be back in mid tiers learning the game more then come back to T8+.

    • @imhoooks What is PR and how do I see it?

    • stefanos perivolaris

      hahahaha t5 player in t10 mm skill

    • @Tony Ennis I just looked his name up on stats site. wows-numbers

      Personal Rating is a measure of one’s performance or skill level basically.

    • @imhoooks It is an EXTREMELY loose measure of someone’s skill level. This is especially true with DDs. Things like spotting and counter DD play are EXTREMELY valuable to the team, but gain little to no XP and thus are not seen in any rating system. Statistics don’t lie, but if you don’t understand what goes in to them, they are easy to misinterpret. In the case of this specific player, they are likely quite accurate.

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Hard to understand how one gets to tier ten pan Asian without having learned everything he said already.

    • @MyopicAutisticMetal dude it is not hard, blame WG for making the grind so easy, u can jump from Tier 1 to Tier 10 in a one or two days, 2 – 3 years ago u needed 2-3 months to grind T10. Person with less then 100 games can buy T8 or T9 premium ship for 50-80 euros .

    • I’m assuming his final statement regarding shit talking applies on here as well, except you people are safe from being banned here. Sure, he made a lot of mistakes, it was pretty cringy to watch at times, but he showed he is looking to improve by submitting this, and he actually had the courage to do so for a wide audience.

    • Free xp, I hate stat shaming but 1255 battles in all dds with 477 victories

    • Probably the same way I’ve gotten one, bought or given in a container.

    • @Zhichao Tang bots being shooting more then he was

  8. you could do this on stream too when you are having shitty rng, this helps alot when you see mistakes you maybe do too so you can learn like this alot.. depends would other people like this kind of thing though..

  9. Stavros Tsakmakidis

    You rock man! Help is what most of us need here….!!

  10. @Flambass I like this WoWS School format and the commentary on “weaker” replays.

  11. Damn, this was a painful thing to watch. Luckily, the enemies he faced were even worse.

  12. I love flambass even more now, his attitude is awesome.

  13. Tbh, I would have done some of the same mistakes, so this was helpful for me.

  14. Good initiative flambass.. we need more of this. all CCs should do it more often

  15. I remember the days when these type of advice were given out to players they were usually still in the mid tier ships.

  16. Wonder if he realy wanted to be helped, he thought he did good himself, i think he wanted some
    possitive reinforcement from a WoWS demi-god. He clearly knew Flambass` chanel, if one pays
    attention there, the classic mistakes made here, would not be in order. Sailing towarth 2 other DD`s,
    disregarding B with a non 10 points captain on a T10 DD, shift key, wut? Those actions should have been
    filtered out during the T5 and T6 grinding process. But he did send this game to be analised,
    lets hope there is hope. Now i go fok myself due to orders . . .

    • You are exactly right. Look at the chatbox at 11:10. He wanted a pat on the back not criticism.

    • When he msg me he said himself that this game he got very lucky and HE was the one who pointed the finger at his stats when I told him that his end score looks good. So he wanted me to know that this is not something that happens very often to him and he is well aware that he’s a bad player in general

  17. Great stuff Flambass! As a 47% win rate player who doesn’t Evan have a tier 10 ship yet, your advice and positivity towards helping us improve is really appreciated…. as is making a safe place for us to learn from our mistakes without the hate. Better players make for better games.

  18. Homework for this guy:
    1. get full concealment upgrades and captain skills
    2. go to the cap where your team needs you to be
    3. have a hold of what’s happening on the battlefield, especially when you’re spotted
    4. don’t switch to torps when they aren’t ready
    5. expand your smoke by slowly moving when smoke consumable is on

    6. good job for trying to improve your skills

    • Well said buddy least this guy has the balls to admit he’s not the best player and wants to play better

    • 5 can be summed up in 2 words, “situational awareness”

    • There is however a good reason to stay in torp view mode (for torp dd’s) because your target doesn’t know that you are targeting him. I’ve often made the mistake of launching torps and switching to my guns, two seconds later they change direction while they sailed straight for 2 whole minutes.

    • yeah that works too, but you might as well target someone else or press x

  19. love the way where u don’t insult people and don’t get enraged if they doing something wrong…and teach in very cool manner.. good work flambass

  20. rename the title: “HOW TO NOT DD – complete guide”
    really painful to watch entirely

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