World of Warships – Schooled

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I love featuring lower tier matches but the gameplay often resembles a trainwreck and I feel a bit guilty for laughing at the newbies’ terrible decisions. Hmm, how can I justify being such a bad person….

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  1. Nick The meme man

    I clicked on this as soon as I got the notification I love your videos

  2. And now every achievmenf hunter will play the operation until they get it :D…

  3. Daniel Whitehouse

    2 team members dead, of 6… must be 2/5 of your team jingles…

  4. Still to this day, players learn more off of watching YouTube vids than any in game tutorial… really makes you think…

    Well it makes us think, meanwhile at wargaming HQ… #crickets

    • @Frederik We don#t come to Jingles to learn how to identify ships/ Are you new here? 🙂

    • @Mr Shanchat No, but this is the first time my name appeared properly ;D

    • Only it’s not crickets. WG actively supports the YouTubers and twitch streamers through the CC program for this purpose and for having a lifeline to the standing of the game in the hands of the mone… I mean consumers.

    • It seems to be The Russian Way.
      No tactical tutorials, we die like conscripts for the glory of Stalin!

  5. 22 minutes, 1.1k views. I think you’ve got a solid following Jingles

  6. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    6:27 wow, until now I had no idea that “G-101” is how you read “V-170”. The more you know…

  7. Tier 4: trainwreck
    Tier 7: trainwreck
    tier10: still trainwreck
    dont really see any differences

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      yeah, sounds like just another normal saturday afternoon in World of Warships

    • There’s one difference.

      The trains are bigger.

    • Yup, in low tiers ships are inaccurate enough to make yolo rushing BB r even some cruisers with a DD and shotgun torping them work more often than not, and especially in low tiers when people still have the “CoD atitude” most of the time, getting a kill and dying for it is seen as worth because their KD is neutral. Imo that is one of the worst things about the learning curve for DD, as around t6 that very definitively ends, and that’s not even including the fact you’ll mostly be seeing t8

    • Well you said the difference. Tier 10 is a still train wreck. Everyone camps because they don’t want to take risks, and guys who try to push for objectives are singled out and destroyed. For the most part at least.

  8. Please do show more mid-tier and low-rise gameplay

  9. 12:55 pre-turning your guns when turning around in a Battleship or a ship with a slow turret rotation speed is something I see far too rarely, so props to our protagonist Willy for doing something smart, which even a lot of high-tier players seem to forget!

    • Not just in battleships, even some destroyers work better if you get used to do this on a regular basis. It’s how I regularly get gun kills with the Shimakaze, even in tier X some people still ignore how powerful those 120mm can be at close range, chat raging gunboat captains are a real treat in top tier battles 😀

    • It’s worth doing in every ship that does not have super fast turret rotation, and even then it doesn’t hurt, so 95% chance to be useful, no chance to not be beneficial = always do this.

      Shima guns are kinda trash still but the HE shells are pretty damn nice, it’s got a pretty heavy broadside for a DD, since the buff they certainly deserve respect. Not that 99% of shima players realize they even have guns, but still ^^

    • I do this without even knowing i do it so idk why its hard for people to do it

    • kek I do it in a mino every time lol. takes them forever! 😀

  10. “2 o’clock in the morning on a school night”

    Actually, Jingles, it’s summer break for us…

    • Since it’s the NA server, it really doesn’t matter **tumbleweed wooshes by**

    • @Dylan Niks are you sure? i dont think anyone is online to see if a tumbleweed goes by or not in all honesty

    • #oldpeople

    • “School night” is also English slang for a night where the next day will be a normal working day (Monday – Friday) For example I might say: “I went to the pub last night and got completely rat-faced and now Im suffering. I should have known better than to go out with the lads on a school night.”

    • I’m pretty sure Jingles used it in the sense Jester named, I was going to say the same thing. As for tumbleweeds, I’m pretty sure local time 2 am in the US has the same effect as it has everywhere else…(most) people w jobs and kids won’t be on anymore.

  11. Me at 2am: “Man, I hope jingles uploads another wow video soon…”

    Me at 3:30am: *h o t d a m n*

  12. If I had a dime for every time Jingles reminded us that they’re noobs cause they’re new…

  13. Hey the first clip was my clan! Hell yeah ARGSY!!

  14. Surely if that ram had been pulled off it would have been a draw? All ships destroyed on both sides – don’t think it goes to points then, or have they changed it?

  15. Tyfighters002 Verkerk

    Dammit jingles im gonna be late for my drivers test tommrow… oh well

  16. theScottishKoala

    Another flipping Jingles mistake vid is just what I needed this afternoon… Fantastic kill on that “G-101” there! 😀

  17. Mister Pringl, i mean Jingles, when we will see new episode of Subnautica Below Zero? There is new Leviathan released.

  18. Jingles: says anything
    Me as someone who just began because of his videos:
    Write the down write that down

  19. Actually jingles last I knew when both teams ran out of ships simultaneously it resulted in a draw

  20. “Myogi is the most accurate tier 4 battleship in the game.”
    -Jingles, 2019

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