World of Warships – Schrodinger’s Cat

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Is the cat dead? Is it alive? Is the team ahead on points? Is it behind on points? You have to observe it happening for the probabilities to collapse into a definite answer. Because SCIENCE!

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  1. Side note for the Massachusetts captain at 11:48 Jingles. Granted, I play WoWs Legends, not WoWs on PC. However, there had been multiple times where I have charged a flank, knowing I was going to die, but giving my teammates time to cap a different objective, or focus on a more important enemy. Sometimes suicide charges have a higher meaning😂

    • Sure, but I’ll bet you didn’t complain about your team abandoning you and leaving you to die afterwards.

    • @The Mighty Jingles Fair enough, if I mess up, I try to own it, also humbled that you replied to me, keep making your content kind sir, we all love it!

    • What you do is not charge but fight a delaying action by kiting them and reseting caps when they enter

    • @The Infidel Of course that works sometimes, but kiting away may still allow them to reach a different cap circle relatively uncontested. It all depends on the specific situation.

    • @Ethan Obenauer the enemy team can’t gain points if they can’t get the cap, the enemy team can gain points when you enter a crossfire, although, suicide charges could be mitigated if Wargaming would just give Console players better communication, and because I have a theory that Wargaming has even less faith in their Console community because they assume they’re all children, compared to their PC community

  2. Not sure which submarine the Massachusetts had to be worried about? Was it the one which had recently died on the other side of the map to the Prinz Heinrich, or the other one which was visible on the opposite side of the map around E9 while you were talking about it?

  3. 9:46 A single torpedo means there’s a Fiji. The subs were both to the north.

  4. 16:00 Subs are like Soviet BBs and German BCs, they have limited charges on their DCP, and if he was on low enough health that that fire killed him in seconds, it’s likely he was out, after eating depth charges dealing with the Fuso and Prinz Heinrich.

  5. 9:40 I think it was the Fiji torpedo that hit the Indianapolis. What was that? A triple shift in the mines? Alright, just put down that shotgun, Jingles.

  6. The cat can be in three states Alive, dead or Bl–dy furious and exploding like a claymore as the box opens ( Greebo Terry Pratchett)

  7. huh. Speaking of physics and universal constants, it’s good to see that some things never change in this game. Battleships are still largely captained by braindead troglodytes, Carriers don’t die unless they are on your team, Submarine captains are too busy eating glue to use the buttons that keep them alive, and a single decent destroyer captain has to carry the whole team anyway.

    • And your radar users only use them after you have died in your dd and certainly not when the opposing dd is capping

    • Except when it’s a CA/CL or a BB that has to carry the whole team because the DDs forgot there were radars, SSs and CVs and allowed themselves to be detected in the opening minutes of the game. Then I suppose you would say the DDs were eating glue…

    • Lets face it – the Potato God moves in mysterious ways its wonders to perform and frequently you could open a chippy with the leftovers.

    • @The Anti Ninja: This, and of course the dd will be blamed by all the bb players if she dares to live to the end game but does not win the match for them.

    • @JimBlock999 Pinged by bb to take the cap , un supported , no radar cover , in your Halland .So you trip the cap , get illuminated and everyone opens up . I don’t cap anymore , always wait .It amazes me how many bb now hide behind islands and never fight

  8. This one demonstrates something few people seem to truly understand, it isn’t the kills or the damage done that matter, it is the right damage at the right time that matters.

    I’ve had dd games where I only sank 1 ship, with very little damage overall yet my spotting and capping of bases put me high on the board at the end.

  9. Why didn’t the U 190 use his damage control? Well he might have used all of them, subs only get 3 damage control charges, or 4 with superintendent.

  10. “No help!”
    “Why did you charge?”
    “Felt like it”

    Pro gamer logic right there, boys.

    • Probably couldn´t turn with 2 BBs under 10 km and planes coming for him, it would be suicidal to present broadside to that

    • plays like casual, complains like it’s competitive. A tale as old as time.

    • @Jan Mitiska It was suicidal anyway. At least one path had a hope for survival, while the other was certain death.

    • @Nazamroth there was no survival, no disengage possibility or something. When you are lit and bombarded by a CV and shelled by two BBs, you will go down. That´s why it is a team game. When your teammates has vacated your flank without any reasons and you stay alone in a BB there, you die. EZ. And their team almost lost because of that, they were saved by lucky fire set on a submarine AND by Richelieu bad dispersion in the end, otherwise it was a loss.

    • @Jan Mitiska He still has 3 options:
      a) try to time the turn so that they don’t get his broadside
      b) reverse and try to keep himself angled and at some distance
      c) yolo and get it over with
      Some of those have a higher chance of success and might be better for the team overall. But I agree it’s a bad feeling in a BB when you are the one on the outside of a flank and suddenly everyone abandons it.

  11. Trolldier • 75 years and

    subs have the limited short cooldown damage control, possible that the U 190 used up all ofbtheir damage control hunting the Fuso and the P. Heinrich, been in that situation when i first tried the submarines.

  12. Cam’s Fishing Addiction

    Love watching jingles when im blind, means i get to wake up the morning after and watch it again😏

  13. 16:00 the sub had a fair amolunt of HP, and was probably hoping to wait the fire out. the Indy sent out an airborne attack. Odds are the sub was hit by one bring it down to 0.4 hp, and the guy just didn’t have enough time to hit the button after that before the next damage tick.

    • Either way, using the DC would have saved him. Saving the DC would have gained him… what advantage?

    • @Jim Wolaver Sub DCP has limited charges. He may not have had any left.

    • @Frigidblood That was my thought. WG changed this mechanic (like they changed nearly everything after the release of the subs, because they were “tested to the max and absolutelety ready to go live”).

  14. Thanks for featuring my game! Leningrad is one of my absolute favorite ships to play!

    • You had to do twice the work for the win, as some of those other ships on your team were doing the enemies job for them and finding ways to be sunk.

    • @VosperCDN True. This is the situation I find myself in pretty much every game when I play a dd. It’s a hard work to get a win in WoWs these days…

  15. To be fair, no one called the retreat, and when the Red Mist descends, some people lose their situational awareness. That said, I am reminded of a joke Flamu made about BB captains being like F1 racers. They just see a green light and stomp on the accelerator: “F&cking *go*!”

  16. Thank you for getting the Standards right! They were the Standard-TYPE American battleships as they encompassed several classes, and shouldn’t be called the Standard class. So many people love to call you out when you mess up, but noone says anything when you get something right, so props for that little detail!

  17. That chat interaction from Massa when a teammate said “lesson learned the hard way I guess” and he replied “no lesson” is the average wows player brain at work. Einstein said insanity is doing the exact same thing twice expecting different results, I think changing insanity for stupidity is more fitting.

    And that last play as risky it was it was a match saving one. No risk no prize I guess wp

  18. The P. Heinrich is spectacular … survived the Bismark and sank both the Jervis and a submarine with his secondaries ^^

  19. To be fair to the Massachusets when he started pushing he had lots of backup and it all ran away, it’s easy for ships with better speed and lower spotting to do that, if the mass has decided to turn and go to B he would have died very quickly so at that point he was basically stuffed and all he could do was hope the sub showed itself and sell his life dearly. He did manage to kill the dd (yes secondaries but he has to be there for them to work) about the only other thing he could have done was ram, but very ikely to get hit by sub torps anyway.

    • It’s also likely that had he tried to turn and follow them to B he’d just have died and the enemy bbs would have been able to get round and frustrate the teams capping of B.

  20. Such a close end.
    Saved in the last 8 seconds like a pro.

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