World of Warships – Scrub-a-Dub

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What kind of horrible scrub-a-dub can’t get 10 kills in the Prinz Heinrich? This one.

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  1. Adore your content jingles even if you are a rum drinking pirate :p

  2. Ah the P Heinrich, the ship I go to if I just want some mindless fun

  3. I’ve had some great battles in my Emerald (with the Jingles captain). When played right it can be quite effective.

  4. I remain convinced that the mid tiers in all WG games are the best place to have fun. Also much more viable for free to play players and most ships/tanks are either real or atleast realistic!

  5. Hatsuharu.
    Codename: Akatsuki.

    Oh Jingles… never change 🙂

  6. 10:48 What do you mean we didn’t see New Mexico death, 10:31 he even zoomed in for the show 😅

  7. Jaqui Greenlees

    The New Mexico is not a bad ship, she just suffers from the speed issue most US battleships have. I can take mine out and kick butt easily.

  8. Arashi Miyazawa

    10:46 Player: Zooms in to watch the New Mexico eat every torpedo ever.
    Jingles: We didn’t see it happening…

  9. Silly as it may sound, but Wows replays remain my favorite on this channel by far. They are just like an espresso; so much joy compressed into such little amount and the best way to start the day.

  10. Ah yes, the enemy Akatsuki. Famously disguised as a Hatsuharu.

  11. Jingles: “Can’t remember the last time I saw a game when someone scored 10 kills”
    Me: Well…there was a certain CV game featured on this channel less than a week ago…never change Jingles!

  12. Jingles and his brilliant commentary. We didn’t see the new Mexico eat japanese torpedoes and flood as the camera zooms in on the new Mexico eating the torps and exploding

  13. Akchually, Jingles, airstrike depth charge attacks do have the benefit of range, but, have very few bombs they deploy per attack (2 is the maximum I recall). Some ships also only get one depth charge airstrike, whereas ships with point blank depth charge attacks typically get two. I’m not sure which has the shorter cooldown.

  14. great match! a shame he didn’t get that last kill, but it happens to the best of us x)

  15. Test account, please ignore

    The Prinz Heinrich does get battlecruiser dispersion, but also gets absolutely terrible sigma in return

  16. Nothing like a Jingles WoW video after work.

  17. Honestly, for anyone who knows the name “Darth Revan” this guy certainly earned that name in this battle!

  18. Hope your having a good one too Rear Admiral. I always have a good one when I have a Jingles WOW’s video to look forward to.

  19. Another excellent example of Warships where you can get this type of game ONLY if your team is as bad as the enemy, so that you can get all the dmg/kills while both teams disintegrate. It’s a fine balance where both teams try their hardest to throw… the 1 player (the P Heinrich) being the determining factor.

  20. Kongou’s armor isn’t bad, actually. It has good midsection plating, isn’t just completely covered in 26mm butter, and has a protected lower bow, not unlike certain tier ten battleships

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