World of Warships – Scuttlebutt #10 (featuring USS Wichita)

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Our continuing weekly series where I ramble on about whatever topics happen to catch my fancy for a particular week. This week, we take a quick look at, make some recommendations on how people can provide useful feedback to the global community teams, discuss the recent Q&A with Sir_Nelson, briefly touch on the new radar and flooding changes, and take an in-depth look at USS Wichita.

A “scuttlebutt” was originally where the sailors on a vessel got their drinking water; frequently a barrel. By the of the warships of , it equated to what landlubbers call a water fountain. Much like the ubiquitous “water cooler” of the modern office place, it became a location where sailors swapped news, rumors, and gossip.


  1. Everyone been begging for Alaska for weeks. We get Wichita, a worse baltimore for 50$ with one redeeming quality, concealment, which is worthless if there is a CV in the game. Pass. I own every other possible premium ship, but my wallet is closed. I might have picked it if it was for doubloons. Not for cash, and certainly not with the premium nerfs coming.

    • +SeaRaptor true, more changes are possible. I’m not declaring end times at all, but declaring the up tier as a buff is blowing smoke you know where. I’m even fine with them nerfing premiums as long as full cash refunds are offered. Obviously this would only apply to those who bought her, not those who were given the ship for free. Honestly October revolution is much more OP than cesare, being equal or better than cesare in every way other than speed. Its in the shop right now. Pretty silly.

    • Revolutsiya is a solid BB, but she isn’t outperforming T7 BBs, either. Cesare is.

      The up-tier isn’t a buff, no. It’s not meant to be. It’s meant to balance the ship. In order for them to do that at T6, they’re going to have to make more changes than just the armor, in my opinion, but the armor is the only one that’s been announced. We’ll just have to see what else they realize needs to be mucked with (IMHO, she will need an AA buff too, as well as more HP).

    • +SeaRaptor If a group of players are able to take a ship and do so incredibly well with it that the stats are skewed, does that ship deserve to be rebalanced? While 95% or more are going to be average at best? (Honestly i would say no, but Look what happened with CV recently) Look at the stats of the ships themselves, you will see what I mean. Just because oct rev has a much larger (and potato) player base, seeing as it is available for coal, than gc, doesnt make gc the better ship. If anything They are equal if not favoring Oct rev slightly. I know I was able to walk all over the majority of the cesare players I met in t5 ranked Sprint, and I’m above average at best. But the pool of players who have a cesare is much smaller, generally much more experienced players. This skews the stats severely if not viewed from an overall perspective. Honestly the previous stats are near worthless considering The recent meta changes. The choice is short sighted and baffling to me. And again, fine nerf it, it doesnt make much sense to me, and sure seems to put off a far larger majority of the PAYING customers, but give me my money back, not doubloons I cant spend on anything worth while. If this was the policy there would still be a few angry neckbeards keyboard thumping, but the vast majority (just read the comments on any of weegee’s recent videos) would be placated and much less uneasy about continuing to provide the gravy bote. Love your content, don’t take this as a trolling, more a discussion, cause they might actually listen to what you have to say, and what they are doing right now makes very little sense to many of us previously happily playing paying customers.

    • Premium Nerfs? :3!?!?!

    • I love my Wichita. And frequently beat Baltimore head to head all the time dodging full salvos forcing them to use the rear gun and punishing them with their larger citadel

  2. Nice quick review Raptor,shame you didn’t show it’s armor layout.And nope not gonna buy her.To many copy and paste again of ships that our already in game.

    • Yeah, her armor isn’t radically different from Boise; she has the same 127mm belt in the same places. She’s probably too similar to Baltimore for many people to invest in her.

  3. I have spent an average of $1.60/day on the game, but WG doesn’t get a penny from me til they release the AK. And it sounds to me like this is going to be very weak for anytime it gets up tiered with the T7 New Orleans ammo, with the stealth and maneuverability and weaker ammo it sounds more like a light cruiser than a heavy. Either way… no $$$ from me!

  4. Many ppl are still very unsatisfied with AA one way or the other and CV’s with being to strong or to weak. One thing that is broken is the ability of a CV’s power to attack and keep dd’s perma spotted. Attack power and aircraft durability seems about right for tier 4 and 6, the tier 8 durability aircraft for the saipan are to strong hands down. Tier-10 aircraft are very strong against dd’s and even the durability against a non AA spec American BB. My opinion is give the +20 percent AA distance modual back to tier 10 ships and give all DD’s the option of upgrading their sector’s to 200% and not 180%. In my opinion and alot of others the sector “thing” should be changed back to manual AA point and click. Also in my opinion and many others the concealment of 10% across the border sucks.

    • Iv been thinking about what I said about spec’ing into AA for the dd’s stronger and I say to myself now why should I as a dd have waists points into AA because of the power of the cv.

    • +Nick F from a CV ‘s perspective the DD is the only Balanced ship . I can do a run and yes my planes take damage and I often loose 1 or 2 . but TBH attacking any outer ship is disastrous and I have been Deplaned twice now in
      a Shokaku in a tier 10 game . but yeah in a tier 6 game in a tier 8 CV .. yeah the CV is OP

      I am an average player and am still learning the new meta .

    • +Grease Monkeyit seems like to fix some of the issues on the CV’s side of things MM would need to be fixed with the CV centered and a -2 match making to make it fair for the CV. To balance thing’s you first need a base line to work from but all aspects need balanced in the end result.

  5. Ok provide feed back in a professional manner, give examples of the problem, a solution to the problem and avoid personal attacks….I think I got this.
    [Dear WarGaming, To whom it may concern your Rank Progression system is a painful grind that causes players to become toxic and leads to more players losing interest in this game mode. The Star system promotes bad play as some have given up on playing for the win and are abusing the “Save a Star” feature. When a single Battleships can tell its team to “F Off” and than yolo charge the enemy, Die and yet save its star the progression system is terrible. A player can play their guts out one game helping their team to victory only for the next game to be an utter disaster in which they lose the progress from the last game. All Because MM stuck them on a bad team. This lose of progress leads to frustrated and angry players. Which leads to players either abandoning the mode or becoming more toxic.
    I think its high time for a rework of the Rank Progression system. We need a system that rewards the individual player based on their performance that is not tied to the teams performance. You already have the system in game in the Hall of Fame part of the Directive Missions. A player gains points for Winning games, Earning Medals and Sinking Ships. Use this system to rework Rank. A player who Wins, gets Medals or secures kills gets points and points add up to advance your Rank. Gain enough points and you Rank out. However there should also be punishments for poor behavior in rank. AFKs should lose points. Team Killers should lose points. Those who earn points faster Rank out faster. You could even have a special achievement for those who Rank out the Fastest.
    I like small team, same tier battles, but I can’t stand the Rank Star Progression system.
    Signed a very frustrated player.]

    How was that SeaRaptor?

  6. problem. Bombers/strike craft are spotting dds way too early. Solution change air spotting values and restrict the field of view of the bombers to 180 front rather than current 360.
    problem. Bombers are able to relay targeting information to battlehsips that are able to max range the target. Solution ships that are 12km or greater from a bomber will only see an enemy on minimap and will not be rendered in gunsights.

    • I agree with the first problem; I know that they’re hearing this from a lot of different directions. My guess is that they’ll start looking at ways to alleviate this soon. They’re on the record as saying RPF doesn’t belong on planes, so that’s a start. Several folks I’ve seen have suggested that they remove the “detected” marker from aircraft, because that is a cheap way for the CV to know that there’s a DD or CL in the area that they can’t quite see yet.

      The second is something that I personally despise and would love to see them change, but I don’t know if it’s on their radar. CV spotting has long devalued DD spotting, and I’ve never cared for that as a DD player. I’ve always thought that CV spotting should be restricted to the minimap, and actual ship-to-ship contact was required (via hard spotting or radar) in order to light a ship up for the team. WG has never really subscribed to this view that I’ve seen.

    • +SeaRaptor WG to be honest doesnt know how to balance outside of the class triad. Every class was balanced off the other 2 main classes. Because CV was not a significant enough quantifier. Now it is and what we see is every class is just screwed.

    • +The Chiv I don’t think it’s that they don’t nokw, I think it’s that CVs have been so scarce for so long that there wasn’t statistically significant data to balance things correctly. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons for the changes.

    • SeaRaptor personally though this concept of every match needs a cv seems complete nonsense. In ww2 cvs were not engaging in every damn fight. They performed strike missions and with the exception of 2 incidents cvs and surface ships were never close enought to support each other effectively. Those 2 exceptions are the hunt for the Bismarck and the battle off samar when 3 escort carriers provided support for like 4 dds that charged into 20 ships. Look up USS JOHNSTON and Commander Ernest E. Evans

  7. Nice and concise there Raptor . I like short reviews and comparing to the tech tree ships was a real bonus , thank you ,
    I hope you have a brill time on USS Texas . being the other side of the pond I can’t make it . ( sad face ) but .. if you ever come over to London I’ll do my best to come and say hi .
    The CV’s …. this is going to take some time to balance and make everyone happy .. but .. I am sure we will get there WG are on the right path … ish …
    to me the AA when 2 tiers down is far far to strong and when 2 tiers up is too weak .

    for a quick and more Balanced AA spectrum just having +1 -1 MM would do the trick .

    Then tier 6 Ships would not have the pain of an OP tier 8 CV .
    And the tier 8 CV would not see tier 10 … in which you are just a spectator
    till nearly the end game as the AA DPM just melts you planes.

    • I think the CV MM is pretty harsh right now. I know a lot of folks are touting the +1/-1 MM. Have to see if they bite. It’ll all be up to the data, honestly. I don’t see them attempting it unless it’s really backed up by good data. May take you up on the London thing, it’s easily our favorite city that we’ve been to or lived in, and Belfast is always worth a return visit.

  8. I’ll probably wait for Wichita to show up in Santa crates since I had such nice RNG luck last Santa event.

  9. I like the carrier rework, I also like playing DDs. My PR in DDs and the new carriers is arround 2.3 ish and I’m still disatisfied. While the AA of a Grozo is certainly strong, pretty much no other DD (even TX) that is not explicitly skilled into AA can even hope to shoot down more than 7 planes (measured on Gearing vs Shoku) against a T8 carrier. Then in return everything else shreds the carriers planes, 2 attack runs on a Kurfurst? possible, 2 attack runs on a Conqueror or Repu? Stop right there. There is atm just a drastic imbalance in surface ships getting spotted, surface ships devestating planes, planes being too good against one class (especially when u face the usual Des, Wor, Mino combi what else am I supposed to attack if not the only thing that can’t protect itself) and the damage output of planes vs surface ships (which I think is a tick too low across the tiers). The ammount of times I could do nothing at the end of a game because the 2 surviving ships on the enemy team are a Mino and a Wor are just simply way too high. And the teamplay (people forming into blobs) you were talking about is no teamplay. Lemmings have been there before the carrier rework and if your carrier (which is still possible even after the rework) can’t compensate by manhandling a dispersed fleet you are pretty much bound to lose. I repeat Lemming migration is not teamplay, it’s a sickness that can now be observed pretty much every game, even when there’s no carrier in the game. I hope the flooding changes won’t further change carrier gameplay to the worse, cause let’s be honest: Those sweet times when you actually reached those sweet 150 + k dmg, rngsus blessed you with some sucessfully stacked fires and floods on some helpless targets in one of those matches, where the best the enemy team can offer in terms of AA, is a Kurfurst and a Roon.

  10. Did they nerf her concelment to 9,5 with Everything?

  11. In general any Premium Tier 8 ship in this MM is NO BUY only one Tier 8 premium is worth it and is not for sale he likes Tier 10 MM it is Kutuzov! There will be more Tier 9 and 10 premiums beacuse they earn more money form them!!

  12. I love my Wichita. I put my 19pt DM captain in her with survivability expert. Farming credits and elite commander XP never been so fun

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