World of Warships – Sea of A Small Fortune

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Sea of Fortune is one of my favorite maps and I take the Missouri out for a spin. We encounter most of the enemy in the East. I take shots on a coupler battleships as I move West. A couple enemy ships are isolated and destroyed. Sea of Fortune allows for angles to destroy and be aggressive. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Missouri Replay


  1. Gj Preston, love it when you post Iowa class vids

  2. Benedikt Schneider

    Ocean is the only good and realistic map ……

  3. eh, no tirpitz intro?
    but, still love your vids!

  4. Great match – great tactics.

  5. 7:36 Like every salvo i get when im in a BB. Thankfully its not often. xD

  6. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Monney !!!

  7. Notser…I agree with your passive playing comment…especially in a BB. Battleships are meant to take the heat.

  8. LeonaTimberCompany

    You need to do a comprehensive video on the difference between using the islands and camping behind them.

  9. Notser used his DC on 1 fire and paid the price…..

  10. Вадим Анохин

    Really simple fight. Calmly killed the poor cruisers, and took the base. )

  11. I like the map Trap. But it might have to do with me “always” getting good games there in my DDs.

  12. f u google no real name

    i love sea of fortune too. also hate tears of the desert, but also land of ice and loop

  13. hate sea of Fortune.. Too many people go to A to hide the team that goes to A loses.

  14. Thumbnail looks like a WoT map.

  15. Every time someone pronounces Missouri, I hear them saying Misery instead… xD

  16. tear of epicancer

  17. Lets face it everything punish cruisers.

    Well… guess I’m a masochist.

  18. Great job Notser. Between yourself and Aerroon you’ve kept me interested in WoWS. Can’t play at the mo as internet here is crap, but will keep on watching. Thanks.

  19. Richard Collins

    Is the sound OK for everyone else?

  20. im wacthing thiss while making a replica off HMS Nelson 1/200.

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