World of Warships – SEA server RANDOM battles has more bots than players HARD TO WIN

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So I decided to make a new account on server and grind all the way to tier 6 so I can compete in ranked battles. However I need a lot of battles played so that I would even be allowed in Ranked battles. It was a nice way for me to see how starting a new account looks like because, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s been a while since I’ve done this 😀
However, even tho’ you have to play in CO-OP for the first few battles, once you swap to randoms you expect to be playing against players. You would think os and you’d be mostly wrong.
There is always gonna be at least 1 player but the rest are gonna be bots.
Funny enough it’s not easy to win at all, just look at what I had to do to even have a chance of winning.
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. What time did you played? 6AM (GMT+2) is the perfect time to play on this server (12:00 pm GMT+8 onwards).

  2. Maybe you just played the game at SEA server at the wrong time.

  3. As a SEA player, I can both agree and deny. First, it’s probably because of the time. Second, low tier is kind of dead in SEA.

    Imo, bots are way better than the players you commonly see in SEA server.

  4. It’s not the SEA server, it’s the new player “protection”. It looks the same on the EU server with a new account. And currently on the PTS with every account.

    • Yeah that. Even at stupid early hours of the morning you’ll still find enough people to fill out a mid-tier game.

    • was about to comment that, only with a full leveled account you start getting regular battles

    • Yeah, i was perplexed. I never had any random battle with bot. But he got the freaking Kraken achievement. Even at the worst times, youll get 1 vs 1 battle.

    • @Edhi Kurniawan I do think it’s new, I remember a 1v1 battle on low tier awhile ago. I think now it’s like mostly bots on protected MM battles. If you’re low level account and are in a t5-7 battle, you’ll get normal players.

    • Its until you reach tier V or first 10 random battles or certain account lvl ( not sure ) what ever of those comes first.

  5. Well, SEA server only crowded at weekend (saturday and sunday or friday and saturday if you stay at america) and most of them are at t5 above.
    That’s the downside, the upside is, this is where yuro play.

  6. Yeah Flambass you played at the wrong time.
    Your normal time to play means SEA is sleeping.
    The time you posted this video at is the time you should be playing on SEA its now 18.06 in Australia as i post this on YouTube.

    • So, you posted 8 hours before me, still im posting only 45 Minutes later than you…timezones, gotta love them. 18:45 right now (Germany)

  7. As a SEA, you’re playing at the time most of us are asleep and low tiers is really empty. Only from T5 onwards will you see more players.

  8. low tier in SEA is pretty much BOT central, maybe start from Noon CET?

  9. Everyone is sleeping mate. When you posted this one up it was about 20:00 here in NZ.

  10. I play exclusively on SEA. It’s not uncommon to play during the early hours of the morning 0200-0600 and encounter 1v1 matches at low tiers.

  11. Welcome to the dark side. Play after 6pm Australian time when everyones playing after work/school etc and downing a cold tinny.

  12. Just new player protection combined with playing on off hours for the server

  13. If you’re getting ping that low, I might have to give the EU server a try at some point. 110ms isn’t much worse than I see regularly from Sydney.

  14. Conspiracy theory 🙂 Lets say WG removes : signs from bots, how would we know they are still bots? ‘couse lots of players play and die like bots, so …

  15. So you can get just about as good ping as I get in Australia on SEA servers….ok,

  16. You are geting a better ping than I do and I am in Brisbane Australia ( My ping runs from 120 to 180)

    • John Henry I feel your pain

    • Because of the shit server in Singapore, and we connect via Perth. When I shifted to Asia (SEA as it was) in WoT we were promised much better ping. We got it, too, for about 8 months at most. Then it went to ~120 or even more. My ISP did a full trace, told me what I ought to experience, and then said the issue was at WG’s end at Singapore.
      WG is a lazy company that treats its players like crap.

    • @Steeltrap well said ( i also moved from NA in WOT, worst thing i ever did)

  17. 神原 駿河Yuri Kanbaru

    welcome to SEA! a wonderful place when you reach tier X you still meet bots…ah yes the holy language [][][][][][]

  18. When the robot rebellion starts, Flambass will be a main target due to cruelty to robots…

  19. Double barrels on the Clemson is disgustingly good

  20. From my memory of the place, the bots are more reliable and competent than a large proportion of alleged players.

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