World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #14

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For the 14th episode , has a special message for you!

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  1. Putting Dasha in the video is the ultimate click bait :v

  2. Just imagine if one day, A sea Smackdown is out, and the hero is Dasha herself x)

  3. I want my super-mega kraken , i made 10 kills in one game at six month ago ^^ if i have a date with Dasha perharps i send replay 🙂

  4. Add Dasha = 100% better vid.

  5. Wait…
    WG is using Dasha as clickbait?

  6. They should make a ship in her honor

  7. everything is better with Dasha

  8. WG knows the ultimate clickbait tool XD

  9. I always keep track with sea smack down but I’m not a good player

  10. Couldn´t wait to buy a “HMS Dasha”

  11. we cant complain to WG for using Dasha as clickbait, its actually a reward for us n.n

  12. Zedric G. G. Torreverde

    So what file do i send? The game file itself or the video?

  13. employeewg_47 terrain_21

    Nice clickbait wg…

  14. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Beautiful mean Mrs. Perova.

  15. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Dasha is the Poseidons Wrath medal!!!!

  16. After what Dasha Said about A higher level Kraken Unleashed award, Medals based off of historic figures would be cool, like World of tanks’ medals.

  17. With subtitles it dousnt say Juniorkiller but Uniorkiller for me xd

  18. Increibles partidas

  19. Nice clickbait wg 😀

  20. only from RU server :)))

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