World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #15

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  1. Pan~Paka~Pan~

  2. only 3700xp….tipical in WG company

  3. It prove that atago is the best ijn premiun

  4. And How did 2 tier X ships lost to a tier VIII cruiser and a tier IX Destroyer?

  5. Bring the enterprise back it was lunched on my birthday I’m descent to own one plz

  6. SS Obersturmbannführer Battleship Bismarck

    I though the real Atago one

  7. How does not paying attention to the map, the mechanics and lacking a fundamental understanding of the game allow people to get to Tier X ship and lose a match at the end like that?

  8. come to asia server,,,,, its just so hard to hit any ships

  9. Just wondering , how do they get the replays…

    As the camera angles are moving all around the map with different shots ?

  10. No Dasha ;-(

  11. how can i send a replay?

  12. Zedric G. G. Torreverde

    no wonder why wg make high teir ships expensive. (And sometimes, Predicting torps is really hard in high teir as do not really memorize all torp ranges)

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