World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #17

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  1. world of tanks news lets play world of tanks blitz

    First like!!!

  2. *Both captains & crews deserved their respective rewards.*
    Sometimes battles have no clear winner.
    Now polish the silverware chaps.
    *Her Majesty will be visiting.*

  3. KleinSK is only in a tier 9 and made a very close score than the MINOTAUR. I think he deserve at least the draw and perhaps a little more !!
    By the way both games are fantastics !

  4. Neptune because is t9

  5. Seems nice.

  6. Atago was spotting in the Mino round…not Mino. That’s why he died as Mino didn’t bother smoking him up. Credit where credit’s due!

  7. When conqueror got sea smack down??!!

  8. Perfect battles!!!

  9. Minotaur that rush was awesome

  10. Neptune great t9 play carrying it

  11. i think the draw is okay because minotaur dealt more damage, but he is t10 and has got more DPM so neptune has basically done the same work although he has got less base XP

  12. Bruce Wayne is Deadpool

    KleinSK on the neptune got a much closer game! He also had to deal with a carrier and a cyclone!

  13. Oof… Most of this appears to come from people who just carry their team.

  14. Minotaur because he have rush ennemis ships with honor

  15. neptune is the best

  16. Bertrand Khairallah

    Neptune was the best for me!

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