World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #21

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  1. Da hell is going on with the teleport

  2. Michael Richard Pence

    What a plot twist

  3. Where’s the solo warrior farragut

  4. Vo Tan Duc Trung Trung

    so the teleport consumable was real??

  5. It’s not April Fool’s Day. WTH is that teleportation thing?

  6. Thing is no one can be on the dream team because this game does not go into the record books as a game of accuracy. More of a game of chance and while capt skills can earn you some sort of title, dreamteam is not one of them. Compound the games lazy way of contributing to a players abilities with the rarity that is getting teamed up with a balanced and fair team and you sure dont have a recipe for anything close to a dream team! If one of MMs factors was to try and account for the players skills and place them on teams accordingly I am confident more good things could be said about it. As it is however it is common to see heavily lopsided teams and your chance is something like 60/40 of getting on a team stocked to the roof with losers and a meager 30/70 chance you will get on the dream team. Game balance does NOTHING to even try and balance player skills when assembling a team and that in turn contributes to the fact that some 70% (and that is being optimistic) of those that play the game are completely lost, clueless and or have no idea what to do or how to do it. Of those far to many refuse to listen to their teammates and yolo out on their own moving to a sure death. What I find even more perplexing is you guys do very little to create a true team game. What we have instead is nothing more than a sea version of mad max!

    So you want to put together a dream team, well got some bad news for you WoW. First you are going to have to do more to help create the skilled players necessary for it. I am sure their is a way to actually do more to encourage team play and still line your pockets with the doubloons you seek. Until then there is no dream team and you know it, so wake up because your dream is our nightmare!

  7. Dilpickle Weerakkody

    I see that in every replay there is a lot of premium ships… And i see how you are using the replays as advertisement, very smart

  8. De Tudo Um Pouco Aloprado

    This dream team is normaly in the enemy side, while yours is composed by 1 afk that is the only that could change the battle, you and 10 guys that, somehow, died in 10 minutes…

  9. When will wargaming put submarines in the game?

  10. 6:10 What ?!?!

  11. it’s been a good year

  12. where was gufer kurfust

  13. Where is that incredible grosser kurfust

  14. Wow, I which I could sent my replays my best 1 kill was 2 ships 1 salvo of torpedoes and survived

  15. Why no cv ever featured?

  16. Come at me carriers. my ‘Bama has an insane rudder shift and a 100 AA Stat 😀

  17. It seems like an 8 minute advertisement to me

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