World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #21

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  1. Black to gta new update coming

  2. When wows blitz release all countries

  3. The second battle is, of course, extremely exciting! My thanks to the WG staffs for delivering us these excellent demonstrations of deliberate, daring plays.

    Yet, I’m still very critical about the choice of putting the first battle into the Sea smackdown and allow the player to enter the hall of fame. A healthy destroyer role in this game should be scouting for our team, combat enemy destroyers and launch torpedo attacks, our “hero” did none of the above, ignored the friendly team (with admittedly quite obvious results) and snatched the base only through luck and ignorance (if only the CV stacked the torpedo attack, enemy has a fast destroyer left, etc)

    This is not a good demonstration of good performance from the developers, I can already see more and more destroyers captains encouraged by this video, abandoning their team,  and mostly fail miserably trying to capture the enemy base while his/her own team suffers for their “daring” tactics.

  4. That’s what I call “deserting your team mates who are fighting and dying for you, and winning by sheer luck, without any skill involved.”

  5. The second battle was good. The first? Not at all. All you did with it was encourage poor play by more dd players. Do you even care about how people play this game? Encouraging someone to not help the team at all to get the 1 in 100000 cheap victory is not how you encourage good play or teamwork.

  6. I did something like the first video once, you won’t get a chance as good as that in even 1000 games playing. As long as it wins for the team, why not?

  7. Qui est impatient de l’arrivé des cuirassés français ?

  8. Already saw the Montana replay on Panzerknacker channel…? Please WG…show fresh replay

  9. how do you send a replay

  10. Why oh why you want to reward awful DD play and make an video out of it? Now new player sees this and thinks this is how he should play destroyer, like we don’t have enough bad DDs in game already losing battles for team by flanking…

  11. I can agree with what people are saying about the first battle. That’s the sort of thing IJN, if any, DDs should do.
    Also that’s probably a very good CV player.
    And finally, a Zao Isoroku has been spotted.

  12. Farragut merely capitalized on luck that no ships went south enough to spot. Had a fast ship returned to the base, or the carrier successfully hit the target, or even someone blindfiring into the smoke would’ve ended his strategy.

  13. omg that faragut, the worst dd player.

  14. At least the Montana somehow knew how to do her job but also had some luck…

  15. Appereantly my 5 devestating strikes weren’t good enough for a solo warrior cap by some random pascifist

  16. lucky noob… caping versus 8 even more noobs than him… does this kind of faulty game play deserve prize?… I doubt it…

  17. Encouraging bad play, well done WG!

  18. And you reward that pitiful Farragut game with Doubloons, encouraging other players to do the same thing!?

  19. Thats why I say sea server is hard to play

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