World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #23

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  1. World fo tnak ?

  2. Mk1 tnak

  3. ปุณณภพ หงษ์เวียงจันทร์
  4. Jayda’s Big battle

  5. OMG!!! 3 replay for montana in sea smackdown

  6. Best replay I have seen :).

  7. Nishitha Sapukotanage


  8. We need a way to save replays in steam

  9. still feels bad having sent 4 replays into the contest and still nothing just a quick question do you guys at WG find the name H3ntai offensive? maybe that is why i dont know

  10. was für eine frechheit und müll dieses replay da war einige bei weitem besser meins eingeschlossen

  11. “Developers don’t even play their own game!!!”


  12. *sigh* I was hoping for my GK match to be featured it was my best match in the entire game and the only time I ever did so much damage
    But maybe next time 🙂

  13. Stefano Migliavacca

    Such a patethic and potato replay that do not even deserve to be seen !!!!!! I wonder why our 12 kills video wasn’t even worth to be on this contest, especially considering we all alone won the match with 85 ho and 1200hp left !!! Furthermore the contest’s time has been prolonged ’cause no video was worthy…
    You’re just clowns

  14. I was watching this with subtitles and when the narrator said 500 dubloons to each the subtitle read 500 dollars each im like WAIT WAIT HOLD ON…oh

  15. GG for the developer

  16. says missouri instead of montana

  17. Y los subtitulos en español donde estan????

  18. No subtitles?

  19. gz! great replay! love it!

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