World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #24

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In this episode of Sea Smackdown, we are taking a look at Tier X US heavy cruiser Des Moines. Capable of firing 90 shots every 60 seconds, Des Moines is able to keep its cool, and takes apart the other team ship-by-ship in this heated battle.

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  1. Dont think i have cringed this hard in a while. Cheers.

  2. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Finally I have been waiting for des moines smackdown

  3. Would you accept World of Warships Blitz replays?

    • 1jio_2 not yet I don’t think they will put them for a while if they do Ima try and get carrier videos and send them to you but they will be on my channel first before I send them it

  4. So awesome to combine it with a Hystorical Battle. I loved it ?

  5. Wow great Video very refreshing after 23 episodes of the same way ,love that you combined historical footage

  6. NICE combination of real film and replay – well done ^^

  7. Best Smackdown and commentary I’ve ever seen,since today! Great job! Cheers!

  8. those gun firing sync with the historical ones were great,,,,,,

  9. Great video! Combining historical videos with in game and great narration by narrator make this video superb. I simply love it!

  10. Very nicely put together guys. Love the snippets of old footage and the commentary was spot on. Hope to see more like this one 🙂

  11. Confused Blue Dragon

    If WG ever did a sound update, those haunting pings at 6:10 would be so good in sending chills down people’s backs whenever torpedoes get close…

  12. So are you not interested in lower tier replays at all ?
    I’m pretty sure you received a ton of interesting replays with lower tier ships, but you seem to only showcase high tier replays…
    There does are a few tier 5 to 7 replays, but most of the time they showcase new ships or OP ships…
    It would be nice to have a compilation of low tier replays once in a while 🙂
    ( Actually I sent you a top 3 EU damage replay with the Yûbari… yes this very hated ship. It was a very interesting battle and well I did 173k damage so I thought it was worth being showcased but maybe I was wrong )

  13. good job for this video !! thanks !!

  14. The best of all. Please make things like this more often. Grat video.

  15. Muy bueno!!

  16. well done captain

  17. Bjørn Thorvaldsen

    Really enjoyed this tbh xD, good job

  18. And I think that by comparing the game to real battles you expose just how far from the real thing is the game, starting from the fact that there are no waves, even a car on a highway will encounter more bumps that those “ships” then the map is full of islands, there are no water sparkles…

  19. Awesome to combine Original footage with the Replay,Big thumps Up guys

  20. haha you are almost in the story with those historical footage and than the fire ´ and our repair party put out the fire´ lol!

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