[World of Warships] Sea Smackdown 26: Richelieu

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At this episodes we are broadcasting live from the Trap Arena where two implacable opponents — Green United and Red Team—are facing off. By the way, one of the main events of today’s match is the debut of a French newcomer — Richelieu!

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  1. superbe vidéo

  2. i think this is from panzerknacker
    which is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y1Xqz3L0H0&t=2s

  3. Shahnewaz Siddique

    Lol,very wierdl glictch going on,in the like screen its says -2 good likes

  4. I love the arena atmosphere, so perfect for this battle 😀

  5. Why is the Red Team always retarded in this smackdown Battles?

  6. nothing special,,,,

  7. World of Warships Official Channel

    Let’s not waste any time and watch our broadcast from the Trap Arena!
    If you have an idea for Sea Smackdown, share it with us please 😉

    • Here is a novel idea, how about going back to the way you did it when you started this segment? It was great when you started, now it is just a joke!

    • Good idea and nice execution but it simply doesn’t have a soul. it feels dead on the inside.
      Biggest letdown is when you say that the “green-united” has a plan and is trying to do something, then you mention random battles. Those two simply cannot go together.

      Another thing is that you are making these video to increase popularity of the game. Great, I am happy to see that. But then at least use realistic setting of the game, not extreme case of a situation or characteristics player has very little control over.
      what i want to say with this is that you shouldn’t use these replays where a player has this “God-tier” RNG and everything is going just as planned.
      For example that citadel on the semi-bow in Yamato + few more pens for 21 k damage. he didn’t even plan to do that.
      Realistic outcome would be max 3 over-penetrations and maybe a pen for 7-8k damagr
      Drive-by was well executed but that “laughable letdown” by Yamato which did just 3.5k was SAD. that salvo should’ve been at least 15-20 k with mostly pens and an over-penetration or two.

      Maybe if you were to use matches where palyers are actually trying to win and not just get achievements done like Ranked, Competitive then that would be much better. yes there is less players, but much more action.

    • World of Warships Official Channel If only I get that lucky in my battles 🙁

    • I would like to see wg make are secondary or aa guns be able to shoot at torps like warships did in real life

    • World of Warships Official Channel how?

  8. Accurate fire? You mean RNG

  9. The end shows the memes of the BBAP

  10. This matchmaking reminds me of the old WOT matchmaking… and sometimes the new one, too.

  11. Needs more vuvuzelas.

  12. Just like the game they get it right in the beginning and then with every new update they are not satisfied and keep changing things until it gets to the point like with Sea Smackdown it is just crap! Used to love watching this segment, adding it to my growing dont bother list for WoW!

  13. how did the frenchy get a cit on yamato when shes angled i fire all day with bismarck at cits and never get them on yamaoto

  14. Its a trap! 😀

  15. john kenneth Centina

    How about the battleship iowa please.?

  16. the fuhrer epicness

    Eeeeeeeh my favourite french battleship

  17. Bravo, Richelieu

  18. Your Boi Dilpickle


  19. That Yamato player need to be sent back to wikipedia to learn more history about French and Italian main guns

  20. erik theflyingdutchman

    RBYC ur had

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