World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #7

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This time on “Sea ”, Chanderlin shows us how to tear through the enemy.

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  1. First comment XD

  2. Wargayming

  3. wgen your tem i s a bunch of wankpheasants and you are the one doing everything

    who didn’t know hiw that feels

  4. this is very good

  5. RUSH B, CYKA!!!!!

  6. Sebastian Kopiec

    Whatever 🙁

  7. that shows how OP this kamikaze R are is

  8. Mistake in the description of the video: The player isn’t “Chanderlain”

  9. Przemysław Nadolski

    And you never adapt skill in MM …. until then we will see battles like this.

  10. odio cuando todo el equipo esta lleno de gilipollas, matas a a todos como auténtico dios y aun así por muy poco pierdes :'(

  11. le_zitron_foufou


  12. POTG wargaming ver.

  13. When your kills almost reach double digits, you know that your team’s combined age is about 160.

  14. The Octopus cut-ins are really annoying when they appear every minute in a video 1:15 2:10

  15. This is too cheesy.. Needs a dash of dank kancolle memes

  16. My highest score with Kamika R is 186k damage 8 kills, wish I had the replay for that one. Kamika is a monster when playing against noobs

  17. what a noob team 😀

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