World of Warships – Sea Smackdown #8

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  1. So There We were....


  2. I would say notification squad, but that would be far too predictable.

  3. Lucky Gaming Channel

    That was beautiful!

  4. kebab removal unit

    22 fucking k exp…holy jesus

  5. how he pronounced tre name you would write it like this on German: Großser Kierrfierßt

  6. Hey Wargaming i have deleted all my videos with negative comments about your game and company, can i have my voice back now please.

  7. That move on the Yamato was just beautiful!

  8. Level up with Doruta DIY

    I have a awesome replay with FUSO, and i want to send it to WG. What is the email adress?

  9. soviet Fluttershy

    world of warhsips for ps4 :v

  10. Wow !!! =3

  11. Kenneth Skogstad

    Pause at 4:12 Them ribbons 😛

  12. Kenneth Skogstad

    Kurfurst with spotter plane and not even AR, wtf

  13. lol potato horde…they should have just flanked him from several directions at a distance…
    that moskva was an ultra noob


  15. Great move on the Yamato mate well played.

  16. Hey, why is it when i play a tier 5 light tank i fight agiants tier 8 heavys?. Reavy unbalangced gameplay!

  17. que hago para que el juego comprenda mi contraseña

  18. Sander Eduard van Houdt

    this is 7 not 8

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