World Of Warships Seal Clubbing!- TORPEDUS & TEAMWORK – Umikaze

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World Of Warships Seal Clubbing!- TORPEDUS & TEAMWORK – Umikaze

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  1. Miss the other intro. You guys are too funny!!!

  2. They did there normal account good

  3. Slicks so fail with that TK at the end.

  4. Fuckin Slick, you’re fired…

  5. Baron: They are blind firing, oh so cute…. owch… blind hit…

  6. Nice shot Slick!

  7. Baby don’t hurt me kitakame~kwazazzy

  8. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    Just another reason to add the umikaze to my “keep Permantly” list, where
    it will take pride of place next to my St. Louis

  9. Chester the mollester was hurting her, and she was like *burrghp* -Phly

  10. dat ending had me dying

  11. where the hood at doe
    not over here

  12. Slick is out of the Powerhouse me thinks..

  13. I need to know what that intro music is, I NEED TO KNOW

  14. You guys are having way too much fun. Stop it and get serious. :-p

  15. coughasaurus rexxs wuddup

  16. hey phly , whats the number of ur ship? DD 420 lol

  17. I literally laughed so hard I started coughing and fell out of my chair xD

  18. old intro back i love that music

  19. I like my holy salty

  20. Fly common you know when torping fire 1 behind crosshair and 1 on
    crosshair, firing in front is pointless because 99% of the time people are
    at max speed

  21. The Umikaze is suuuuch a fun ship! More UMIKAZE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. love the intro music dude great vid as always

  23. Wilford Brimley will be proud at the Torpnado that occurred during this
    match. Except for slick, Wilford dun like the friendly Torpedus.

  24. Torpedoes.I love it.

  25. This gets a favorite because of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and
    Slickbae doing it again.


  27. “Baron I did it again” Busted a gut laughing!

  28. 999 views in 1 hour NICE FUCKIN JOB PHLY! (Love u (No Homo Tho))

  29. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    thank you all 3 of you, for the entertainment you guys, good stuff once
    again. Laughed all the way through this!

  30. st louis needs more gun

  31. Baron say that they are smoking, Phly replies that he is joking.. but
    not… 01:13 and we hear Slick hiting a bong in one of the last
    videos…well well well boys, you are a pot heads 😀 which is cool, just
    saying…we love you 😀 :D

  32. He wasn’t speaking french…. “Que?” Means “what?” Which I’m sure phly
    knows but slick… Also calling him ugly, thats low, JK

  33. plz tell baron to play the M8A1 the rarist tank iv seen

  34. Lols Slickbee!!

  35. Gotta watch out for Slick…he is a bit of a madman when it comes to his
    torpedus. ;-)

  36. U teh real MVP PHLY

  37. #Deadpool, and are you gonna see the new Matt Damon movie the Martian Phly?

  38. flak truck and B29 bomber

  39. I love the intro song please keep it

  40. This video must have been recorded a while ago. The Destroyer’s don’t have
    the Engine Boost consumable.

  41. Great Videos Man

  42. You guys just grinding low tiers on you normal accounts?

  43. Man your vids are great

  44. love you vids phly

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