World of Warships – Seal party

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I got invited to a party, so I came dressed a seal…kind of…
Also ppl really have to stop sending bad msgs to other ppl just because someone did something stupid/funny/joke/whatever in someones video. This is suppose to be entertainment ffs.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. You have no need to worry so much Flambass me boyo! There’s much more out there that can be worse than the stuff people say on the game! Remember! “It’s only a game! Why do you heff to be mad?” Have a laugh man! Feel free to shout that out next video! THEN see who reacts! Lol!

    • It’s not about me, it’s ppl get bad msgs after vids come out, it’s so lame

    • Flambass trust me I know how you feel man! The stupid things that are said both in and post game are just downright atrocious! I may not have the fame like you, but I do know one thing! And that is you can’t let such rude things stick under your skin! That’s the easiest way to make more enemies than friends! And for those who do do such awful crap, they oughta learn to control their attitude! Oy! That better now?

    • +Tank Commander as an always way to logically (and slightly unsocial) thinking dutch person, I agree!

  2. 2:42 RIP that poor Königsberg

  3. I wouldn’t even apologise. Unless the guy was joking, and we didn’t get the joke maybe? ?. Anyway. You dirty seal clubbed. ?

  4. A Hat Tip to Bezem in the Shenyang and his brilliant troll manuever at the end. Clearly shows the pulse monitor has a bit of a delay.

  5. you dirty filthy Clubson clubber … well I suppose them seals ain’t gonna club them selves lol so how many showers were needed after that battle Flambass ???? Flambahugs

  6. Jingles completely mistook the comments in chat, and the responses in Jingles comments were mostly pointing that out. I thought it was an honest mistake on his part but an apology on his next WoW’s video would be appropriate in this case.

    • +Neogenex Again your mistaken, and again you are making assumptions.

      “An apology? Really. Grow some thicker skin.” is not an opinion it is questioning my opinion and trying to be insulting to me because I had the nerve to have an opinion on your internet. Supporting this is the fact that you didn’t start your own thread you pointed your comment @ me.
      As far as age goes, no one older than a GenXer would try to pose as a Gen Xer. So, I at least know your approximate age. What exactly do you know about me, Huh.

      I have explained my position and as far as I can tell your opinion is “who really cares?”. First to answer that question, you know, the guy who was slandered. Second, “who really cares?” is one of the major flaws with GenXers. Lastly, You have spent 8 hours arguing that “who really cares?” is a valid argument so another answer is YOU.

      I say this with all the love I can muster, just like when your best friend turns to you and says ‘Dude, get a grip.’ and you know, no mater how right you think are, that your friend is probably right, too.

    • +Don L – I’m 52, meaning that technically I’m on the leading edge of Gen X – blah. I always thought I was the end of the Baby Boomers gen. If I’d just been born 1 year earlier.

    • ​+Smackedown You got me by a couple of years, but we are both part of the lost generation. I remember when they suddenly threw up their hands decided to lump us into the Gen x group. Thanks for adding to the conversation we needed a change of direction.

    • +Don L – I felt it had gone so far sideways that you both needed a gentle push! It’s sometimes good to just breathe and feel okay to let someone else have the last word, even if it’s the “wrong” words.

    • +Smackedown I’m not sure how sideways it went but its hard to debate someone without an opinion but still insists your wrong. He was right about one thing I did need to tell Jingles himself that he was wrong on this one.

  7. Ur video is so long that i got hungry while watching it so i paused it then went to my kitchen to make a sandwich but i run out of jam so i went to a shop to buy some, there i saw a beautiful lady she was so pretty i swore to myself that i will work hard and get a good job for her then after 3 year i married to her ,she told me there is something in my drawer it was my phone with ur video still left 6 min

  8. Knock Knock — whose there ?
    Jingles —
    Jingle Who ?
    Jingle Bells you seal clubbing potato farmer.

  9. Not your fault Flambass, Jingles needs to apologise to the guy and set all his Subs straight on the matter. Apart from that keep making great vids mate. 🙂

  10. “I have more 19pt captains than I know what to do with…”
    *Almost to my first 19pt captain :/

    • Right there with ya, half a lvl to go for my 19th point on my first one ^^

    • Getting that 19 point is super rewarding! And after that it will be even a little easier you will earn Elite Commander XP by playing with your 19 point commander.
      Goodluck and have fun!

    • I only have one 15 point captain, a couple of 14 point captains, and the rest are 13 below ._.

    • I’ve been playing the game for one and half years and have grinded many ship lines. Not a single 19 point captain yet. I just got an 18 point one on a Kurfurst though

    • +Max Saviano About 3 years now for me…1 18-point, 1 17-point, 1 16-point are my highest, for my DD, CA, and BB line…I think I’ve got a couple that are 12-14 as well. I’d love to have Flambass’ problem of”…too many 19ers…”

  11. If this is about the _Richelieu_ player that was behind you all the time in the “YOU explain THIS” replay – that’s at least partially on him (and mainly on Jingles…) He surely didn’t mean to say what Jingles took him to mean, which is ripping on _you_ for not taking A at the same time as taking C. He possibly didn’t even mean to rip _anyone_ in his team at all but just wanted the team to start pushing A.

    But his English is just not very good. It is not his native language obviously, and few second language speakers are as good as you or Flamu or me.

    Now Kudos to him for 1) trying to communicate _at all,_ which doesn’t happen enough in this game; and 2) Kudos for at least trying to do it in English, and making this effort so as many players as possible have a chance to understand him. That is also going beyond what certain other players do. I can’t begin to tell you how much it gets in my grille when my fellow Germans can’t be arsed to chat in English, even just knowing how the vast majority of them has been subjected to hundreds and thousands of mandatory English lessons, in quality schools that are still the envy of people from many other countries.

    But if you don’t speak the language well, then you either need to stick to basic stuff like “Let’s push A!” Or if you don’t, and start expressing some feelings or judgement or whatever, then you just risk being misunderstood and taken for an asshole. That’s the way it is. No risk no fun.

    Jingles not getting that and ripping him in _his_ turn then of course makes it worse, I mean the guy has a billion subscribers and you’re bound to get a few bigots if so many people watch it.

    • +TheMakushimirian He knew when he posted he was roasting a guy in front of 600k followers. It was obvious what would happen, given the internet. Stop pretending he didn’t know. A blind man on a galloping horse could have seen what was going to happen.

      When you have a big following on the internet – especially in gaming which loves toxicity – it is totally lame to throw some guy under the bus and then say “nothing to do with me.”

      And he cannot reign in his followers? He sure could stir them up well. Pretty sure some right words could calm them as well.

      And now, for several days, he has known that he misspoke. But he has done nothing whatsoever. Not even a pinned one liner on the video saying there may have been a mistake. Nada.

      When you say something incorrect and as a result of what you said someone else gets hurt (even if you didn’t intend it), then it is really on you to apologise and/or at least try to fix it. At least try. That’s basic good manners and decent behaviour.

      But I realise you will defend Jingles whatever he does. Enjoy your uncritical fandom. Whatever happens, you’ll always find excuses.

    • +James Henderson here we go pulling the “blind fandom” card. Thing is you seem to think the whole world is nice and rainbows, which it isnt, the guy in the vid seemed to be a douche against flambass and jingels acted responded accordingly, people took it to themselves to then go assault the guy. This doesnt mean jingles didnt know it could happen, but i doubt he really thought it would.

      And if you really think people are as easy to settle down as they are to stir, i doubt you really interract much online. People will so much easier use anything to start provoking people, than stop said provocation. That is just a simple fact people have to realize. Not like jingles said “hey guys i did this vid so go out there and bash him”. He didnt stir anyone up, people took it to themselves. The fact that you seem to think that every action a fanbase takes is the responsibility of the one they are a fan off is actually quite terrifying. As youve said he has like 600k followers. you really think people will just accept his command to not do it.

      Again i said that he could do an apology in his next vid. just that people like you seem to think they have the right to demand things from others as soon as it doesnt cater to you. he is in no obligation to do an apology vid and if you choose to dislike him from that, well i doubt hell loose anything. He is under no obligation to apologize for anything.

    • +TheMakushimirian Yes. I think that when you harm someone, even inadvertently, you ought to at least try and fix it somehow.

      Note: try. You may not succeed, but you definitely can try.

      You seem to think that hey, the world is horrible , people are nasty, so why even try to do the right thing. You hurt someone, maybe try to fix it, unless you can’t be bothered, in which case, doesn’t matter.

      Try learning about taking responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. It’s called being an adult.

    • +TheMakushimirian And re “the guy in the vid seemed to be a douche towards Flambass” bit, well I was watching Flambass’ Twitch stream as it happened, and neither Flambass nor the people watching thought the guy was being a douche. Everyone was concentrating on the other players being potatoes, and having a laugh. You can go watch the orginal version on Flambass’ channel. And he says the same at the start of this video.

      The whole “Richelieu is a douche and reported Flambass” is a commentary Jingles came up with on his own.

      And for the record, I’m not a Jingles hater, I’ve been subscribed to him for ages. But I do feel disappointed in how he handled the aftermath of his video.

    • What the guy said was that Flambass made him look bad. There were about two ships on that flank, and with even a decent team on the other side Flambass would have been killed for doing that stupid yolo run.

      I have seen the video both as posted on Flambass channel and on Jingles.

      Jingles has a saying “if it look stupid, but it works… it ain’t stupid”. Sorry, but it is still stupid. Maybe fun to watch if it works, and to grab an audience, you will do stupid stuff ten times, and publish the one video where it worked.

      For an extremely competent player like Flambass I suppose it works more than once in ten games, and also that he can retreat most of the other times and do something useful instead.

  12. What’s the answer to … life, the universe and everything…… 42

  13. Ovechkin. I find that collab disturbing and offensive. lol.

  14. 10:00 Hans peed a little….

  15. The “voice” was Alexander the Hockey Player….

  16. for science LMAO !!!!

  17. I’ve been following Jingles since well before he became a bit of an internet meme for being so utterly shite at facts and understanding. He makes more mistakes than anyone, ever.

    Over the years though I’ve been forced to accept that while he is entertaining. He’s also a huge knob on the Internet.

  18. I think the occasional seal clubbing is a good thing. The only way to improve is to battle people better than you. That doesn’t mean the lower tiers should be flooded with seal clubbers, that would probably just discourage many new players. I’m not high enough tier to seal club myself, but have run into them occasionally and its pushed me to improve my game.

  19. So what’s the science here, trying see how many strikes with the club it takes to kill a baby seal? I’m not complaining because I do find it entertaining! Even if you’re an average player like me, you’re going to have those games where you beat the living he’ll out of a handful of poor smucks! Been on the receiving end too!

  20. 121k in a T4. 10 torps. 11 citadels. A solo cap. 5 kills. = Insanity. HOWEVER: Play the Kaiser. You will do even better.

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