World of Warships – Season 10 Rank 1 Retrospective

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Discussing my season 10 rank experience with notes on different brackets and how they played out. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Jean Bart Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. Painless lol. SEA Ranked was full of bots this season

  2. Tier 8 was ok. Got into tier 10 and it was horrible. Not blaming anyone I guess I just need to up my game and Git Good.

  3. I have four T10 ships. I have a TON of T8 ships.

    You know what would be hilarious? T5/T6 for ranked.

  4. Great video man. Love your content even though I’ve never played WOW.

  5. For my experience in this ranked season (I’m rank 3 right now…):
    Worcester was MVP by a large margin…that ship was sooo powerful this season and even in open water not easy to citadel (as you would assume mostly playing a BB…).
    2nd place was only for the lucky ones, I mean the super clan players, the BB hiding in a Cruiser: Stalingrad.
    For me personally, I feel like the radar/light cruiser dominance this season was a bit too much….also felt sorry for all the DD players which had a very difficult job this season.
    IMHO: The Worcester should get a slight damage nerf…based on the experience this season.
    Just worried about the next clan season….since it’s going to be very similar or even the same as ranked.

  6. I quit ranked this season. Played around 100 battles it was a pretty painful 100 games never got past rank 12. Think save a star needs tweaked for t10. Progressed more last season but guess I guess I just wasnt feeling it this season. Lots of HE farmers that skirt around the edge of the map trying to save a star. Lots of lack of teamwork and communication as well this season. Just my experience with ranked this season. Your experience with 10-6 was my 15-10 lots of DDs who just rush radar ships.

  7. COMPLETELY agree notser re ranked tiers. The save a star needs removing too. All or nothing.

  8. Well, don’t know how to tell you without sounding like a weirdo but i rly like your vids and streams. And i also like to watch flamu and fara. So keep up the good work

  9. First. Ichase put out a vid last night and said you were still getting garbage about the HE vid from almost 2 years ago. That sucks dude so sorry to hear that!
    Everyone has been hating on CV for so long they forgot about power creep. If the light crusier are that donmant WG needs to rebalance the entire game. Light crusiers should never dominate heavys. In many way Worchster is more powerful than Des and should not be.
    The new ijn d t8 9 and 10 are out of control and have to be diled back alot. Like make max pen with ifhe under 25 mm. After all itnis a 100 mm gun. Reduce the reload to 5 sec at least.

    • +T. D. No what?

    • Wait a second… “make max pen with ifhe under 25mm”? So basically penning nothing but light superstructure? The original problem with those DDs was that they did too little damage, even against enemy DDs, unless they had the broadside with AP. I agree that the current mechanics are too much, but what you are suggesting is way too much.

    • +Stefan Voß its a 10pmm gun! Say it with me 100mm gun! There is no reason NO reason it should pen more than a 6 or 8 inch shell. NONE!!!!!!
      Cleveland has to have ifhe to work but not these new things. They have 3 sec reload and can pen everything with a 100mm gun.
      Why have guncalabers where everything pens the same???? Please anwser that question
      If a 100mm gun pens the same as 8 inch shell whybhave different size guns???????????

  10. “Relatively Painless” Joke Quote of 2018

  11. 7v7 same tier battles are fun. Dealing with Save a Star damage farmers, AFKs, Team Killers and the garden verity potatoes isn’t fun. Rank Will Never be really fun until WG does away with the stupid star progression system.

  12. I have a tier 10 ship or two, but I don’t ever play it because it’s so darn cost prohibitive to play. I’m not yet up to the level to where I can make 500k credits consistently in a battle so it constantly drains my credit reserves. And seeing how I’m constantly unlocking new tech trees and upgrading ships I dont forsee my credit reserves getting built up anytime soon. But if they make them more cost efficient then it would be great. Until then they just take up port slots.

    • The solution is to balance that tier 10 game with game in premium like Indianapolis or Aigle (i won them via Marathons). Both are good credit earners even if you have bad game. Just stick some credit flags on top of them and you will be good. i missed out on Missouri 🙁

    • +A G with the new credits flags farm with these ships (indi atlanta(missions/marathons)) is insane im farming coal for musashi shes 80% missouri efficient but still would make like 2 mil in best games with economic set up.

    • How is the Musashi Gun accuracy ? i am struggling big time with Republique accuracy at long ranges (anything more than 17 km and i tend to miss more than i hit). i guess i need more shells to shoot for some to stick. Montana would be nice but i am stuck at Colorado 🙁

    • +A G oh republique’s accuracy wasnt really good 300m dispersion i cant turn it into sigma but compare it with Yamato and its bad but its compensated with fire rate Musashi’s accuracy is lower than Yamato’s. Yamato has 2.1 sigma Musashi has 1.8 or 1.9. But for that Musashi has 100 more hp than Yamato some how mabe its the 50mm funel.

  13. I basically swept through Tier 8 in the Massachusetts, was fun because it was laid back, people were aggressive enough, and nobody was bitching if someone screwed up they just tried to work together. I didn’t play ranked last year because I was too busy with work. Got back up to rank 10 this year before I just couldn’t take the arguing, whining, and save a star hide on the back edge of the map anymore…

    I think thee worst of it was the temper tantrum players, “I’m better than you all, do what I say/want or I will refuse to play.” Before sailing to the farthest map corner from an objective and not firing their guns until the final minutes of the match.

    It was like being back when my nephew was 7’ish and found out Uncle Lemon is old, has a job, and can afford the BIG FULLY AUTOMATIC NERF GUN WITH THE EXTRA DRUM MAGAZINES… Go cry to mommy… DO IT… I bought her one too!!!!!!!!! o.0

    I AINT GOT TIME TO BLEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t own any Tier 10 ships and I’ve been playing since closed Beta. Honestly it’s no fun in higher tiers. With Radar and all the “Tools” available it takes a lot of the skill out of it I think. Tier 5 through tier 8 feels like the sweet spot and is much more enjoyable.

    • Shooting accurately is a skill. The tools don’t help in aiming correctly. When you only have 1 tier 10 ship (as i have) which has only 2 turrets then you need to be really accurate and that requires skill – and hours and hours of playing the game.

    • I enjoy having the extra “tools” as you call them. Gives the game more depth and makes it more challenging.

  15. Some of us have no interest in T10 because every replay is ships being 1-shot over and over, nor do we have interest in grinding through T8 and going against T10’s to do it. I’m happy with Tier 7 being my cap forever at this point, but it would be nice to get to play some ranked for some rewards.

  16. Tier 7 and 8 are problably the best about fun and nice ships, but 5 and 6 aswell are very nice. I’m pissed about tier 10 too, but sadly it’s the only and best tier for WG to just do way much more real money over it… so they won’t give up on this, it’s pretty obvious… and sad -_-

  17. This is my first ranked season. I only have 1 Tier ten, the Khabarovsk. I went through T8 with Kiev pretty easily, i am currently at Rank 9 and slowly moving up. Hard to rank up with the save a star meta though, seeing a Conqueror chilling at the mapboarder makes me sad..
    If your team only has half of a plan and just focuses their fire you already are already so much more likely to win is what i noticed aswell and i had some pretty close and intense games!

  18. Ranking out in the Yamato was still pretty easy to do, and a lot of people were still playing it. Heck, after I obtained rank 3 with 1 star, I managed to win 9 in a row and rank out.

  19. Congratulations on rank 1 Notser, and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge – it has definitely helped my game play.

    With the last few surveys from WG, I have implored them to change the ranked battles – folks are getting fatigued with T10 EVERYTHING … and I also made a couple of suggestions to help boost the player base.
    1st – Next ranked – go 7-8-9 and this will help captains ‘grind’ a higher tiered ship which will get them into a 10 with every season they do this.
    It will promote players to take out some very enjoyable ships that rarely sail anymore because of the MM system. Why play an 8, when 90% of the time you are going to face a 10 match …
    Lastly – i suggested they lower the cost of their premium accounts – the current cost of 2 AAA title games every year is prohibitively expensive – More folks get premium = more players in more ships – more potential permanent camo sales – more 10’s – just better all around, and ultimately better financially for WG in the long run. Once players invest in a game – they are far more likely to continue investing in that game.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on the current meta, Keep up the good work, and

    Good hunting !


  20. I wish ranked battles would be at tier 5… To get rid of those fricken gaydar cruisers everywhere…

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