World of Warships Seattle and Cleveland Hints Tips and Thoughts

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Today we talk about both World Warships cruisers Seattle , grind that they represent to player. I’ll also give some hints and tips on how best to them. They aren’t for everyone, and they may be a roadblock on way to Worcester. It’s time to reevaluate if you really want, or even need Wooster, based on your play style.

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  1. North east? US?

  2. One would think that NoZoup atleast would know the difference between a light and heavy cruiser. It has nothing to do with armor, a light cruiser can have better armor then a heavy. It’s only the gun caliber that determines the designation.

    • Amnoxx indeed. A military man and one so interested in ships should know better. Cmon Zoup, there is enough miseducation out there. Do it right mate.

    • Yea he needs to learn how to shoot too, that would go a long way if you are going to do a review.

  3. I did not like clevland but now I do because of the turret move so much faster. Judgeing buy what everyone is saying free xp will be used. It will take me months to grind the Seattle I dont want to take that much of my live to do that! 35 per gold weekend is coming! I fought one Worchester in clan battles in my Des and she spanked me. I did not have a chance. I think des os best ship in game but worchester might be the new king
    I hope the Olympia finds its way into the game. I am hoping that every museum ship finds its way into the game.
    It makes the game and the ship so much better when you can go and see and touch the history behind it.

  4. Greetings from Poland!

  5. *Cleveland was a very strong ship at T6, Everyone feared her, even other Clevelands had to take precautions, but now she isn’t near as strong at her new Tier. Baltimore on the other hand is awesome at T8, (But could really use a Heal) and is way better than the Cleveland, and because of that, I honestly prefer the CAs over the CLs now.*

    *I think the Cleveland needs a Buff, ship wise, not consumable wise. She needs to be faster: at least 36 Knots, She needs to turn faster, Fell less Clumsy, Her HE needs a Very good Fire Chance of 20-25%. and Cleveland needs to Accelerate Faster and Stop faster to Dodge better.*

    *I Know im gonna get Comments from players who have never played the Cleveland before but have been kill by several, and are gonna be like “She doesn’t need a Buff, shes Already Overpowered!!” Really? Go play her for 100 Battles then come back and tell us she’s Overpowered. She Gets Damaged very easy, and Doesn’t have a Heal to Heal that back, Nor the Armor to bounce Battleship AP shells, hell she possibly couldn’t bounce 203s even if Bow on.*

    *Cleveland definitely isn’t near as strong as she was at T6, and she needs a Buff bad. The Clevelands back in WW2 were badass, they weren’t the BackBone of the Fleet like the Fletchers became, but she sure did put the Fear of God into anything that crossed her.*

    • Alfred Conqueror

      ARC 7157 she doesn’t have citadel, that’s balance

    • Alfred Conqueror
      Doesnt have a citidel? Yes she does have a citidel, all Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Cruisers have citidels. Destroyers don’t.

    • Agree, Cleve at 6 was good, but at 8 kinda sucks. And Baltimore at 9 sucked, but is awesome at 8. One of my new favorite ships actually. Though some kind of heal on either Cleve or Balti would be glorious.

    • ARC 7157 Cleveland is amazing at T8, you have so much more then you did at T6. Is it the old T6 Cleveland, no. Will we ever see her again at T6? No. But T8 Cleveland is so much better them T6 Cleveland. Radar, usable turret Traverse, Sonar and DF, high rate of fire. The ship is incredible

    • Can’t agree here. T6 was OP, I topped the boards almost every game I played (seriously, I have screenshots of how I trashed tier 8 games)

      Cleveland is perfect at tier 8, it has great DPM and a toolbox of consumables. It’s definitely worse on defense, but seriously it needed a draw back.

      It took me a few games to develop a new style (I play it similar to Baltimore), but I am very comfortable with. Depending on your criteria I’m an average level or good level, and I see myself with both good games and bad.

      Play it right, she rewards. Play wrong and you get a fast ticket to Davy Jones Locker.

      PS. I seldom island camp

  6. Hey Zoup, you not a CC anymore? Saw last night you were in the 90TH clan

  7. The Cleveland grind hack, also known as Cherry Blossom. I went from 10,000 XP to 110,000 XP over the weekend. I averaged about 6,500 XP per battle with signals and American camo. I could have ground her in a day if I wanted to but would have had to pay the 75,000 credits every time. Which is kind of hard on people since most of them have 1 maybe 2 of the 7 ships that can even do the mission.

  8. If you have never played the Atlanta or don’t like playing the Atlanta you won’t enjoy the USN Light Cruiser line. But the Cleveland is a strong ship that will reward players who know how to use it. The Seattle on the other hand is Meh and totally worth skipping.

  9. As much as playing safe is a way to counter Radar, I am starting to get tired of having games where I do just 30k – 50k damage, when I used to reliably get 70k – 120k damage on a Tier 10 DD (I were grinding towards DD Elite Commander Emblem, which I achieved about month if not two before the Radaropocalypse Patch 0.7.6 hit the game.) Zoup, mind making a video explaining how to play a DD and do a lot of damage, because I am clearly doing something wrong and I can’t figure what it is.

    • ArmchairWarrior

      youre not doing anything wrong in particular if you were having success before – it’s just the rock paper scissors meta of the game now, used to be able to pull some stops in a lot of ships, but now there are a lot of hard counters in the game, and probably more scary things on the way. power creep ends with nukes right

  10. Happily I ground out the Cleveland before the split.

  11. Woo-ster again!! NO! Stop it, dear Lord, stop it. It is pronounced Wuss-TAH.

  12. I live in NH… on 7/1/18 @ 4pm my personal weather station recorded outside temp of 104F, heat index of 123F…. cannot wait to see what today brings

  13. Joselito Sto Tomas

    If you like the Atlanta playstyle, you’ll do fine with the USN CL line. Me? I’m starting to prefer the Zao for being able to go long range sniper and dodge shells.

    It’s ironic that the introduction and proliferation of radar CA’s ending up nerfing a situation WG wanted to correct. The overpopulation of BB’s. They introduced the Asashio as a hard counter to BB’s. Yet introduce more radar ships and the Halsey campaign after that. Which had the net effect of driving dd’s from the game. WG even admitted the goofed up in this instance. They’re hoping things will return to “normal” in a month or two. Which begs the question: what if this is the new normal?

  14. Seems like Seattle is slower Cleveland with a few more hp. Same guns, same damage, reload rate…WTF. How is anyone supposed to do well in that playing against higher tier?

    • Hide behind an island and lob mortar rounds all day — it’s basically what WG is forcing both lines to do. I didn’t bother with Dallas or Helena since I kept my Cleveland and I see no reason to go down other than matchmaking. So far, loving both T8’s (Cleve and Balti) but yes, they melt fast so hide because they’re too slow to run. Always have an exit strategy with these boats.

  15. The Cleveland is fine just as she is. I have played it when it was at T6 and at T8 and I love it at T8. The Seattle on the other hand while it has great range sucks. It’s firing angles are really bad. Unfortunately I do not have enough free so to skip it and must grind it out.

  16. Should I grind a T5 and work through to the Cleveland?

    • Your call. Zoup pretty much runs down the pros and cons. I already had the Cleve before the split and I love it but have no desire to go back and grind up the T6 and T7 because they’re just downgraded versions of the Cleve.

    • azraelswrd I had her during the split.

  17. Colonel David Davenport

    Excellent video – “slinging HE” – and people complain about the Conqueror! Ridiculous!

    • ArmchairWarrior

      isnt it funny how GK has the same fire chance, same number of guns and doesnt get nearly as much flak from people because GK players stick with solely AP. Conqueror 457mm is a different beast, 60 something percent fire chance with 2.0 sigma is pretty crazy at 20km range over the 1.8 sigma of the 12×419 which is similar to the GK.. problem is people are ignorant and havent tried things for themselves and just latch onto generalized ideas about things

  18. War Chester

  19. Like the fact that you’re playin’ them all. I’m doing the same with 245 played ships (178 of them tree-ships) under my belt. For those free-XPing up to T10 I would like to ask: Do you skip to the end of a book or a film as well?

    I’m on the Dallas right now and luckily I had a half trained cap ready for her so I got both IFHE and CE and boy do you need it. I too hate the “Hide-behind-island-and-spam-HE” playstyle and I’m not looking forward to this grind. I also think that one of the problems right now is the oversaturation of the light USN cruisers. One or two of these ships in a team can work but three or four like it is now, no way. Together with the notorious campy BBs, forcing the light ships to go closer to the enemy without a “tanky” friend these ships are just sad.

    The only time I’ve been bullied by a Cleveland was when his BB-buddies pushed infront of him, giving him a shield from he could do his work.

  20. Michael Russell

    Wooster is hard to play, Cleveland was nerfed at T6, they should have added more to her @ T8 then they have

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