World of Warships – Seattle Impression

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Checking out the Seattle , game was pretty intense with a really solid showing for the ship. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Cruiser Seattle Replay – Discord Server


  1. michael amadori

    damn you

  2. Stop saying ‘coming up the rear’.. lol.. tsk tsk

  3. Hmm. All the KGV have to do is just retreat, and take a different close to cover and done, Notser can not do anything to him. But of course he got anger got a better of him and pay the price. 😉

    And aw, don’t be sad Notser, unless someone develope XVM mod for WoWS, there’s no way you can know if the enemy you are facing is good or not beside guessing through their behavior.

    • pdorn1 Nah. Don’t worry, XVM won’t come to WoWS for a foreseable future. IIRC someone proposed this way a long time ago, and the whole community shot it down fast.

      Tbh, sometimea I want to know who is the author of XVM mod so I can just punch h8m square in his face. ( Just my feeling though, never have any intention to actually do that)

    • yeah, XVM completely fucked the chat in WoT

    • Kuhluh Lol, not just the chat, the winning chance also affect team moral too. ( Imagine XVM tell you your team only have 1% of winning, yeah) 😉

    • Its already here in aslans modpack if memory serves. It sucks when enemy ships ignore absolutely every ship but yours and your furthest from the battle (moskva.)

    • @Mtume Umrani You are correct. It’s called MatchMakingMonitor – but it’s a separate program and it’s not quite as informative as XvM for WoT – at least as far as I know.

  4. poor michael

  5. Very exciting game play…hiding behind an island spamming HE…everything that`s wrong with this game.

    • Simon Jones Just wanna point out something. THere was nothing those BBs could realistically do against Notser at any given moment. Being spotted by the DD doesnt change anything since the bb guns couldnt fire over the mountain. In essence those BBs always knew or had the chance to know where he is. Seeing him and not seeing him didnt change that the only play they could do is run away and surrender the cap to Notsers team, or steam on, take the damage, hope one person in their team is going to pressure notser and pray to survive. The running away isnt exactly fun if you are forced to do it the entire game or die. Especially on this map it is almost impossible for the BB to get another angle to pressure Notser because of what he already said. The map is just too good for him.

    • If this was realistic, the USN would be dominating everyone into the ocean floor due to highly more advanced technology and a vastly larger Navy.

      All of the Iowa-Class Battleships were equipped with Radar, not just Missouri. They also had computer/radar assisted targeting, instead of the manual/optics that other Navy’s (prime example was the Yamato) used, which were practically useless in anything other than perfect weather condition (a rarity). The damn ships had an error margin of 1%… IN BAD WEATHER.

      I mean shit, look at the Kirishima and Atago vs. Washington and South Dakota. She was absolutely dominated. No competition. And that was a real battle.

      The USN navy was absolutely massive, so much so that we GAVE the United Kingdom 50 destroyers to use against the German U-Boats (if I recall, we gave them before we joined the war), in exchange for the United Kingdom leaving its colonies in the West Indies.

      FIFTY fucking destroyers. FIFTY.

      Fucking FIFTY.

      That’s an ass ton of destroyers.

    • Jadu Nandana Das

      lets make it more realistic!! alright, most ww2 era BBs had a range of almost 30kms or more…. and we actually devastatingly accurate with a skilled spotter that would stay up for MUCH longer than a minute or two…

    • @Elgar The german cruiser Königsberg was equipped with radar in 1935. It was so precise it could tell enemy ship location by 50 m on 8 km. Graf Spee had radar also. Later they felt back in technology though.(around 1942)

      But there are also ships which could have radar and doesnt have it. Eg. the Gearing. When War Gaming didn´t plan to give the Gearing radar why not implement Allen-M. Sumner class with a better maneuverability,better stealth, and smaller target in first place.. Oh forgot, they want the power creep.

    • Fifty destroyers of vintage WW1 design, a lot of them already layed up / mothballed / decommisioned for some time by then ^^
      Nevertheless those ships were badly needed by the RN, so it was a WIN-win (^^) for both the US and the British …

  6. Trying to recreate the british male? Shots fired Notser, Shots fired…..

  7. How can I hire an enemy Missouri that just sits there and lets you spam him, not to mention taking torps?

  8. lol Notser…. no coming up the rear! I about fell out of my chair when you said that lololol 😀

  9. Every light cruiser feel like a nerf to my money making Atlanta. Hmmmm so well might have to upgrade to the new Bosie.

  10. This is pretty much why a lot of BB players camp the back. The smaller faster ships get to the islands and fire over them with minimal danger of return fire. The only way for a BB to hit guys in that position is to either take a lot of fire coming around the island that they can’t return, or go to the back of the map where they are out of range of the island positions and have a chance for plunging fire. Players of any ship type like doing damage and dislike taking it in return and smart ones try to maximize the former while minimizing the latter. That is why Any BB players who actually do push should be supported as much as possible, they are taking damage they often can’t even return in order to work with the team.

    • CamTheMan 32020

      GritimoTheOdd yay more BB captains complaining.

    • I move up in my BBs. But if I have a DD or a cruiser forward and supporting, I can hammer the crap out of the HE spammer. The trick is getting someone with enough backbone to move up and support my attack from the flank.

  11. If the gadja had rushed at the same time as the pensecola can’t help thinking you’d have had problems:-)

  12. Felt so good to be Notser :-D. Btw there was some wild bromance between good ole Notser and Michael.

  13. CaptainProspect

    That is so American underestimating enemies since 1939….

  14. michael was totally stream sniping

  15. I really dislike the whole hiding behind the island meme. You criticize battleships that shoot from 20 km away, but is what you’re doing any better?

  16. And once again notser doesn’t disapoint us with running into an island.

  17. Ahahaha))) Now I understand why we don’t have global map ))) Is it really X level???? Deadly boring party… You need to join CIS server to taste what real WoWs is about )))

  18. Make Cruisers Great Again

  19. That was a super risky ultra selfish play to put the game on the line. You cab D by sailing through it north west and then just keep on going guaranteed win. But you risked a loss for 1 more kill.

  20. Nice vid but I find that “island humping” playstyle horrendous. Its like stronk bush kemping tanks!

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