World of Warships- Seattle Takes on Tier 10 (2.7 XP | 205k DMG)

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ElasticSpyder here with a video on the tier 9 American light out for a spin against some tier 10 ships. This ship isnt bad but it isnt the best either and I try to give some tips on the ship and how to play her.

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  1. Thank you for the info ,good stuff

  2. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Poor old Seattle, still got a spot to fill, Nice replay ElasticSpyder

  3. Just got the Seattle and have 3 games in her. This video was a big help so thanks 🙂 Was a little surprised though you didn’t bother to redirect your guns from the Moskava to the Zao much earlier as he was in a one-on-one with the Des Moines who ended up at the bottom of the drink. The Zao was a far greater threat to you, the Missouri and of course the Des Moines as he was flanking your rear and has those nasty torps and concealment!

  4. Great game,i really enjoy a good positioning CL gameplay ???

  5. Rahulaanchal Gupta

    Hey spidy, i play the cleaveland and always get an uphill battle.. in some maps there aren’t any good islands to hide and i try to kite but due to cleaveland’s weak stern armor i het citadeled like every other salvos even when wiggling my butt.. and due to the lack of dubloons and a captain without ifhe i have been having a hard time playing the ship. Can u pls help with some tips…

    • BIA World of Warships

      Thats one of the biggest issues; you need IFHE to make the guns so much more effective. Also, if you have any friends to division up with, that will make it a lot easier.

    • Rahulaanchal Gupta

      BIA World of Warships and that is what I hate about my life that none of my friends play these games so I have to play it by my own self.. and I cannot purchase a premium account as my dad won’t allow so I have to be dependent on my own skills.. and now I have been trying to kite a bit and it helps.. btw do u know of a bug with the cleaveland that when I was firing shells from behind an island, they were hitting the island and then going through it but not hitting the ship like those shells were just cosmetic…

  6. I like your style and the way you take position on the map. And as always I take your advice, which is very useful. Thank you !!

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