World of Warships- Secondaries Are Back Again!

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Hey guys, today we go over the recent DevBlog about the commander skill changes, enjoy!


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  1. They’re really not. At least not yet. You’re underestimating how difficult it is to keep a ship in secondary range for at least 45 seconds. Hopefully wg will cut down on the timers. That way, it could potentially be awesome.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      you need to be able to compete with sound tactics and angles in a 7 vs 7 ranked and clan battles

    • it will gradually increase, and not decrease if your batteries are firing in 15 sec again. so I think it will work quite well

    • Yes, this is what I’m concerned about, to be fair. As excited as I am about the changes, I DO believe the ramp up time is too long.

    • Do notice the increase is piecewise linear, the first 10s it increases a lot faster and you reach 35% in that time, the rest takes longer.

    • @RRedcraftRR Very true. Of course though, even a ramp-up time of 10s to the current ISBA level (-35% dispersion) is clearly worse than just automatic buff application, right? That said, after 10s, it’s all gravy! So that’s good.

  2. I almost saw that coming, when they announced the german BC were going to be close quarters/secondaries focused.

    • lol my thoughts exactly another way to make money before they nerf the secondaries after wg make their money on the new german BattleCrus

    • @Graham Maxwell Ah yes, the typical WeeGee hater again.

    • @Fnn Svnssn why? Look at Siegfried and Ägir. 2 cruisers which could be played with 2nd build. Now you cannot do that anymore.
      They sell you the solution to the problem they create.

      PS: look at the new Italian premium BBs which where ballanced around deadeye. No one plays them anymore because they are so bad at the moment.

    • Le Minh Quoc Vinh

      @Fnn Svnssn ah yes, typical weegee shill

    • @One punch Bud “The new italian premium BBs”? I guess you’re refering to the Polo and yes, had the likes of Flamu not done what they do best and cried about Deadeye until WeeGee had no choice but to remove it, we would still have the skill. The skill wasn’t the problem, the general meta of BBs being long range fire support is, Deadeye helped in that role. A lot of people got problem and symptom confused with Deadeye and BBs playing passive, Deadeyes implementation wasn’t the reason for BBs stopping to push, it was the other way around and btw if you need Deadeye to perform descend you’re definitely too far from the fight. And Ägir and Siegfried, yes it is sad that you cant play them secondary focused anymore, but I don’t see how WeeGee is making money of of that, I won’t pay for the BCs and nobody with half a functioning brain will. If some retards want to give WeeGee money for things they could have for free, let them. They are the ones paying the team at WeeGee, so that I can keep playing and buy the occasional premium. Without having to pay monthly like with WoW or 50$ for the game itself.

  3. Changed from relatable games to ships most of us will never have.. Nice to see citidel on carrier tho.

  4. FINALLY I can start playing again! When they killed secondaries it killed my favorite ships to play. This is the best news ever.

    • Brandon Sheffield

      I dont play BB’s so it’s horrible news to me. Please WG make DD’s great again. Get rid of all negative attributes to DD skills and it will be fine. Or you BB players better give up yelling at DD players doing there own thing to survive until end of match. With 2ndaries coming back I’ll never spot again and keep at max torp and gun firing distance with range skills.
      Or nerf all BB steering radios to over 1000 meters.

    • @Brandon Sheffield you literally just admitted to being a toxic and trash dd player man… doing nothing to survive and getting a L doesn’t make you good? I never had problems with dd’s being good before because there used to be a balance with secondaries making those few bb’s have a decent counter to dd’s. You just want to have no challenge except for cruisers? That’s a total beta mindset. I agree dd’s need to be buffed back up again with all the carrier play, but there’s 100% room for secondaries to be decent. You also have to remember, b4 the compete nerf, people would call you a shit BB player for even building into secondaries. Making secondaries quite literally useless was just stupid.

    • Brandon Sheffield

      @Tristan Platts I get you. I’m decent DD not super unicom but in the green. I remember being burned down in secs when a 2ndaries BB was beyond my torp range and edge of range. I usually like keeping stock gun range otherwise the guns are toooo floaty. I rather have faster turning and faster reload (5% reload sucks for DD’s 10% was good enough). So when I say at range that’s why I say it.
      I’LL take it all back if all BB’s have no less than 13km detection with enhancements and if 2ndary range was less than 9km.

    • Brandon Sheffield

      @Tristan Platts I have played BB’s I know how they work. I suck at them cause I like up in your face knife fighting toooo much which in an armored boat I feel very brave to do so.

    • @Brandon Sheffield see that’s why I hated the secondary changes. When secondaries could output dmg, it gave a reason to get up close and brawl. Instead they nerf secondaries and the proper BB play is to sit back for 2/3rds of the match taking pop shots. I think (at tier 8) there should be the few ships that have 11km secondary range but only if you build into it fully so you’re giving up other vital skills (fire prevention etc).

      I have no issue with the detection as you said for bbs. They are floating fortresses they should be able to spotted. I also have no problem with certain dds having what you were saying. I personally like variance in the game. Some ships excel at certain things, while others do the opposite. Just taking secondaries out of the game like they did made there be zero incentive to brawl and made all those secondary ships virtually useless. And like I said, hardly anyone even ran secondary builds so why nerf? They were already non Meta/ considered a bad idea to do. I can’t tell you how many times I had chat blowing me up that I’d be running it but I didn’t care because I had fun brawling.

  5. Perhaps they did this secondary buff because New german ww1 battlseships/battlecruisers?

  6. Secondary boost.. hmm.. might get me back to playing WoWs again…

  7. I just want german BB to be good again. i hope they lower the timer for the secondaries.

  8. How wrong am I doing things if I build secondaries currently anyway, on the germans anyway? They’re not effective, but the shower of shells is fun

  9. I’ve pretty much always set up most of my BB’s as secondary builds if they have decent secondary ranges from stock. I never used dead-eye from memory.

  10. Olaf Messchendorp

    Pommern! I love that ship and now it is so much fun to play 😀

  11. everyone is cheering, while they give us something back that we allready had and the new version is inferior. Also the Commander update, that increased to 21 point so we had to spent more time or money. also the add seems to mean just 10% not our 35% + 10% to start with.

    • I’m cheering because at least Wargaming decided to address secondaries in the first place, after breaking them. The way they were derping about “just use CQC” concerned me GREATLY. Thankfully, even THEY have realized just how much they over-nerfed secondaries.

    • @Henry Herold except not really, as they just took the 10% reload and removed it from fearless brawler… edit: The only thing that they really “added” (if you are actually going for a full on secondary build with fearless brawler) is the + ~10-15% dispersion on secondaries. Still something, but not nearly enough to make them as good as they where.

    • @Alex Tonev Fearless Brawler? Interesting skill you havevon your BB there. But I think you mean Close Quarters Combat, and that never gave secondary accuracy, it gives secondary reload and main battery reload if you have a ship in your secondary range.

    • ​@Fnn Svnssn Yea, I meant Close Quarters Combat xD, my bad. But yea close quarters combat gives +10% reload on both main guns and secondaries. This update will remove the +10% on secondaries from Close Quarters Combat, and basically add it to the “Improved secondary battery aiming” skill. So overall the only buff to full secondary ships, is the 15% dispersion over the 45 seconds.

    • @Alex Tonev No, the faq states after 10 seconds you get current dispersion (10+25 bonus = 35) then after 45s you get (10+50 bonus =60) thats a 25% improvement, a pretty big buff.

      Additionally on the topic of close quarters, you can now potentially choose to not pick it and save a bunch of skillpoints.

  12. BEN THE TIGER131

    WG: Dead Eye you are removed from WoWS forever.
    Dead Eye: oh okay… I be in WoT?
    WG: Nope.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      that is a toxic game just with chatting with your team. that’s y i loved it till you couldn’t talk to the reds and that is y i love wows so much cause you can!
      when they stopped the cross team chat i was done and i love wot and wows. was there in closed beta for wot warp and my favorite tank was the td Hummel

  13. Vítězslav Zpěvak

    Gneisenau will be Secondaries monster

  14. If it was the old secondary’s then I would start playing again. Tbh I like wt navel better rn.

  15. huh just realized there is at least one more hybrid coming one with HE bombs due to that skill in addition to Seasausage (kearsarge)

  16. Bring back the old system then add that skill on top of it. It was already a risk to run secondary build when they we’re ok.

    Skeptic at most.

  17. WG: “Let’s break some shit so we can fix it in a couple of updates and be HEROS!” If you cant dazzle them with brilliance lets baffle them with bullshit.

  18. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    To clarify some things and answer some questions:

    I missed the FAQ portion which adds some more detail

    1. The secondary accuracy is not as a gradual increase as the DevBlog states. The first 25% bonus will be accumulated in the first 10 seconds. The next 25% will be accumulated over the next 35 seconds.

    2. The accuracy bonus will not instantly disappear after the secondaries stop firing. It will gradually reduce after 15 seconds of not firing, and the bonus will be picked up from whatever value it is at if firing resumes.

    3. “This is gonna suck vs DDs”. Like I said, some situations this won’t be an issue, and after 10 seconds of firing you will be back at the current accuracy of secondaries. But you will be absolutely Death Staring DDs if they do stay within range for 45s. But some situations it will be an issue, ambush DDs, Paolo Emilio, etc, etc.

  19. Just to clarify this is a nerf to secondaries with the CHANCE over a very long time of getting SLIGHTLY better then they are now.

  20. WG: Yo LWM…Ha-ha
    Also WG: Look…SQUIRREL!!!

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