World of Warships – Secondary OHIO after IFHE change

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This is a secondary OHIO without IFHE, after the IFHE rework. The ship itself is good I would say it. This captain IS secondary built but here I’m testing it without IFHE even tho’ I usually share my captain with Massa and Georgia on which I DO use IFHE. If a ship gives me the opportunity to enjoy secondaries then I’ll go for it.

In this you can see how its main secondary guns work + how effective are heals and armor.

Enjoy have fun watching 😉

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  1. My vote is for Ernesto Rommelo

  2. Just completed the grind for the Ohio not too long ago. Definitely appreciate the update on this ship.

  3. Watching Flambass steam roll over the west flank is the next most satisfying thing after the sound of Yamato guns….

  4. actually it’s about 20k credits missing 😉

  5. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    It’s gotta be Ervini.

  6. jennifer stewarts

    well Irvine is also itallian pronounce “Air-vine” meaning fresh or new…

    • I’m Italian, first time I hear that, I swear 🤔

    • maybe is she talking about Vine , but that is a Plant

      Air Vine ?don’t have a clue

    • jennifer stewarts

      @Stefano Crosazzo same here but looked it up and came up with several with that name, mostly in the area around Vatican city. An yes, the pronunciation differs with them saying it as Air rather then Ur… my guess is it was “imported” with the church, and its sound and meaning changed.

    • jennifer stewarts

      @F22raptorC its the way they pounced the name. rather then “ur-vin” or “Ur-vine” they pronced it “Air-vine” almost more germanic then we would in english…

  7. Just watched a vid about the research bureau “players that have researched at least 5 tier X ships” – me looking at my only tier X, a single tear running down my cheek

    • Midnight Breakfast

      Can’t you just free exp ohio for like 1.25 million after you unlock the research bureau?

    • @Midnight Breakfast nah you gotta buy each ship you reset between T6-10 and *win* a battle to claim the RB. So if you buy and sell each of those ships then you’re looking at around 20mil creds per grind. Times the number of times to grind it… Mine was 6… 120mil on top of that xp

    • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

      Some day you’ll be able… I spent a year or so to reach this.

    • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

      @MasterNishk important point. Many people can’t understand this.

    • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

      @Midnight Breakfast even if you could, it wouldn’t cos less than 2 million, that’s the tier 10 destroyers FreeXP cost.

  8. The Tank Commander

    And the USS Ohio secures it’s spot of dominance over the broken scalawag Smolensk! Take that, Wargaming! Your broken ship just lost!

  9. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    If this thing only had the Georgia speed boost
    I am just imagining things right?

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma it would truly be op with a spood beest

    • If I remember correctly, it had a speed boost when it was in testing, but WG deemed that too much and removed it for its final iteration.

    • @A Jo i agree it would be bullshit even tho is not a soviet… but if it was soviet, we would have a speed boost on it ;v because soviets need everything [i bet even the guns would get improved pen and some kind of sure citadel hit]

    • Thiago Santiago improved pen angles, 900 m/s flat trajectory, 750mm pen at 20km 😉

      But in all honesty, I won’t deny the creeping Russian bias, but I don’t mind it. I’m not too deep into World of Tanks, but I’ve gathered that if you’re gonna play ranked, use Soviet cause they’re simply the best. At the end of the day, I’m not too upset that the same thing happens to WoWs. I FEEL that it creates a level playing field (in ranked) where all possess the same gimmicks/traits where victory purely comes down to knowledge and mastery of game mechanics, because everyone has the same gimmick. It makes me think of the good ole days of Halo 3 where I ranked higher than you, not because I picked the weapon with the right gimmick, but I simply outplayed/mastered game mechanics over you, know what I mean?

    • @A Jo i got your point… i just think at some point start to get boring always the same ship. Like i got so deep in wot, that when i was able to know how to deal with each Tank they started with such a power level of Soviet bias that i got tired and just quit, now they are kinda doing the same thing with wows. i like competitive and the fact that everyone can have the same thing, but something that makes me angry is when a Nation who didnt have that kind of Naval power have all the goodies. anyway the game still nice and like it.

  10. why is so hard for Wargaming to add a comma into their numbers, so hard to read some of them.
    6000000 vs 6,000,000

    • it’d be fine enough if they handled it like the combat stats in fight on the upper left corner. even that space helps out to read 60 000 000 vs 60000000

    • I can confirm wargaming have seen this to be a problem and have decided to buff Kremlin

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      The official reason from WG is it’s a localization issue – in some parts of the world . is used for decimals and , is used to separate numbers, while other parts of the world reverse them. Ignoring the fact that no mission in the game would have a goal with a decimal so there shouldn’t be a lot of confusion using commas (especially since when you’re getting into the millions there’s no way to confuse a number with two commas as having two decimal points). People have been suggesting using spaces to separate groups so it’s completely unambiguous and there’s no . vs , localization issue, but up until a month or so ago WG has refused to even acknowledge it as a valid solution.

    • @Matthew Daniels 😆

    • @MidnightPhoenix07 Really? I don’t care whichever notation they use, just make it noticeable!

  11. Oh no, the community is wising up to your name-changing shenanigans! Gotta stay on top of your game, Flambass!

  12. Consumerism_Is_A_Scam

    watching flambass play the game is so much fun. he’s one of the few content creators who actually looks like hes enjoying the game. some streamers literally talk like they’re being held at gunpoint and are being forced to play WoWs every day

  13. sorry man, at what time is potato time? I never get a concentration of them like that

  14. you got detonation with the secondaries, damn

  15. Any recommendations on what captain skills to go on a secondary usn bb?

  16. When i grow up i’m gonna be a Flambass

  17. you can buy a photo of Rommel handsigned by him,, at the bargain price of 2000 euros^^

  18. I hate the alternative interface. Too much clutter on the screen.

  19. People like that make the Stalingrad balanced in the spreadsheets

  20. I LOVE destroying these Ohio’s in my Yamy. Never gets close enough to use secondaries anyways.

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