World of Warships – Seconds Remaining

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Morten takes out the and tries his best to stay in the game for his team. Close game that comes down to the final seconds, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Z-52 Replay


  1. As always, there is a German guy in chat being angry and writing in German…

  2. Great game on his part.
    Yes, the enemy team suffers from the “Who cares about or understands winning? I must point and shoot at the red dots” so common in players even at tier 10.
    They must play for fun, and apparently losing through various new and wonderful expressions of stupidity is fun.

  3. I second that having DDs while the other team doesn’t is a huge asset. I just had a game where both sides had 2 DDs, me in Yugumo accompanied by a Gearing, and enemy with a Shima and Akizuki. It so happened that all 4 DDs met at the center, on B-point. Now I run my Yugumo with the torp reload booster so no smoke, but enemy Shima panicked and popped his smoke and Akizuki followed him into the same smoke.

    So I fire off two salvos of torps in there and Gearing does the same. gearing sinks Akizuki, I hit Shima and write in chat that Shima is low hp. Gearing wilco’s my message, pushes into the smoke and kills off the Shima. Now we have 2 DDs and enemy has none. Also no CV. Took like 5 minutes for us to rack up the 1000 points for the win, one of the easiest games in my life.

  4. Launching torps while being plane spotted means your torps are spotted immediately…

    • Yeah, I was gonna comment since Noster didn’t seem to consider that, just “for some reason he isn’t firing torps”

  5. Mom! I’m on TV!

  6. Radio Location cuts both ways, because the target knows it’s Located. A smart DD will bait the hunter into a trap …:-)

  7. Notser, perhaps a missed opportunity to mentioned that 88 torps were fired. Morten really spent some time studying the enemy’s path, even though the they did a good job of being unpredictable. A great example of a DD operating as a torpedo platform rather than a gunfire emitting, smoke cloud. There’s a time and place for that tactic but the stealth attack and knock out punch are in the power of the torpedoes. A great example of not using smoke continuously and keeping the enemy guessing over your exact location. Morten traveled 100km during this game and took advantage of the DD’s speed. I’d like to see more players use the distance traveled stat when evaluating game play, especially in a DD. Very refreshing to watch!!

  8. Is your internet still screwing up? I miss your original gameplay. I mean user replays are nice but I miss your plays and the tactics you use and why. I guess I mean to say I miss how your channel used to be.

  9. The reason I hate RPF is to do with the 2nd Kagero without the skill he had a chance to out guess our hero as it was he could do nothing and choose wrong.

  10. z52 should point out that we knows about enemy kagero.. friendly iowa couldnt know about him… simple pinning map and writing dd could save him

  11. 2:05 A *Duh* Moines. 8D

  12. Stop saying hindenburg like that…

  13. Wow, top of the team with 2500 xp base
    But only 60K earner after the match
    That seems like not enough for so much effort

  14. Notser can you make a new ROMA video pls :3

  15. Yayy another line batter at torping than IJN.

  16. i think holding the torps at the end was so that the spotter plane would not see them

  17. Excellent example of glory over goal.

    Play to win, not to kill.

  18. But Notser in the war economy DDs are the most replacable so you’ll call a battle were you lost 2 DDs to one enemy BB a victory.

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