World of Warships – Seconds to Win

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With only a few seconds left to spare, is a win still possible? Absolutely yes.

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  1. Early squad!!!

  2. Leandro Ribeiro

    Can´t believe people still play these game. It seems it got forgoten

  3. Republic looks spicy but I prefer a Conqueror

  4. what is the song used in the beginning? I really like it. Great video too. 🙂 <3

  5. ArmchairWarrior

    There’s far more games that are land slide wins than last year, sure you can put your try hard pants on but seemingly harder to carry these days i find.

  6. Christopher Matarazzo

    What subject do you tutor ichase?

  7. Always love these games. When it comes down to the last seconds.

    • Amaresh Bhaskaran

      its why i love CV games, they’re always so close. that is when the cvs are evenly matched

    • I will say I was honestly surprised it was that close – most of my weekend battles tend to be steamrolls on one side or the other. As selfish as it might sound, I’ve learned to not trust my teammates to do the right thing, especially on weekends. If something looks like it needs to be done and I can do it in whatever cruiser or battleship I’m in, I tend to be the one that needs to do it. The only saving grace in those situations (especially when you get competent weekend players) is if I need a ship to die, just take a good chunk of its health while I have teammates in the area – as soon as a ship’s HP drops suddenly, the damage radar kicks in.

  8. nice round. that was a clincher for sure. and you know everyone in their chat was yelling…..just stay alive and we win. NO don’t turn towards them!!!!…….lol. 😉

  9. HE spamming NC……… should have told him to uninstall his game

    • I’ll do one better. I had a game early on today where a Zao was shooting AP at the bow of an enemy Yamato 18 or so km away. You should have seen my team’s chat start to go crazy when they realized what was happening. Near the end of the battle, even some of the enemy team were telling him to use HE.

    • i swear some people just need to uninstall and quit i know its harsh but if they have worked up to top tier MM and they still haven’t learn t what the best ammo choice for there ship is then there is no way to help them

  10. Hey Chase I’m just curious, do any of your students know you make gaming videos? Or are they even the right age to be interested in games like this?
    IDK I just think it would be super cool if your teacher played video games for Youtube lol 🙂

    • That seems like a great way to interact with your students. Especially since you said that you “don’t take any crap,” so clearly you still prioritize education and just add the extra bond with your students. I bet that makes work more fun for you as well as your students 🙂

    • It’s like Brian said above it forms a common thread and it kind of lowers the kids defenses in that stops that “separation” between teacher and student. With all the social media kids nowadays are all about forming relationships first then learning so that’s what I try to do and also make things as fun as possible when it comes to science because my kids are nowhere near grade level and there is always a stigma about learning science and it’s hard.

    • Quin USS Requin

      Hey teachers, good on you for doing what you do. I think it’s amazing. I used to tutor other students when I was in school, and though surprised some students don’t pick things up the same way as me, I always did my best to encourage them and build their confidence in the subject. You’re changing peoples’ lives. That’s awesome. You’re awesome. Stay awesome.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      reminds me of famous french CoD youtuber MrLeV12. He teaches in junior high and everyone here knows about his hobbies 🙂

    • You know phly is a history teacher

  11. Republique is OP AF,

    I Miss your *Know your ships videos*
    Do you plan still makes those vids? Because it’s that series that made me sub to you.

  12. I don’t really want a code. Been following your videos for a while and just wanted to finally say thank you for what you do as an educator and for the handy videos on how to aim and your in depth strategic analysis of game play. Oh and that tutor thing you do too, hopefully you’re making an impact on your . . . clients?

  13. Great battle, love the close ones!

  14. Robert Pettigrew

    Just got to the Lyon and the shotgun is fun 🙂

  15. I have a 55% wr but boy do i have to work for it. In alot of the games I’m in half my team gets deleted in the first 8 minutes. How I’m still at 55% is a miracle on itself. So people who have more than 60% wr do not have the idiots I have. Most even don’t understand that the game is about points or even how it works, and they have a tier 9. The number of games I end on top (or at least top 3) in a loss is higher than in a win. That means I get the bad players, and oh boy, they are really bad.

  16. Is there anyway you could do another video on the Nagato and Agami?

  17. David Ballantyne

    I wish the French BB line was a bit more consistent. Is it about lots of guns? Is it about few quick firing guns? Is it about all frontal turrets? All the ships are ok to good, but the style is all over the place.

  18. I had a game in my fletcher where we were 3v5. I nailed a minotaur with torps and melted a shima but we were down 50 points and time was closing fast (we had 2 caps and were contesting the third). The last ship was an iowa and everyone was just trying to burn him down. He got down to around 1000 hp and suddenly the game ended. Our points had creeped up equal to theirs and it was a draw. I was sad we didnt win but it was an incredibly well fought and fun game, which is rare these days.

  19. Would love to get a code, but thats not really the reason I follow your videos… since I have been since like, well, when warships was very different from what it is now.

  20. That was a monster of a game

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