World of Warships Secret Ship Konigsberg

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My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer.

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  1. the endless mineshaft

    Could you try to do 1 carrier video with your hosho to see the feed back
    and how we like the video and if you stay pretty still you can talk about
    heaps of stuff

  2. the endless mineshaft

    Hai ho atago!!

  3. your “könig” is pretty spot on. 😉

    the “berg” is more like “baerg” if pronounced “german”. elso it sounded
    very good. 😉

    damn i cant wait to see the yamato class ships and the bismarck….

  4. So Americans have big fast firing guns, Japanese have long range torpedoes,
    and Germans are going to have slow firing high range guns it looks like?

  5. Not too fussed with pronunciation (I’m horrible at it myself), but you
    almost nailed the German ship. If you leave out the slight r after the oe
    and pronounce the e as eh you’re there.

  6. Seen this video 1 day after started grinding the Dresden. Time your videos

  7. love your videos keep it up

  8. Könnogsberg.

    King’s Mountain. That’s a good name.

  9. I assume that they thought you’re testing the Konigsberg or something
    because it hasn’t been publicly released yet which might be why they
    targeted you. 

  10. Love you playing it live. you should do it more often

  11. John Lewis Corker (jlc995)

    As always, great video! I know my opinion may not mean much, but I was
    wondering if you could play a game called Undertale. I’ve been watching
    some Smash Brothers players play it (and played it myself) and it is by far
    one of the best games I have ever played. The story is phenomenal, the
    music wonderful, and the overall gameplay fun! Thanks for reading!

  12. Perhaps they thought you were some sort of boss ship, since it was kind of
    a secret at that point.

  13. Unfortunate this video was out of date before being posted, but I’ll add
    some details for historic interest. After all, it’s possible Wargaming may
    do something like this again.

    The Konigsberg is one of the ships in the new tech trees added to the game
    two days ago. For one week before that, Wargaming was letting anyone who
    scored 4 kills in a match play with one of the new ships. This ship was
    awarded for 4 kills in a Japanese vessel of tier 4 or higher, and the same
    # of kills in a US ship led to the tier 6 Russian destroyer. These reward
    ships were always meant to be taken away when the new lines became
    available on Oct 19th. Now you have to work your way back to them. They
    are not premium ships, but were treated as if they were for that one week.

    While possession of the ship was temporary, there are two permanent
    rewards. The experience points earned in this ship were applied to their 1
    German vessel. Likewise, the Russian tier 1 ship gets any xp earned from
    the tier 6 destroyer.

    The captains also get to keep their xp. However, these captains were not
    automatically assigned to the tier 1 German and Russian ships. Instead 0
    skill captains were put in those vessels. I found my two experienced
    captains had been placed in my reserve. They were already trained in the
    tier 1 ships, so I just had to dump the 0 captains those ships had and move
    the new captains in.

  14. That carrier match would’ve been nice to see.

  15. You could just upload that one carrier match and see if people want it or
    not, considering there are people like me that have no idea what it looks

  16. You actually pronounced Hosho correctly.

  17. the königsberg isn’t overpowered one well-placed broadside from a tier 4
    Battleship can send it to the bottom of the harbor.

  18. I’d like to see a carrier match

  19. Vechs if you want to play a game like World of Tanks you should try war
    thunder, it’s a free to play game on steam.

  20. damnit Vechs!!!! SKYYYYYYYYYRRRRRRRIIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I would really like to see carrier matches.

  22. i feel like you should be shooting a beam weapon with an engine noise like
    that xD

  23. Christopeher Isaacks

    what do you mean? i have german cruisers already, even acess to rusian
    destroyers if I want to.
    by the way, you must have a cult following

  24. The live recording is definitely more interesting

  25. I would like to watch a carrier match.

  26. The enemy, they came at you because they want your Vexy Bits.

  27. Vetches, from now on you have the permisson from me as a German to Call the
    Königsberg the Coffeeship

  28. I’d like to see carrier matches!!!

  29. when do you normally play vechs?

  30. I wish they could add Irish Ships like the SS Niamh

  31. I wish they could add Irish Ships like the SS Niamh

  32. Should I download this game or wait for WT to get navy?

  33. i like watching carrier matches on youtube.

    american cruisers are pretty cool as Support vehicles, and later tier US
    carriers are better for individual plane strength. i know you have your
    opinions, but don’t put them down so much, K?

    but it’s true that Japan is balanced all around torpedoes, sacrificing more
    and more for moar torpedoes!

    also, i’m pretty sure i’ll go German as well.

  34. llearch n'n'daCorna

    Given Konigs make coffee (sorry about the lack of umlaut, but my keyboard
    is missing it), I’d be calling it the coffeeship. But I’d be trolling. ;-]

  35. I like the live world of warships

  36. your “ö” sounds all right, but the “er” part in “berg” is pronounced
    similiar to “air”

  37. *grumbles at your pronunciation of japanese*

  38. i believe kriegsmarine cruisers and soviet destroyers came out on the 19 of

  39. Hey Vechs, CV replays may not be that exciting, but if you want to put some
    up, those of us who want to learn more about sailing a CV would love it.
    I’ve never been good with a CV (i’m a strict DD player) but i’d love to
    learn from you.

  40. They are just jealous that you have a secret boat. thats why they are
    angry. :L

  41. Hydroactoustic Search has been available on American Cruisers starting at
    Tier V from Launch day. You can see it in play on my WoWs video from last
    week on my Omaha.

    Also, Russian gaming company customer service… Yeah.

  42. Hai! :D

  43. Seems good that your relationship with wargaming has improved.

  44. Hi

  45. Whatever floats your boat.

  46. So swag

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