World of Warships – See how that works out for you buddy

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I had a really bad game before this one where I forced myself to play the objective when I should have just went for damage and kills, got myself killed and then I decided, screw it, I’m taking DM.

And as always it worked just fine 😉

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  1. Good to see the Des Moines again, you make it look so easy Flambass.

    • Good players alwasy do! You get excited after watching this, then jump into the same boat and die within 3 minutes 🙁

  2. Strong female protagonist

  3. That hindenburg just fked up there…. very sad play by him. With a decent player you would have been dead in that situation. He could get to by using torps

    • Frans van Terwisga

      he should’ve waited with the torps the when he was about 2-3 clicks away from Flambass, but most players get the adrenaline jitter and itchy trigger finger a bit too early. Me included at times 😀

    • And the Iowa could have been torped from the right side launchers…

  4. Why these DDs made them self blinded?

  5. i need to know, did he play witchita though?

  6. Why is Flambass so confused EVERY time he gets a team that resembles a sack of spuds?
    He does know how WG’s matchmaker works, right?

  7. hi teacher, how works the tiers reset? i dont understand…

  8. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Target Acquisition lighting, and then the “special” announcement is heard…Perfect timing.

  9. Maybe a duck call or chicken call to go along with the quackin achievement

  10. that kill in the end *Flambino TP behind Hindie* “Nothing Personal Kid”

  11. useless hindi…OMG wait a bit to launch torps

  12. Jimmiar Reltherford

    So many DDs smoking in front of a radar cruiser ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  13. This is why I don’t run Defensive AA anymore. It’s useless 90% of the time and you miss having Hydro 100% of the time.

  14. You worked that corner like a pro … wish I had the skill …

  15. Nice carry there Flambino! Man did your team ever potato the west flank.

  16. I would like to see you play the Georgia again…….please.

  17. I NEVER EVER in 5 years seen a DD with aquisition?! How do you even take that module instead of concealment? When is that a good fit?!

    • Sadly I’ve seen plenty of ships (especially destroyers and cruisers, as well as some battleships) take it. Then again, they’re the same ships that sit still in smoke and accept torpedoes as DDs, or run SE on tech tree battleships, so that may give a better idea of what their skill level might be

  18. What is with dds running TA. Like top notch special.

  19. Vencislav Dimitrov

    About Harugumo…. I had game yesterday with Harugumo, kill Smolensk, Shimakaze and Bismarck and I didn’t lose a single hp point.

  20. I like your DM games. Do you always prefer the Def.AA DM over the Hydro?

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