World of Warships – Sejong

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Showcasing Sejong in a unique match with just one destroyer and one carrier per side. Discuss match thoughts and how to play Sejong successfully after many failed attempts. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Pan-Asian Light Cruiser Sejong Replay


  1. Love that incomparable’s name. LOLOLOL

  2. Yeaaaaa, the dead cats are back!😅👍

  3. Not sure why those cats are so fascinating, they don’t do anything.😂

  4. How’d you get the country flags to present on these ships? Mine just show the generic panasian flag.

    • You need to go to the flags tab, then go to the bottom of the tab and there you can choose the national flags of those countries grouped in pan-asian, pan-american and european. GL HF

  5. John Moses Browning

    Awesome video thanks Notser!

  6. Matthias Darrington

    Ostergotland saw what a fun time it is to play against Nakhimov : As an AA DD, he got blapped from 60% HP.

  7. These ships seem to have some really fun gameplay! Not easy, but that’s where the feeling of reward stems from

  8. is that a hydro salem??? LOL

  9. This line looks so bad and unfun

  10. The landedkiller show

    Warning ⚠️ Sejong is in random bundles spend with caution

  11. thanks Notser ! You make very informative and interesting vids ! Keep up the good work. Pay no attention to the knuckleheads !!!

  12. “it is a cyat in a hyat?”
    “no sir, it is a tortoise, in a shell.”

  13. A whole line of Flints, probably the most powercrept ship in the game. Brilliant!

  14. I was lucky enough to get it for 1000 dubs

  15. Bernaccia Emanuele

    12:35 literally my mom after giving birth to me

  16. i actually met him in the sejong, he got focused to deth because everyone “shoot the youtube guy”

  17. If you like playing Atlanta, you will like this line. Guns are pretty lofty though.

  18. Glass cannon

  19. Full broadside AP salvo at knife-fight range against the Hannover and the best result was ~2.2k, gd…. Everyone’s been saying it like a joke, but this line really is just DDs with citadels. Using the guns is a last resort, and your best bet/hope is to try for fires.

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