World of Warships – Selling Commanders

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Lets have a chat about these new commanders that Wargaming is selling in the Premium shop. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. LEX Maximaguy87

    saw that myself…………. .–_– quickly left the shop.

    • LEX Maximaguy87 look at your mission screen you can earn them as well

    • Daylight4449 Fan

      thats the FIRST one, these are the SECOND unique commanders, and no, you CANT earn the SECOND ones in the game for free right now, youre just seeing the first German commander that was meant to be earnable

    • LEX Maximaguy87

      all ready got them from the missions and it was only the german one.

  2. Nothing good can come from this. Selling the commander isn’t game breaking, but it’s establishing a trend that is unhealthy for an f2p format

    • Yes, unique skills may not be game breaking, I’m with Notser with creating an impulsive feeling in players to “need” to buy, while not knowing the true effects (compiled data) of the impact of unique commander skills during a match. Free to play with creating a sense of impulse buying is dishonest.

    • Darnath Lysander

      Then it is down to the consumer to not be a wet flannel and screw their heads on properly. This problem is for people who don’t have the mental fortitude to not buy goods such as these commanders, especially when there are much, much better uses of real money in this game.

    • just comes across as a money grab

    • Scott Anastasio

      That is the inherent issue with any F2P model, the balance for what to charge for and what not to charge for.

    • boondocksaint622

      Ships like Belfast and Kutz are far more broken and game breaking than these unique commanders.

  3. Oh hello look who it is!

  4. Your point is absolutely right Noster. I don’t want this game become Pay to win.

    • @Darnath Lysander: /These/ ones are extra copies of the previous ones with different names. They have the skills of the free to earn ones, on a “twinned” commander with a different name. So you can buy a second copy and build it differently. Build one John Doe for USN BBs, and a second for USN CA/CLs. That doesn’t sound inconsequential.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      great to hear that you think people who actually missed the colelctions for Jack dunkirk or Honorè or John Doe (Steven Seagal) would never stand a chance to get an equivalent captain again

    • Yeah I missed out on the US and UK commander since I wasn’t playing back then, so this gesture could be for folks like me. However, I’m not paying $15 for each one, lol. Already have the FR and RU and will unlock the GER today. I guess JPN doesn’t get one since they have Yamamoto? But the US is getting Halsey too….

    • ok i play maybe 2 days in a week and then maybe 3 our 4 matches. i dont have the time to get the special commanders. so this would be nice for me to get 1 two. money is not the problem for me

    • It’s already there mate….you pay or the game goes away anyway…nothing for free; even for free-loaders.

  5. I would buy a Notser or Flamu captain any day.

  6. Darnath Lysander

    I have no salt with this as long as we can earn said commanders simply by playing the game and completing missions. Also, I would hope that this is for the players who weren’t around when the missions occured and still want a unique and competent commander.

    • Darnath Lysander

      That right there is a double-edged sword.
      On one hand, you want to make it accessible for people and on the other, you want to make it worth it for people who put the effort in. I honestly think that recently they’ve had a good track record for making things accessible to everyone. But, at the end of the day it will come down to if you are a noob or not and if you have sufficient time to complete said missions. The only thing that the devs can do it to hopefully find a good middle ground which I believe they have done.

    • Except this is not for anyone who missed the original mission series, because this is not a second chance at ‘buying’ the unique commanders that you missed. This is outright an offer to sell a second commander which just happens to be a copy of one of the unique commanders. That is a different premise altogether.

    • If they would repeat unique commander missions, I’d be 100% with you. But until now I had no way other than supercontainers to get John Dow.

    • Darnath Lysander

      They were unique for a reason. Be thankful that you have a chance to get a minutely better captain now.

    • André Chapetta

      Those who already got these commanders now can have two of them. Its not really fair.

  7. OMG. You have ruined my mental picture of what you looked like. The audio is not quite synced, and it makes me think this is just someone miming to your voice and makes me feel better.

    • I believe Noster looks close to what my mental picture was. To me, you sound like Justin Long, Galaxy Quest and Live Free or Die Hard, so that WAS my mental picture. All different now, lol.

    • I pictured Lester from GTA V. He sounds just like him.

    • i always picture him as a DD 😛

    • Aaaaah i seeeee, I finally understand @M Tavner! @Deckaio thanks for clarifying. Indeed its about “his personal expectation” not about any judgement! I removed my stupid comment eventhough my comment had 6 upvotes! (apparently by six! other folks who like me misunderstood or misread the comment).

  8. @Notser when is the face reveal dropping?!? 😎

  9. Captain Notser: Rudder shift +25 seconds when close to islands

  10. I would like to have a Captain Jack Sparrow. His special ability would be that he is the best damn pirate you’d ever seen, or so it would seem

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Evilsamar yeah with a special bullshit consumable that uses ropes and the crew of your ship loads cutlery into the cannons and gouges out the enemy crew’s eyes.

    • -4% detectabilty with special jar of dirt module.

  11. Woa, you don’t look like you sound. Illusion destroyed

  12. Agreed, cosmetic commanders is a great idea, custom portrait, custom voice set, make them a 10 point commander, all great. But any stats advantage that can’t be attained though play is pay to win.

    • I want my Admiral Jingles!!! LOL But I’d be afraid to get an Admiral Notser, because there’d be a magnet on the bow of any ship he was in that caused that ship to “pull a Notser” any time he got within 5 km of an island!

  13. The bonuses of unique commanders are negligible anyway

  14. The need for companies to monetize every aspect of their games has turned me away from gaming in general. As of now I spend $0 on gaming and see no change in the future. The cost has exceeded the value by a large margin IMO. I’ll read a book instead.

    • Igelitovy Sacek

      Good choice, sir! I kinda envy you. I am not strong enough to leave games behind forever.

    • I always wondered why companies didn’t do this… Wouldn’t the larger amount of people buying the things make up for the lower return? And then theres people that say that theres going to be too much potatoes in tier 8, but the price isn’t keeping those potatoes away from the tier 8 premium ships now. Why should only rich potatoes be able to enjoy a chance at a game in higher tiers?

      I love it (at least thats the case in WoT) that when you can earn a tier 8 premium vehicle with missions, you have to no-life if you’re not really good and then the vehicle is always…. meh. (lol tier 3 Varyag XD).

    • Only ship war gaming has given me for free that was any good is Missouri

    • Games cost money to make. People complain about *everything* to do with cost, and want more for less. Paying 0 for gaming is the reason why you’re being gouged for micro transactions. If you want to play it, you should consider paying something. What you’re basically saying is, these people don’t deserve to be paid for their work ? How many 100s of hours do you get out of most “free to play” games? ….

    • ragnarock75,,,,seems to think this is Alice in wonderland time. People cost money, servers cost money, communications cost money, offices, electricity, etc,. etc,: here is an ass that thinks all is free to ‘him or her’ and if it cost anything, I won’t do it. Thank you, you self-delusional twit and utter moron. We’ll assume all your books are free too?

      Sorry…but this ‘attitude’ of entitlement seems to be inbreed into current snowflake people that spend their lives on Government checks/money to live for ‘free’. Sickens me!

  15. Give that guy his body back, you Notser voice.

  16. Just another step in becoming just another pay to win game…no thank you…

  17. am i the only one who find it hard to relate his appearing with his voice??

  18. i think you should have to work for the unique cmdrs

    • We did, until now. Hilarious because chasing unique commanders was one of the things that keeps me playing. Last week was the Russian and this week is the German.

    • Capt_Shipwreck look at mission screen the german captain is their to earn

  19. Nice to see your face, Notser! I think it’s a great idea for future non-replay videos where we’re engaging in discussions such as this. Personally, I feel like showing your face is a more effective way of communicating the care and sincerity you have for this game!

    I’m a casual WoWs player, but a hardcore WoTs Console player, and there’s always something WG does that makes us scratch our heads. This idea of selling commanders with improved skills definitely smells of pay2win and it’s probably going to be the only time this happens since they’re likely to get trashed by the critics over it. I feel bad for the players who worked their asses off to earn those OG Special Commanders only to see that Joe Potato can just pay for the same advantages with zero work!

    • isn’t the WoT ‘gold ammo’ also p2w? I don’t play the game, just curious…having watched many clips on YT, it seems gold ammo is more of a deal breaker than having 1% turret traverse instead of 0.5%?

    • TZB 997 One could argue that “gold” ammo is a p2w mechanic, but it still requires intelligent decisions to maximize its effectiveness. In some cases it’s flat out better, but not exclusively so. One thing to mention: “gold” ammo is no longer going to be available for “gold” currency on PC, and on PC and Consoles both have Silver purchase options for premium ammo. Basically…. if you pay real money for premium ammo you’re an idiot.

    • I don’t personally play the game, but follow some guys which do….and ‘silver currency’ or not, the ammo we are talking about does give an edge, right? that was all I was saying 🙂

    • WOT also has pay to win tank like that Chrysler tank that cannot be penned from the front.

  20. I don’t think it’s a huge deal many people will notice. I rarely see the OP ranked reward ships like the Flint.

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