World of Warships | Sergei Presents: 2020 Destroyer Rework (Parody)

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Destroyers are hard to balans, comrades. Hopefully this will sort everything out and will not create any new issues whatsoever. As always, we continue to improve World of Blyats!

#wows #update #bruhlife

Recording Software: Nvidia GEForce in-game overlay

Editing Software: Wondershare Filmora 9

This is a parody video, intended as comedy. I am not affiliated with Wargaming and do not speak for them in any way.

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  1. Captain Bruhbeard

    Dasha refused to present this update for some reason, but Sergei took one for the Motherland here. Thanks for watching, comrades, commanders, and blyats!

  2. brilliant

  3. Omg hahahaa well done

  4. Really good parody, you obviously put some thought into it and nailed the sarcasm.

  5. The nerf/buff statements were 100% WG. You captured the feeling of watching one of their official videos perfectly +1

  6. *sensible chuckle*

  7. This is not enough to balance the game, cleary devs missed out giving to all Soviet ships (BBs included) a 120 seconds 20km radar.

  8. quality patchnotes!

  9. Edgar Hernandez

    Lol “discount presenter”

  10. Henrik Gerner Hansen

    I love it. So many details in this short video. 😀

  11. You’re a genius! 🙂 But something is missing… In the last months, they used LSD to.

  12. water water water


  13. : D Enormous!

  14. This is scarily accurate if WG reworked DD’s

  15. Next Video: Introduction of nuclear bombers

  16. hahaha nice one

  17. エヴァンダー・ローレンス・アルバラド

    Respawn consumable now that’s balance xD

  18. That was awesome! It made me laugh so hard, I think I just peed a little.

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