World of Warships- Seriously WG? That’s It?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the WG anniversary event! Enjoy!



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  1. Remember when supercontainers actually had good items in them? Not like credit boosters etc

    • They still do, just LESS of them. plus you get 2 instead of 1 now. So that is like 24 containers a year just in log in bonuses? I got a couple ships out of them, like a Forest Sherman.

    • I started to collect T10 because of SC , now I have 76 T10 and 13 T11 , I hope they will introduce some T11 mega crates , as SC are crap not sice SC rework but since eco rework , I get whole the times 50 some signals , I am veteran payer I have thousands of eatch allready , same eco bonuses , for me annoying they nerfed SC as that ws best way to get DB I got last year 7k , 2 yearsago 9k , that was my piggy bank for BF & Xmas , I considered that a privlige because I grinded a loot I have spend a loot of time playing game I have 30k battles x 15min average battle = 7500h = 312 days plying ! in 5 years = 4.8h per day on average playing game , so yeah that suck WG done that .

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      They always had crap and you were still unlikely to get a ship or a stack of coal

    • I got a Monaghan (tier 6 US DD) out of one of the two freebie super containers, so not complaining here! Any free ship is one less to buy

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings Nope , I guess you dont have many T10 ships , 2 years ago 2021 I had 52 T10 , I won my first ship from SC , Vanguard , 22 I won my second ship T6 Franch CV Bearn , this year I have 100% chance of winning ship from SC as every 100th is a ship , that was made a rule few years back .

  2. Philipp Spielkind

    Just yesterday I got Massachusetts out of a supercontainer so I guess every single one you get, you have the chance for godlike ships

    • Massachusetts is pretty good

    • Holy sh-, lucky bastard.
      Massachusetts is better than the Alabama i own, in many ways.

    • i literally dream to get massachusetts and ionly got two ships from super containers (but one was rare so ig it’s not that bad)

    • I got my Massachusetts with Optimus Prime captain. It feels awsome! 🙂

    • Philipp Spielkind

      @H²Overthinker I don’t even know how many I got from SCs in total but I have quite a few premiums now also from other containers. And still being 100% f2p the last like 2 years I have been quite lucky with them getting like 20k total in gold and like 90 days premium. That definetly helped to pick up the Ohio a few weeks ago….

  3. I find the Somme event very hard. I have 4 of the 5 first group of missions done but I’m not a CV or sub player and I play DD’s once in a while but scoring 10M credits in DD’s is very tough for me.

  4. an under whelming anniversary it looks like. i remember some years back getting a super container with Scharnhorst inside. i was absolutely gobsmacked.. i only had ships up to tier 6 myself at the time so this was a big deal.. sadly these days SCs seldom have ships in. i cant remember last time i got a boat out of one. and i play daily and invariably get all daily boxes and a SC from time to time .. i do ok with Xmas boxes normally .. but i do wonder if that will remain the case .. i used to play Wot too and seen how rewards have decreased there too. 2 years ago i got 3 of the new tanks – last xmas i got 1 .. and that was after 50 boxes when you automatically get one.. Wows will go same way i think.

    • I only scored once a ship out of a supercontainer (pre-change) and it was the Krispy Kreme :l

      Not that I am complaining, still a free ship

    • Why do players get upset when they don’t give you a free ship, buy one or do the events to get 2 dds for free.

    • @Light Blue Waves i got that one in a xmas box. its ok for coop and getting some missions done when you can simply machine gun ships to get ribbons etc

  5. Knowledge is power, many thank SLM. Good luck with tonight’s stream.

  6. i play for 7 years, 2 month ago i get the first and only t7 ship out of a supercontainer, every year between 25 to 40 supercontainers , 175 to 300 supercontainer plus christmas, 1 ship, that is a bad result….

  7. Next WOWS anniversary event people will have the privilege to get between 30% to 60% less stuff than they did last year.

  8. Given the proximity of this event to the anniversary of the game itself, I wonder if the disappointment is from people confusing the two.

  9. I got the tirpitz in this SC which made a very nice change.

  10. If it were up to me the only rewards available in a Super Container would be anything with a $5 or higher value. Dabloons, ships, bundles what ever it is. That would make them Super Containers… now they are just Ehh Containers.

  11. That_Pushup_Guy Tough

    I watch a lot of your videos. Thanks for your content. I did send you a replay a while back. Can you let me know if it makes it in your rotation, please

  12. I guess they don’t hold their own anniversary in high regard, preferring to save all the best rewards for the game’s anniversaries? That’s my only guess.

  13. I remember a time my mother worked in commission sales for a company. She was killing it. Selling more than they have ever had someone sell. She made them more money than they had ever imagined someone could make them. The issue? They had to pay her the commissions. They thought they were paying her too much money. So, they started cutting her commissions. As soon as she realized this, they told her that this was the new compensation schedule. She immediately walked and sued. She won, and the idiot who thought he could rip her off told her that he made a big mistake and blew it with the best employee he’d ever had.

    Moral of the story, when you have set a precedent and expectations then turn against it, it has the potential to hurt you in the long run.

    • kingofcastlechaos

      Your mom is awesome for kicking their ass.

    • Well. I am surprised there are still people playing this game as of now. I was a very good player, and we had a nice team. We all ran away when CVs showed up. We played from time to time, and then Subs in the most idiotic way also showed up and that was all. We were pretty fed up with paper ships either way. Those who love ships and that know abou the real stuff are the ones more eager to spend money in the game and they ruined it totally.

    • @Sebastian DC I am certain they ruined the game for you and likely many people who are still playing. A flip side is to think that the game has changed so much since your heyday that it is a different game altogether. It definitely has gotten more complex in the mechanics that one needs to be aware of. It can be oppressive at times. It’s those oppressive moments that take away from the joy of playing for me.

  14. I got a munchen from the free SC. All good with me. Love the ship. Thanks wg

  15. An event that’s actually generous for the players. That shit gonna get nerfed.😊

  16. kingofcastlechaos

    I have a super container issue- they only give me premium time and it’s become a sad joke. Have 1750 days already and just got more. I used to get really excited to see one drop but now it just pisses me off. I know they have the technology to resolve that because if you have a ship in port the container will give something else.

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      so true bought a year half off at christmas/ny and it took me three years to use all my prem time! it comes up way to often when you dont need it

  17. Well at least the rewards are proportional with how much they like their playerbase: not a lot.

    Finally something histotically accurate.

  18. Again, SEA LORD you are exceptional. One of many to really listen to! Don’t forget to review how to be a PATREON~!!

  19. I never got any ships from the anniversary event super containers of the 3 years I played the game, the two I did get from everyday supers had a two year gap in-between with my luck with them. Its also slightly/moderately harder to get ships from the current super containers even when earning more containers due to the lowered drop rates of all ship category’s and the addition of more possible reward slots that can be chosen from the whole bunch further reducing the odds. although the 3 and half year grind of try your luck containers has been reduced from my knowledge to get the tier X/ Rare ship pity container due to the increased frequency of super drops.

  20. I think it’s a fine event. Love me some free stuff and I don’t think people should have a negative reaction to free stuff

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