World of Warships Settings Guide – Before You Play

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This guide came about after someone I know was wondering why his heads up display (HUD) looked so different from mine an everyone else’s that he saw. Wondering if it was some kind of mod, I assured him it wasn’t and showed him what to do in settings. It was then that I realized that World of Warships really has no instruction manual to tell you what does what in settings, or how to even get there. I created this as a result to help beginners.


  1. When will the alabama winner be annouced

  2. Despite having played for almost 2 years, I seriously need a tutorial on reticles. I watched a video with LittleWhiteMouse kicking butt using just a carat and two marker ticks… how???

  3. How is a large company like wargaming not able to give players important information like this in two years when some guy on the internet only needs a 4 minute video …?

  4. Hey Zoup what is your opinion about the rank 1 only battle-type. I find the idea to discuss the status of same tier ship battles between tier 8 and or tier 6 interesting. Whether its a cruiser, or a carrier, I think the idea that an Enterprise, or a strike Lexington in a tier 8 exclusive game-mode. The results may surprise you. Its a good idea to think about. In a battle where its the same tier, you can see what ships are really over-preforming in a fair game mode.

    I thaught of this idea when the “nerfed” light tanks in world of tanks but in a way I now understand the idea of a french light auto-loader being top tier is insanely different than being bottom tier. Being shown what ships stand strong in their tier and can do more than you would think is a good topic, and would love to see another opinion about it.

  5. I knew all of this, but still i watch it entirely. dont know why… Your voice lulled me maybe

  6. Thanks for the video. But how do you alternate between the circle and timer for damage repair indicators?

  7. Imo. Too many aids. I had much more fun during beta. You had to be more of an actual captain paying attention to various things. Now it feels more like the game plays for you. I play this game less and less. I wouldn’t mind a vanilla server or two.

  8. Great video as always! I sure wish I knew this in when I first started playing. It took awhile for me to figure it out ?

  9. i find the line ups to be too much clutter on the screen.. i just hit “tab” when i need to see who is sunk

  10. I didn’t know about the smoke timer. Thanks!!

  11. collision system avoidance is turned on by default, disabling it is huge! Zoup you should start a beginners series and educational threat. Ichase had a great series but it is a bit dated now and he is stepping back a bit to focus on real life.

  12. i suggest enabling all the circles on a given ship up until you know all of your ranges… the AA distance its great when using a CL/CA to know when to corner enemy planes

  13. Just as an aside I personally find the alternative interface too busy and makes the game look too arcadey. What I do instead is use an easily accessible key to toggle it on briefly if there is some extra information I need. This is obviously just personal preference. I also don’t run the team lineup for the same reason. It is not needed permanently on screen imo. 🙂

  14. I always turn on secondary range ring as it almost always corresponds with AA range.

  15. they have radar and sonar range in map options, just that they NEVER work!

  16. I’d suggest turning minimap transparency on at least slightly, I’ve seen a few instances where someone didn’t see a friendly ship passing behind their minimap and being torpedoed, AND turning on detailed ribbons, so you can see (at the very minimum) whether your main battery shells were bounces, pens or non-pens.

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