World of Warships- Sevastopol First Impressions: Best or Worst TX Soviet Cruiser?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new TX Soviet Cruiser Sevastopol! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
4:39 Ship Armor & Stats
10:17 Ship Consumables
11:21 Module & Commander Build
14:05 Gameplay Review


  1. Just from the beginning it seemed like this ship wasn’t gonna be too good. Poor armor, poor health. It’s a large cruiser but doesn’t have any of the benefits of being large.

  2. The HE struggle is real. Met het a number of times and she’s only really good at surprising you with her CE; other than that she just burns. Melted three os the ones I met on both my Thunderer and Schlieffen.

  3. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    Why dissent the siegfried get such a short bow, that is arguably better armored than sevastopol

  4. i think ill still get her, she seems like she would play like a smaller incomparable which i usually have good games in. the trick is to pull aggro early, then disengage and heal up, managing the amount of aggro(incoming damage) with the heal(that also means trying to get people to shoot you instead of your team when your heal is available) is a very different playstyle than siegfried. much like neustra or incomp, she should be nearly unkillable in the hands of a good player.
    or at least i hope so, BB shells will still do unspeakable things to her from any angle or range…..

  5. I feel like SVTPL would have made for an okay coal ship but instead she’s being sold as a Research Bureau ship and that’s bad. She costs the second most expensive resource in the game and is competing with some truly great heavy hitters such as Slava, Colbert, Ohio, P Emilio, and to a lesser degree Aegir for a pretty hefty 57k RP.

  6. The Kronstadt class was actually supposed to be a class of two, with the second ship being named Sevastopol. So the name fits perfectly

  7. I got the Sevastopol and personally she performed pretty good in rank battle. Won all my battle in the gold league from rank 10 to 6, didn’t die once, put up big numbers and was able take out battleships in the process. Easy to take out cruiser but will struggle against DD. Overall I give it 8/10.

  8. “The only Tier X Soviet Cruiser that doens’t has radar”

    Smolensk: Am I a joke to you?

  9. Its different which is great.
    Another vid was showing how you push hit the repaired and run.
    That could be allot of fun

  10. If it had regular damage con instead of stalinium BB one, it would be significantly better.

  11. I play Moskwa all the time and honestly this is the most fun,balanced and the best soviet cruiser that you can easly obtain. Why in the world would I get Sevastopol if I can spend resarch points for Slava?

  12. I was pretty OK with your video until you started contradicting yourself on the guns (pretty good gun platform, poor dispersion, inconsistent) and calling a flanking maneuver a ‘gimmick’ of the ship. I’ve never heard any WoWs content creator call any kind of maneuver a ‘gimmick’. I do agree the armor is subpar for the tier, reload of the heal is much too long considering it has BB burn time, and the guns are very inconsistent.

  13. Saved me a ton of RB points. Thanks for taking one for the team on this one.

  14. Basically a quick history on the ship. The USSR was terrified of the new large cruiser classes being built and designed by Germany. So as part of the molotov pact they Basically agreed to share naval resources and designs albeit in a limited manner. After the scharnhorst class the USSR designed the Kronstadt class in response. Sevastopol is how the class was going to be built before the war. Once the war started and relations deteriorate that’s when the proposal for the 12 inch guns is made. And construction was going well. Both ships Kronstadt and Sevastopol were more than 50% done with Kronstadt being anywhere from 80-90% done. When Germany invaded the shipyard was deemed to close to the frontline so the two ships were broken up as much as possible and the materials were sent east. There were plans to rebuild the ships in Murmansk but the metal was claimed by tank factories almost immediately. Same thing happened to the Soyuz. Although all tanks built with the metal from scrapped ships were given to marine divisions as sort of a “sorry for taking your fancy new ship”. Anyways sorry for the wall of text I just like reading into all of these USSR naval projects.

  15. In short, the history of this ship is just basicly a Kronstadt redesigned in order to fit the german 15 inch gun bought from Germany since the 305mm wasn’t ready by the time the hull was cronstructed :v

  16. I like how they actually modeled the modern era fire control and air search radars on this ship.

  17. Maybe. On paper the Siegfried has a very slightly better Vertical but in practice it feels worse in consistency. You more more of the trolly, “WTF was that” sort of salvos from Sevast than Siggy.

  18. Strictly going on aesthetics, it’s hard at first to tell the difference between her and a German vessel… she actually looks akin to the Hipper class, just with battleship guns. What I do like about her are the dual 57’s in a ‘blister turret’ like at 9:26 That looks very cool, and has a definite cold war-era look.

  19. You don’t have to wait with heal as long you already have something to heal and are actively taking damage…
    Any damage taken with heal active still counts towards that heal maximum heal amount and given slow heal rate and ship weak plating it’s unlikely that heal will outrun damage taken..
    Fires similar

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