World of Warships- Sevastopol Is Finally Here! Puerto Rico Is Back! & So Much More! Update 11.7

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Hey guys, today we go over the update notes for Update 11.7! Which sees the return of Puerto Rico in a new Dockyard, Sevastopol finally being released, along with much more!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes

0:00 Video Intro
1:36 11.7 Intro
2:03 PR Dockyard
5:45 Brasil’s 200th Independence Day
7:41 Camera Improvements
11:13 British Battlecruiser Early Access Part II
11:34 Clan Battles
11:44 Brawls
12:30 Hampshire Web Campaign
14:46 Matchmaker Changes
16:35 Graphical Upgrades
16:57 Port UI Improvements
17:46 Sevastapol Coming To The Armory
20:31 Closing Thoughts


  1. Sevastopol’s gimmicks are pretty weird but kinna effective imo, but seem like Stalingrad is still better

  2. So the Rio de Janeiro will come out for coal? Nice! I’ve been looking forward to her! The Cisne Branco camo looks gorgeous!

  3. I feel like CVS need this heal.

  4. Potentially free tier 8 permium, something does not add up here. Most free ships are quite “underwhelming”, I hope we can get her, from the boundles, but still I am somewhat worried that the ship will be similar to the Canarias, or the Novorossysk, in terms of performance.

    • Probably only gree if you are lucky to find in first few bundles. My guess is that we will get only limited amount of tokens, so less lucky will have to pay some

    • @Vytautas V It is reasonable, to think that, it would be quite strange if they just gave you a tier 8 perimum for free.

  5. I’m excited for the new cruiser! I just finished my reset on the Russian dd line and I’m sitting comfortably at 123K research points!

  6. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Hopefully the dockyard missions will be relatively easy to do, I’m not gonna have much time to play next week and the week after, and i want to avoid spending money on this as much as i can (need to cut back), I’ve already got the Rico, I just want the 35000 steel to get the mecklenburg.

    • TheGuardianofAzarath

      @SteelxWolf Salem is good if you don’t have the Moines, as they’re basically the same ship, but Salem gets the DM’s unique module built in.

    • @TheGuardianofAzarath oh really? I thought Salems weakness was the propulsion. I wanted it to farm a lot of the 3 stars for Halseys campaign

    • TheGuardianofAzarath

      @SteelxWolf _shrug_ it’s usually pretty decent for me, i think the salem has either longer range radar, or shorter duration, on top of the increased rudder-shift/acceleration

  7. Is it just me or does the number of stages keep increasing for the dockyard?

  8. Once again, Kronshtadt was the earlier design (how the ship was supposed to be), Sevastopol was the final design when Soviets found out their turrets and guns are getting delayed…

  9. oh look, ANOTHER OP as F*** tier 10 russian cruiser.
    remember there is no russian bias in this game lol

  10. 4:20 the coal was removed after flamu said its an iq check, and lets be honest it was an iq check.

  11. I’m taking out Rhine for the tier 4 brawls. The most under rated cv in the game.

  12. I’ve seen a few PRs recently in-game and they’ve all made me really ready to finally get one myself! I’ll probably whale it a bit, but really care much more about the Steel than anything else

  13. FYI Agincourt was never going to be Rio de Jeneiro. The Brazilians cancelled the order since they could no longer afford it.

    The Ottomans then purchased it using crowdfunded money, but Churchill ordered it, along with what would become HMS Erin, seized fearing the Ottomans would side with the Germans in the 1st world war.

    Ironically one of the main arguments which convinced the Ottoman government to join the war on Germany’s side was this action and the fact that they were crowdfunded.

    The Germans “gave” them SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau in exchange for them joining the war (although they still unofficially had German crews).

    To the Ottoman citizens it appeared like Britain had just outright stolen property of the people and that charitable Germany came to the rescue. It stirred up Ottoman patriotism and made people feel indepted to Germany, at least at the start of the war.

    • @Henrique Marques not sure where you got that information. The Brazilians sold it to the Ottomans in late 1913, quite a while before she was actually finished.

      The reason was because they lost their almost monopoly on coffee and rubber and many European nations were broke after the 2nd Balkan War. Additionally the Brazilians realised that by the time they’d get her, she’d already be superseded by much more powerful vessels.

      The British officially informed the Ottoman government that they seized them 3rd August 1914 (though they physically seized them prior) , the day before the British joined the war. This was therefore technically illegal on the part of the British. The clause which allows them to seize a ship was in case of war, and they weren’t at war when they seized them.

      Whilst it wasn’t completely clear which side the Ottoman empire would side with (if any), Enver Pasha, who was very high in their government and was a known German sympathiser, did indeed orchestrate the Ottoman entry into the war on the German side.

      Your account of events wouldn’t make sense, the British sells the ship to the Ottomans after 28 July 1914 (start of ww1) and somehow the Ottomans raise the money and buy the ship, and also have it seized from them, before the British enter the war 4th August.

      Other ships were seized under the war clause. For example HMS Eagle was seized from Chile and converted into an aircraft carrier – I believe Chile accepted economic compensation after the war as by the time they could have her back, she was hopelessly out of date and in a completely different state to what was paid for (battleship Vs aircraft carrier).

      You might want to re-read up on the subject.

  14. Exactly what I was waiting for. Another cruiser in research bureau.

    Got only Ohio from there, was thinking of Paolo which was told to be fun, but it’s kind ‘kamikaze” style. Then only cruiser there Siegfried, but I have already Agir, which is different by main guns if not wrong.

    While that brasilian BB sounds ok for coal, its another nation with premium ships only, so no naval battles use, not even special or unique captain.

    T8 clan battles is nice refresh, no excuses “don’t have T10 ship for it”.
    There is still big issue of WG not controlling world weather, many guys on barbeque and vacation maraton, which seems they doing nonstop for 6months.
    Waiting 6?for upcoming clan battles seems not big fix to 7 men grouping.

    Brawls for how many 12vs12…never played that
    .. Oh except that special DD event w postapocalyptic stuff.
    If that 10min limited w captured zones, it should get rid of hunting last enemy ship going out.

    CVs vs CVs only? WoW(WOW)
    Full air, lol. Or sea full of downed airmen. Rescue squads get ready pls.

    Only annoying is that inflation of number of victories needed to get that coal. Remember 31 was once ok to get my buttock through really competitive pain.

    • the CV vs CV will mostly be urss and prenium one ( like the hornet that got “free” plane). still would have been fun to see that T6 with bearn bulling other cv

  15. A bit off topic
    Any ideas on the upcoming Coal BBs coming up?

  16. “one of the following rewards: 35,000 Doubloons; 33,000 Steel; or 63,000 Research Points.”

    lol they removed intelligence check option – where you could select coal at worse conversion rate than standard 1:10

  17. Hey thanks for the info. Really want to get started on the grind for the Porto Rico, hope she’s good! I think the Constellation is a very fun ship. Live Long and Prosper!

  18. The copa cabana expendable camos look really good imo. Might not sell them if they’re cheap.

  19. As a Puerto Rican I’ve been waiting for PR! But I have a issue, I ship out to Navy boot camp at the end of the month 💀 looks like I’m gonna be grinding hard and spend some cold hard cash… wish me luck boys

  20. Question: I get SO LITTLE credits when playing Rooke tier8 british BC. Each game I was quite good (with more than 140kHP). Perhaps I am used to higher tiers + it was weekend, nevermind. Its not normal to receive 170.000 credits for 140k damage + 1 cap + 3 sunken ships – RIGHT. I mean, wtf is going on. OR is it because I didnt put ANY economic bonuses…

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      T8 is where the economy starts to get rough. If you’re making profit without ANY boosters at all, you’re doing good

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