World of Warships – Shadow Assassin

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Game in the and I had a lot of fun fighting on the primary enemy flank. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Hsienyang Replay


  1. At close range it’s actually fairly easy to hit a destroyer or cruiser firing from smoke (between 10-4km range if nothing is directly blocking line of sight). This is made even easier if you use mods for your game, for instance I run a mod which tells me exactly on the minimap where my main battery is targeting so I can physically tell if the game is actually going to target the area I want without a target lock. There’s also mods for custom tracers and shells which make it easier to pinpoint where a target is but doesn’t tell you exactly where they are, the tracer mod only goes into effect roughly 1.5s after firing which means that the ship could easily have moved from that spot and is always higher in the air than the ship so you have to be good at geometry to figure out the angle and make an educated guess.

    In general though when I am fighting a destroyer, as a battleship and destroyer main, I have a roughly 80% blind fire accuracy within this effective range and can typically delete destroyers pending split shells and the good ol’ “PENETRATION! NO DAMAGE!” shots.

    • Mods no thanks…not very sporting if you know what I mean! Ruins the game.

    • Ironically, a lot of the “cool” and “best used” features of the games are mods. Minimap positioning, smoke circles and timers, training room, customizable ranges on ship parameters, armor view: all were either hidden away and unlocked with mods OR were entirely modded to begin with and then became so main stream by the elite segments of the community and requested that they trickled down.

      There is a difference between using mods which do nothing like cosmetics, which is mostly what I do and those for decluttering purposes combined with those that put out information that the player should be able to pull up in game but can’t to those which are against the EULA and therefore considered cheating.

      For example:

      Smaller Ribbons, movable minimap positions, the option to see ship direction and angling as well as a general pointer if they have their engines active or not similar to how most people use torpedo indicator to place shots if they are unsure if the target is moving in a specific direction but not all ships have, better zoom control, fully unlocked tech trees to view ship stats on those that are either no longer being sold or are unlocked through rewards.

      I fail to see how any of these are “unsporting” and “ruin” the game considering almost everything mentioned above is cosmetic only or useful tidbits that should have been implemented in the first place and have slowly gone from unofficial mods to official game content.

  2. Pan Asian DD are good at big ship hunting, for DD I prefer guns over torpedoes anyway 🙂

  3. kek, non IFHE 100mm Harekaze, poor guy xD

  4. Idiot Harekaze.

    • It looked like he didn’t have ifhe, which is why his HE did almost no DMG and AP was his only option. Sticking with AP was the correct choice based on his build, but he was kind of an idiot for running that build in the first place, since a harekaze without IFHE should be equipped with one of the other two gun options and then switched to those akizuki guns when you unlock IFHE.

    • Probably new DD player
      Very bad angling, wasting 2/3 of his firepower but still got hit
      And yea he lost the gun fight partly because non-IFHE 100mm guns, and partly because he was facing Notser 🙂

    • he wasn’t kind of an idiot, he was in fact an idiot

  5. Right on, I was in that battle. BB at A was well entrenched and took a lot of time to dislodge. Glad you were on the flank buddy!

  6. 10:06 you were already detected before you fired. Don;t take that decision too hard on yourself notser.

  7. best CC for World of Warships. greetings from Croatia 🙂

  8. Still can’t believe WG nerfed Japanese DD torpedoes into oblivion then introduce deep water, ultra low detectability torps on Pan Asia DD’s. Guess once everyone has paid their Premium Time to grind these out then the Pan Asia line be nerfed too! This game is now all about money and pay to win – please don’t get conned by WG.

    • Give IJN DD’s more alpha on their guns, so they play like surprise BB’s, choosing when to open up with a hard- hitting salvo, then drop off detection, rinse and repeat.

  9. A lot of static on your audio 🙁

  10. I wish we could have players like you on the Asian server

  11. Game sucks


  13. wargaming is nothing without mods.
    stupid russian company. cheat cheat cheat

  14. hello Notser

  15. I doubt your decision to shoot La gasoline with AP.
    First of all she is not Gadjah Mada, USN shells, so unless it landed on the superstructure it wont hurt. Unless tho you’re more closer than you did at the video.
    Two, it is Gasoline, French spaced armor.

  16. 12:10 *OUTPLAYED*

  17. Always before I buy a ship I always check out your vids on that ship and allows me to make that decision better when looking to buy or even which bb using bb as an example etc I want to grinding towards I really do enjoy your vids over any other vids when comes to warships very helpful vids . I watch jungles but mainly for like history of that ship butt he almost never teaches you on basic’s of playing that ship for me I need that helpfulness like the load out , build, captain skill etc , I have found if I follow your builds and play your play styles I have 10 times more fun and earnings so just wanted to thank you for that !! . redcrow_sniper – NA server – commander of the clan (BLSS) Black Sails
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  18. A: 4:34 the Tirpits spotted you because he was no longer behind smoke
    B: 10:07 you were spotted byt eh DD before you fired your guns

  19. In almost every yt video it is recommended for all ships (even battleships) to take the conceal perk, wich was totally ok before pan asian DDs. Now there is this “deep water torps” are broken thing, because you detect ’em just when they are about to hit. So, what if deep water torps where introduced because WG did not want every ship (especially BBs) to take the conceal perk but instead the high alert perk? Then suddenly those allegedly broken deep water torps are not so broken anymore, because you will detect them just at the same range where the normal torps are detected without high alert. Yes, some BBs migh not have the cruiser like conceal afterwards anymore. But i believe this is totally legit and even intended by WG. And those guys that keep the conceal perk on every ship. Well they had the choice.

  20. Did you use 8km or 9.2km torpedoes????

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