World of Warships – Shake That Ass

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Torpedoes are a problem in World of Warships right? No, not at all. Just shake your ass and you can dodge them perfectly!

3 things to remember:
1. Vary course
2. Vary speed
3. Predict what other ships are going to do and plan ahead

Good hunting!



  1. PerditionsFlames

    I would suggest always using premium repair party as a minimum on the
    cruisers you will live longer and with it being a premium vessell the
    silver cost for it will be more than covered if you have a resonable game.

  2. vigilance good perk for the captain increases acq time with 25%

  3. Not even a girl ass in the thumbnail 😛 hahaha , well done !

  4. In Tier 5 spam AP agaisnt broadside enemy cruisers lol. The Murmansk guns
    are deadly with AP if used correctly

  5. Nice Match. Congrats for mastering AP. Other Players just spam HE with the
    Murmansk. The AP is incredible if the enemy gives you his flat side

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