World of Warships – Shake that booty, shake it

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This game was also played on a day where everything was going horribly wrong so I decided to take my baby and have some fun. There are some nasty looking torps in this match 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Love your channel bro!

  2. Hello ther

  3. Yay, another reason to not do any work.

  4. Have you tried WoW Blitz?

  5. It’s really a good game

  6. Oh. It’s a rare sight to see a Minotaur willing to go all gun blazing in the open. Most of my match is either them packing behind island or in side the smoke and end up smacked by some BB or torp. 😉

  7. I’m playing radar Minotaur long enough to forget how to play smoke Minotaur :

  8. This has to be the most annoying ship in the game at tier 10

  9. My experience with Flambass (in games where we were on the same team):

    1. Dies in first 2 mins.


    2. Carries the shit out of the team

    No middle ground.

  10. Yueyang triggers me so bad.

  11. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake that booty…. shake that booty!!

  12. Woop, lunchtime Flambass shenanigans!
    Edit; if you’re on the opposition team and see Flambass in his Mino be wary as the puppies are away to get a savage kicking!!

  13. MajesticDemonLord

    Clearly fake:

    No battleships shooting at a spotted Minotaur.

    No one smoke firing you.

    No random multiple citadels from a single BB volley, despite angling away.

    • Then show us your ‘not so fake’ replay?
      There are people this dumb in this game, perhap you butt hurt that you have not found one yet.
      Or if you are one of those dumb people, then sorry for picking on you, obviously you don’t know how and where to get some treatment.

    • MajesticDemonLord

      Multiple Choice – Humour clearly isn’t your strong suite is it?

    • MajesticDemonLord Oh so it was a joke? My apologies then, it’s so poorly written that I took it seriously.
      Perhaps you don’t have talents in humour to start with.

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      Come on, that was obviously a sarcastic joke about how it usually goes with Minotaurs. And it was funny because it’s so often true.

    • That’s exacly why, this is beyond humour, and become irony and stupid.

  14. Jourdan Fernandez

    So many torpbeats I thought I was watching Yuro!

  15. Gareth Fairclough

    That Jingles vid and that Des Moines game…oh lawdy.

  16. To give the Cleveland his due he was low on health and requested help at C and got none 🙂

  17. Flambass, IJN DD shells do NOT ‘hurt like hell’.

    With the old IJN line split, WG took away the IJN line’s increased HE damage. The damage on the HE shells is literally the same as that of US DD’s, but with drastically worse gun performance in every category except for shell velocity.

  18. When are Royal Navy DD’s coming out?

  19. The fact that Kitakaze and Harugumo is coming, doesn’t make the Shima or Yugumo less helpless against other DDs in that tier.
    If the IJN torp line is about torps, why do their torps suck? They can be seen from the Moon!
    And if the IJN DDs are just a hair from being OP, how come Flambass doesn’t play them all that often?

  20. Resource containers are awesome for super containers. Have gotten 2 sc in a row with resource containers. 1500 steel and 15k coal

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